Extract MIDI files from Judgement Rites?

Discussion in 'Trek Gaming' started by Nacluv, Dec 18, 2012.

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    Mar 16, 2003
    wow! thanks I'm going to try that. I don't think I ever heard the better instrument music in MT-32.

    speaking of audio hacks, I wish there was a way to replace the lousy transporter effects sound in the Judgement Rites CD.

    In 25th anniversary CD they have the real sound effect from the show....hell the add on for Judgement Rites floppy disk version had it too, but they left it out of the CD Rom version.
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    Aug 19, 2012
    I just tried that program, somehow I couldn't get it to work with my neither my Judgment Rites CD nor a floppy version I found on the Internet.

    Perhaps, I misunderstood the instructions because I work with DOS programs almost on a daily basis, so that's not the problem.

    It would be nice to see how much music I missed / skipped when I captured the MIDI music live from the game.

    Also, do you know if there's any music in 25th Anniversary that is not included in Judgment Rites?

    And when you ripped music from the 25th Anniversary game, did it sound properly in your MT-32? I know that in Sierra games you have to "record" the MT-32 MIDI music live to get it with the right instrumentation, but I guess that's not the case with the engines used in these games.
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    Mar 16, 2003

    Holy Crap!!!

    The midi music sounds AMAZING!

    It's like getting a whole new update to the game...WOW!

    I got 25th anniversary working by installing MUNT.
    found here:

    you don't even have to use the dosbox he includes in the download.
    just install munt, then goto your sound settings in control panel
    and switch your midi device to the MT-32 then run setup for 25th anniversary
    and change the midi to MT-32...sounds so so much better!

    gonna try getting Judgement Rites working...

    I wonder if there's a way to get my tablet with dosbox turbo to sound like this.


    Apparently so!

    As of DosBox 2.1.0 MT-32 is indeed supported.

  4. Borjis

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    Mar 16, 2003
    hmm I downloaded the patch files and used that utility to patch them,
    then copied the new .exe over.

    when I run setup for Judgment Rites, which port is the MT-32 supposed to be set for?

    I tried all of them, it just hangs in a black screen after interplay logo shows.
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    Aug 1, 2013

    I dont understand what might have gone wrong, all I did to use the program was:

    1. extract trekext2.exe and trekext2.pas to the game folder
    2. goto the game folder in dosbox
    3. type "trekext2 data.dir data.001" or "trekext2 fed.dir fed.001" etc

    On the floppy version of STJR it went merrily away and unpacked the .001 file, for the CD it unpacked some then spat an error hence my saying it mostly worked on this version. No issue with ST25th for me either.

    Im not sure about any tracks in ST25th that are not in STJR, but I dont think there are any.

    Like yourself the only way I personally managed to get MT-32 music out of the game was to use dosbox midi recording. These recordings sounded fine on MT-32. If you want the XMI dumps then I would suggest you follow the link I posted for the STJR patch and ask tikalat how he got them, he is a wiz at driver hacking and has been (along with New Rising Sun) fixing many driver/sound issues for MT-32 and GM in Sierra/Apoggee/Lucasarts/Interplay games.


    The port dosbox uses by default for midi is 330. Not sure why it might be hanging as the patch worked perfect for me on my Collectors CD version. Did it black screen before patching with MT-32 selected? Without the patch the game will still run when MT-32 is chosen, it just wont sound quite right.
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  6. Borjis

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    Mar 16, 2003
    ya it launched fine before I made the changes.

    what did you set the JR audio setup for?
    330 on the mt32?

    any chance you could post a .zip file with the .exe and
    patched files?

    I wonder if maybe i patched them improperly somehow
  7. Python1980

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    Aug 1, 2013
    For JR audio I selected MT32 for music device with port 330 and for sound I used soundblaster pro with port 220 irq 7 dma 1. I do not have access on this forum to attach files so I cant post the patched files.

    The patches are only to fix General Midi reset issues anyway. If you are going to use MT-32 then all you really need is to overwrite your games trekjr.exe with the new one tikalat made which fixes the MT-32 detection issue.

