Fan Fiction: The Voyage of Keru Su

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    This is meant to be a personal introduction of a character I sim for. Wanted to run it by you guys. I might make it a full blown story. Tried to fit as many EU references as possible xD
    Dedicated to all the Trek authors (Mack, KRAD, I'm lookin' at you two).

    Keru Su stood in front of his father, who was seated to the right of Administrator Ro Ka. The room looked the same as any other in the Basilisk, except three times larger, and all of the seats were elevated four or five meters from the shining white floor. It had been the first time Keru had ever seen his father seated on the Administrative Council, despite him holding the position for nearly two hundred years.
    “Keru Su,” the Administrator began, his almond-shaped black eyes staring unblinkingly at the comparatively young scientist, “I wish to congratulate you on your graduation from Starfleet Academy.” He raised his pencil-thin three-fingered hand in an explanatory manner. “It was four years ago that we wished you well on the beginning of your new life with the Humans and the Federation, and we wish to do so again.” He looked at the rest of the twelve member council. “We are proud of you, and we wish you the best of luck in your journey amongst the stars.”
    It was now that Keru Su felt the eyes of the other council members upon him.
    “Our only request is this: Never use the power that the Humans lack. Never abuse the power, and only use it in the privacy of your own chambers.”
    Keru nodded, his long neck craned slightly backwards, “Yes, Administrator.”
    “And,” the Administrator continued, “Maintain our people’s vow of pacifism. You are never to harm another through the use of your abilities.”
    Again, Keru nodded, “Yes, Administrator.”
    The Administrator nodded in return, “Excellent. Then may the Gods be with you.”
    “Thank you, Administrator. Thank you councilors.” Keru turned and left, the circular door parting as Keru’s assistant, Lama, waited outside the council chambers.

    “Did the meeting go well, Keru?” The woman asked. The females of the Acanaidan species lacked the cranial fins that the males possessed, a result of selective breeding within their culture. Acanaidans were an aquatic species by nature, yet began settling on the land once they gained sentience. Eventually, their massive cities, thousands of years later, had over taken the land, and the species had once again partially reverted to their aquatic roots.
    “The same as always, Lama.” They walked down the long corridor, which was as bright as all of the other rooms in all of Acanaida. Personal decor and individual materialism meant nothing, only their scientific, pacifistic, and artistic endeavours.
    The pair remained in step with each other, and no words were spoken. They approached a clear doorway which led to an outside terrace. Keru stopped, his assistant doing the same, just short of the doorway. “Lama,” he said, breaking the silence. His assistant stopped with him. “I need you to compile all of my research and place it onto this device.” He waved his hand as several points of light appeared from behind him and converged inches over his outstretched hand. The device that appeared was a Federation PADD.
    Lama cocked her head to the side, her purple-hued eyes blinking. “Could you not perform this telepathically?”
    “Unfortunately, Lama, these devices do not respond well to psychokinetic linking.” Keru thought for a moment, but before Lama could take the PADD, he added, “Perhaps it would be unwise of me to carry on my research amongst the Humans.” He wished the PADD away again and folded hands together. “I would like you to carry on my research here. You are bright, and have a wonderful future ahead. I think you are ready to go off on your own now.”
    “Thank you, Keru.” The woman nodded courtly, her skin glowed a bright blue.
    “I am very proud of your work over the past few years. You have performed admirably.” He looked out the door at a ship that had landed on one of the platforms outside. “I must go now, Lama.” He looked back at her. “I want you to continue to perform as you have. The Administrators on the council will be proud as well.”
    Again, Lama nodded, “Thank you, Keru. Go with the Gods.” She held out her hand to him.
    “And you as well.” He held out his hand and touched his fingertips to hers. With that, Keru stepped onto the terrace, and walked to the landing pad.

