Fantastic Four inspiration - Angry Red Planet?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by A beaker full of death, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Well, I feel like a total schmuck for never noticing the elemental parallels until now. But now that it has been pointed out, DOY!, it's so obvious!!!

    But what were the parallels Beaker hinted within the first post, beyond a grouping of four people? I've never seen "Angry Red Planet", so I'm again clueless? was it just their personalities and job functions, or did something affect them during the course of the film?


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    This has been a great discussion. Redfern, it was the situation, the rather facile approach to a space mission, and the specific character types of the four astronauts that really resonated for me when watching this movie. Fr'instance, I about fell out of my chair when the ship lands on mars and the stocky pilot says, "Well, howzabout we go out and claim it in the name of Brooklyn?"
    The hokey monsters they encountered were right out of the cover of FF#1, for that matter.

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    I haven't run across any talks by Lee where he mentions this.

    Again not in any material by Stan that I've read. Reed was pretty much a take off on Plastic Man in terms of powers. He stretches and morphs his body. Ben even calls him "Stretch". Making a lasso or a net out of your body doesn't say "water. Sue's invisible. That means she can't be seen. That was her main thing till they gave her the force field. When I think air power I think of winds like Storm generates, not a book floating in air.

    Again, not in any comments by Stan that I've read. Of course Jack was the guy providing the visuals. And if you believe some of what he said, Jack was also doing a lot of plotting as well. One example of that is the Silver Surfer, who did not appear in Stan's outline.

    Or course Stan's poor memory is legendary.

    He's the only one the actually has elemental powers, so no.
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    I suspect the answer here is that Lee and Kirby were creative sponges who absorbed all sorts of influences in order to turn out the various books they did, sometimes consciously and sometimes subconsciously. In addition, I think their output over the years shows that each of them had certain themes and archetypes they liked to revisit in their work over and over.
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    I can buy the FF as elemental but the Challengers is pushing it. I love theories about Kirby's stuff though like Star Wars and Masters of the Universe and New Gods.