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    Thanks, guys, these should be helpful to future emergent screenwriters :)
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    The following was posted as its own thread here (link) in July 2020, but since it is very much related to fanfilm writing I figured I should share it here as well...

    Starship Exeter—The Atlantis Invaders: Annotated

    I've been meaning to put this out for a few years (and shared it with one or two people), but here's the abandoned script for the planned 3rd episode of Starship Exeter, titled "The Atlantis Invaders".

    From my intro:

    [...]even though “Atlantis” was shelved, never to be filmed, enough people have asked about it that I finally queried Jimm as to if I could release my script and he said he didn’t mind. I was a tad concerned that the script was in my 2nd-And-A-Halfth draft state (officially draft 4, revised) with shipboard scenes finalized but all the off-Exeter stuff awaiting another pass.

    Then it occurred to me that the script’s unfinished state could be more interesting than a polished draft, as some future fanfilm makers might find it valuable to see a script in the middle of its evolution, especially if fully annotated so they could understand what was planned, why it's in the shape it's in, and how a lot of the story and structural concerns were addressed or not yet addressed. Heck, if it wasn’t educational it might at least a serve as a warning that writing screenplays is not as simple as it looks.

    Director Scott Cummins wrote a nice foreword about why no part of the episode got filmed, and gives some insight on how tight a race it was to get even @Serveaux 's "The Tressaurian Intersection" in the can.

    It was planned that Executive Producer Jimm Johnson would give me an afterword before I put this out there, but he's busy with some life things at the moment. So when he gets that to me I'll update the document to give him the last word.

    So for what it's worth... here's the script, complete with concept sketches, deleted material, experiments, et al. A look at a might've-been.


    "The [annotated] Atlantis Invaders"
    A Work In Progress

    NOTE: the original file was over 30mb, so I posted one 6x smaller.
    But it's still too big to embed. Sorry!

    Sample pages
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    View attachment 16695

    Partial Storyboard reproduced in the document.

    P.S. Since posting it I have, of course, spotted a few typos, which I will fix when Jimm Johnson finally gives me his afterword. :)
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