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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Dream, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. Dream

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    Dec 2, 2001
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    I bought the GOTY edition so I have all the addons. I was wondering which is the best order to play them after I finish the main quest? Does it matter?

    I would like to play the easy ones first before getting on the harder expansions.

    The Pitt
    Broken Steel
    Point Lookout
    Mothership Zeta
  2. Servo

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    Make sure you have Broken Steel loaded first, so you have the level cap increased to 30.

    Other than that, there isn't really a specific, or recommended, playing order. I'd say Point Lookout may be a bit challenging when you're at lower levels, so maybe leave that one til last. Maybe start with Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt, just cause the gear you get can be pretty useful early on. Mothership Zeta gets you some nifty alien weaponry too, which would help a lot on the Point Lookout DLC.

    My personal order...

    Operation: Anchorage - The Pitt - Mothership Zeta - Point Lookout - Broken Steel
  3. The Evil Dead

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    I wouldn't even wait until you're finished the game, you can do Pitt, Anchorage and Zeta any time. I'd do them earlier because you get some great gear from those packs.

    I found Point Lookout pretty difficult, I'd do that one later in the game.
  4. Yoda

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    The only one I've done so far after buying the GOTY off of Steam was Point Lookout, and it kicked my ass... I think I started it at around level 17 and finished it at level 20.

    I'd go through like 15 stimpacks per Ghoul Reaver... wtf. I wish I had brought my ghoul mask or my dart gun to slow them down or... something.

    Actually that DLC scared me off of doing any of the other DLC until I cleared all the normal wasteland stuff. It's good to hear that I can do the other three whenever I feel like it. Broken Steel as I understand it isn't available to play until you finish the main quest, but as others say make sure to have it loaded in the launcer (if you're playing on PC) so that you get the level cap benefit.

    I am really loving this game, though, now that I got my technical issues sorted out.
  5. Sephiroth

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    start with Anchorage and start early, you can't fail it and you get power armor training without unleashing the enclave, power armor that never breaks, and a suit that makes stealth boys useless, among other things, then do point lookout, it's best done early, as the inbreads get crazy HP and DR at the higher levels, Mothership Zeta is best done when you have your science and lock pick skills maxed out, the pitt is the last one I typicaly do, because of the amount of stuff you recieve from it, PM me if you want help making a perfect charater
  6. kustirider2

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    Anchorage to start would probably be best, as it's pretty easy. Then either Broken Steel or Zeta, they're a little harder, but not too difficult. Then I'd leave Point Lookout until later in the game because it's very difficult. I remember reading somewhere that there is an error in the data files making the enemies much stronger.
  7. firehawk12

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    Anchorage and The Pitt give you "god tier" items that basically let you win the game automatically. Anchorage with the stealth suit and The Pitt with the insane rifle... if you combine both those items, you can basically walk through the game killing everyone with impunity.

    Mothership Zeta gives you a chance to get some awesome alien weapons though, so that might be worth doing as well.