Favorite Captain?

Your favorite Captain?

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With apologies to the old guard who have probably seen MILLIONS of these types of threads, I don't believe we've had one of these since I've been here.

So who is your favorite captain?

I thought it would be interesting if I allowed multiple choice in case there's anyone who's extremely passionate about loving two captains equally.

I have to say that I thought all the captains have been great. But as much as I love all the captains, there's a clearcut ONE answer for me.

My favorite, my idol, my god will always be...

Same here, TNG was the first Star Trek I watched on a regular basis. I also like that he is cerebral and philosophical. I like his archeological streak and his all-around sophisticated air.
Any Sisko Fans here?
Janeway and Kirk.

These polls are always so sad for Archer.

Archer rocks. :)

First captain to truly go where no man has gone before (Janaway close second, but she was not GOING, she was RETURNING, there is a poetic difference). The other shows ware just about traveling trough space, solving political stuff, fight the dominion and come back home.

Archer left earth and aimed for the unknown.

That's way i like Enterprise....

The theme sucks tough. I wanted the original Archer's theme to be the intro.
While I have to say, Sisko Fan in the House!!!! LOL

I have to also add that each of the candidates have their own style and faced completely different situations.

Sisko faced something that Pacard and Kirk couldn't have faced. Just in short, Sisko faced a Long Drawn out war, a Coup against the Federation, and an enemy that tested both mind, heart and body. Sisko was the man for this crisis.

While Sisko was the warrior that the Federation needed during its darkest hours, he was never the explorer that Kirk and Picard were. These three were never on a level playing field. In fact I would go as far as saying they weren't even in the same cities playing the same game.

But that is just my opinion.

I'd have to go with Picard. I was born in 78 and although I had seen the movies up to the start of TNG, the TNG was my first Star Trek series. I would have Kirk a close 2nd though.
Sisko became the Emissary and a religious icon. I voted for Sisko before I found out that I could chose more than one captain.

2. Picard
3. Janeway
Kirk. Big risk, big reward type character that makes the stories fun to watch. I like Sisko but think he's way overrated, Kirk would've ended the Dominion War in a week by bedding the female Changeling and teaching her about "love". Early Picard was great but the writers spent a ton of time turning him into an unlikeable douche as TNG progressed. Janeway and Archer had their moments but were crippled by mostly bad writing.

There isn't enough material to fairly judge Abrams Kirk. But the basic big risk, big reward traits are there.
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