Spoilers Fantastic Beasts 3 has been officially greenlit, and will be set in Rio de Janeiro

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    Goblet of Fire... the fun silly movie where Harry is tortured, Cedric is murdered in cold blood, and the other wizard Hitler rises from the dead! Harry Potter has always had dark and brooding elements. The dementors are the stuff of nightmares, Ginny has her mind dominated by Voldemort at age 11, and the connection of Grindelwald to WW2 is in the very first book.
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    Exactly - elements. It also used to have light and fanciful elements, however, such as House point competitions, Quidditch games, adolescent romance, and using dragons in inter-school sporting competitions. But, starting in Year 5, Rowling's previously canny balancing act toppled over onto the dark and brooding side, and the franchise has gone creatively downhill ever since.

    The premise of FB1 seemed to acknowledge the franchise's enduring need for light and fanciful elements, but by all accounts, FB2 forgot that entirely.
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    I took the "since" to have been used in the inclusive sense meaning The Goblet of Fire AND all subsequent films.

    Actually, The Prisoner of Askaban already took steps in that direction with the desaturation and the change to a silver logo instead of the gold one used for the first two films.
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    Eh, I like the movies. I think it's because I identify with Newt. I'm socially awkward, and prefer animals to people. And I really *love* animals and love caring for them and get upset when I see them mistreated...and people think I'm odd for liking animals so much.

    But I do think that the films still need a little...something.

    Maybe it's because there are no books and I'm not quite familiar with and invested in the characters in Beast as I was in Potter. But then again, with no books, everything is a surprise.

    I think a little more humor wand levity from time to time would be nice.