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Discussion in 'TV & Media' started by lurok, Apr 10, 2013.

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    Mar 15, 2011
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    I started watching this fanedit of TMP (Warp Re-Edit), but couldn't get past first 40mins or so. I admire what they were trying to do - combining best of DE, theatrical and TV versions; pacing better and swapping out vfx shots - but I just found it a bit of a dog's dinner, with ropey changed music cues and abrupt jumps. Just curious if others seen and thoughts?

    But also curious about other fanedits, and if any good or anyone can recommend? In contrast to above, I think the Dune Third Stage fanedit did a bettter job of integrating the additional footage into narrative, even if visual quality was sub-par.
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    Been to the fanedit site, do you watch this do you need to download a code to your disc, fanedit has an extended list on the need to own the property first, just not clear on this.

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    ^ The instructions are there if you look for them with careful reading.

    The Phantom Editor's Attack of the Phantom doesn't have quite dvd-quality picture, but is a huge improvement over Attack of the Clones. But then, I've since decided never again to watch the PT even in edited form, so...

    InfoDroid's Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Unholy Edition greatly improves that film in my eyes, and his edit of Temple of Doom turns a simply unwatchable movie into a pretty decent one.

    Captain America: The First Avenger: The Steve Rogers Cut trims a lot of fluff from that movie.
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    I really liked The Coming Storm edit of Terminator 3. I thought it brought out the best in that movie. For a fun one watch the bonkers The War of the Stars.
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    The Matrix: Hacked makes the two sequels not only watchable, but even enjoyable. I disagree mildly with some of the decisions he made, and the new ending to the third movie is more than a bit obviously hacked together out of disparate scenes, but I still appreciate them on the whole and highly recommend them.

    Stay away from the "red book" edit of Batman Forever. I think he actually made it worse.

    Also stay away from the "Slashed aka Killer Horizon" edit of Event Horizon. Despite the comments to the contrary, the edits are so laughable that it would almost serve as a spoof on bad fan editing. Anyone who thought it was "better", which was pretty much everyone else in the comments, must have been in an altered state of mind.

    The Army of Darkness: Primitive Screwhead Edition is about as close to the cable edit as you will ever find. (The cable edit is the longest cut and is unavailable on DVD.)

    Uncanny Antman's edit of Freddy vs Jason to Nightmare on Elm Street 7 is also a significant improvement, cutting out a lot of the really bad acting, cutting down the length of some overly long segments, and also uses an alternate ending. As the title suggests, it feels much more like a NOES sequel now. Despite how much better I think the edit is, it still has FvJ as its core, so it may not be worth watching again if you thought that movie was totally unsalvageable.
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    I second Dune Third Stage Edition, an amazing extension of the film. It's what the official extended cut should have been.
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    I thought of a reedit of Star Wars making the Empire into the good guys.