    “This should be fun,” Lieutenant C’tyss said to her co-pilot as she saw the tall, slender Acanaidan walk towards the shuttle.
    “What the hell,” C’tyss’ co-pilot, a human named Cameron Bell replied, reclining in his chair with his hands behind his head, “It’s not like we can say ‘no’ to the Admiral. Orders are orders. Never said we had to like them.”
    “But chauffer service though? That’s a job for civvies,” the Caitian smirked, bearing her teeth.
    “Would you rather we transport him all the way to Earth?”
    Shrugging, C’tyss replied, her face slackening again. “I guess not.” She looked behind her, then ran her hand across the console in front of her. “I’m opening the door.” The gentle hum of the aft door came with a gentle vibration felt on the flight deck.
    “Think he’ll stay in the back?” Bell asked.
    “He better. I’m not in the mood to be entertaining guests.”
    Bell chuckled, “Or fresh faced ensigns?”
    “Shut up, Cameron. That Choblik scared the hell out of me.”
    “That’s Commander Bell to you, Lieutenant.” Bell grinned.
    “Shut up, Cameron.”

    The ascent from the landing pad had been smoother than Keru had imagined. Within moments, the shuttle glided into space, leaving only the sound of the gentle humming of the shuttle’s power systems. Keru changed his form to a scaled-down version of himself in order to accomodate the tight quarters of the shuttle. Regarding his surroundings for a quick moment, he stood in silence, looking forward. A few moments later, a tall woman covered in brown fur entered the aft portion of the shuttle.
    “We just broke orbit and we’re on the way-” the Caitian stopped short, startled by the sight of the statuesque Keru. “Oh.”
    “Greetings,” Keru stated simply, quickly turning his attention to her.
    “Hi.” A long moment lingered between the two before she broke the silence, “I’m Lieutenant C’tyss. My co-pilot took over for me up there,” She pointed to the doorway to the flight deck. She continued. “So we just broke orbit from your planet and we’re en route to the Aventine. She’ll take you to the Eclipse. Is there anything I can get you while I’m back here?”
    “No, thank you, that will not be necessary, C’tyss.” He glowed a dull hue of blue in an attempt to make her comfortable with him.
    “Alright,” She looked at him with a quizzical smirk on her feline face. “You’re welcome to join us on the flight deck if you want.” She looked behind her. “It gets lonely back here after five hours.”
    Nodding, he replied, “I will consider your offer, C’tyss. Thank you.”
    “Alright,” She nodded. Another awkward moment passed as he held his gaze upon her. She opened the door and walked back onto the flight deck. Keru again maintained his neutral posture, formulating in his mind ideas for his next symphony as well as a mandate for his new line of research.

    “Well that was strange,” C’tyss said as the door shut behind her.
    “What happened?”
    “He was just standing there, Cam.” She stopped where she was and mimicked a statue. “Creepy.”
    “What did you say?” The Commander turned in his seat.
    “Well I froze up at first,” She continued walking and slumped into her seat. “But I just told him that we broke orbit.”
    “And then what? He pull a gun on you?” Commander Bell looked at her, with a slight confusion passing over his face.
    “No, he just... stood there. And stared. Sort of like...”
    “A deer in the headlights?”
    “Nevermind, C’tyss,” Bell grinned. “Five hours of Lurch, then you can stop cringing.”
    The Caitian looked at Bell with intense confusion, “Seriously, Cam, I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about sometimes.”
    Shaking his head, he plotted the course to the Aventine’s rendezvous co-ordinates. “Don’t worry about it. I’m just dating myself.” He grinned. “Alright, away we go.” He relaxed in his seat and closed his eyes. With any luck, he’d be able to sleep the whole way without C’tyss cringing beside him.
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    How was Bell dating himself? Interesting statement. Interesting character, that alien guy.
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    The period or time which [something] belongs. Like Lurch from the Adams Family and the reference to deers in headlights. All 'ancient' ideas from the 20th century ;)
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    Is he from the TwenCen?
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    He's just interested in it.