    I know this is an obvious and probably silly question but just to cover all bases you are using the CD collectors edition and not the floppy version? I ask as tikalats exe is specifically for the collectors CD and wont work (and is not needed) for other versions.
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    Aug 19, 2012
    Haha, thanks to your post I saw instantly what I did wrong. I forgot that I had to type trekext2 instead of trekextr. While the program's name is trekext2 and even the readme instructs you to type trekext2, the info within Trekext2 still refers to its program as TREKEXTR.
  9. Borjis

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    Mar 16, 2003

    Thanks for replying, I am on the CD Collectors edition, running DosBox .74 i think.
    25th anniversary plays MT32 perfectly, so something must be right.

    I did try to using the auto detect sound utility in the STJR CD setup screen.
    it just found soundblaster 16 for both sound and music.

    I'll try your suggestions.
    Can't wait to hear it!

    one last clarification, if I don't really need the patch files...what is it they are supposed to do?
    (what would I be missing by not utilizing them)

    thanks again for posting about the MT-32.
    I had a soundblaster AWE32 back in the day and was in AWE (pun intended) at how much better the midi music was on the games that supported it. And I always wished these Interplay Trek titles could sound better...and now they do.

    On a side note, I wonder if it's possible to locate the transporter effect sound in whichever file it is
    and replace it with the more authentic sound in 25th anniversary cd, then repack it so it sounds
    that way in Judgement Rites CD.
  10. Borjis

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    Mar 16, 2003
    ok I got Judgment Rites working with the MT32 midi.

    I deleted the modified data and fed files and used the original ones,
    so I'm only using the updated exe.

    I ran the setup and picked the same exact settings for sound that
    you did which are different than I ran before, but anyways it works!

    Interesting that the mouse click beep sound is different (has more reverb)
    I also noticed the transporter sound f/x must be midi based as they
    now also sound different but not sounding like 25th anniversary does.

    Fun stuff!
  11. Python1980

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    Aug 1, 2013
    The patch files are to fix a General Midi issue so you arent missing anything by not using them when selecting MT-32.

    In regards to the transporter effect, I dont know whether its possible or not. Would be cute if it can be done though.

    Glad you got it working in the end. I know what you mean about the reverb, I think they overdid it a bit in JR.
  12. Borjis

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    Mar 16, 2003
    haha I thought that as well.
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    I know this is a gigantic necropost but I want to post it somewhere so I don't forget it.

    Judgement Rites and 25th ann music is all the .AD files stored in the DIR/001 archives. They're not traditional MIDI, they're rival format from ADLIB before it went bankrupt. Would be a gigantic PITA to convert, and i'm not sure if I can even do that, best bet would be to try to find a DOS ADLIB midi player and use that.
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    Apr 3, 2002
    This is actually a pretty fortuitous necro-post, since after 25th and JR came out on Good Old Games, I was so perturbed by it being based on the DOS version of Judgement Rites compared to the Mac port I remembered, I installed a Mac OS 9 emulator to try and play it, with the intention of recording a playthrough so YouTube would have a copy of the good version for posterity. There were a few main flaws with the DOS version compared to the Mac port I'd played originally— The cutscene movies looked worse (and at least one, a brief prologue, was missing entirely), the transporter had the wrong sound effect (as mentioned above; this had been corrected in the Mac version), and the music sounded different (and in my opinion, worse). Completely slipped my mind that I was going to do that. I should write it down.

    Anyway, while I was looking into that, I was also able to access the original Midi files and play them through the stock Mac OS X interpreter. It didn't sound the same as it did in-game, obviously, and it seemed like a lot of work that no one would care about to extract them all, so I put them aside. It took some digging this afternoon to rediscover how I'd done it (turns out, there are a couple modern tools for those of us that need to hack into obsolete Mac files), but I cracked it. And now seeing that there's interest in the community in the raw music files, I went to the trouble of extracting the whole set from both games. I've included all the files, straight from the games, including some that seem to be special-purpose background loops that use sound effects from the app rather than "real" instruments. I can provide the source sound files, as well, if anyone is interested, but they're just single instrument notes, stock '90s video game sounds, and stock TOS sounds. I can see how they might be useful for people who are more into audio, but I can also see how they wouldn't be half as interesting as the midi files.

    So, without further adieu, courtesy of the original MacPlay 1990s ports of the games and old-school Mac power-users, here are the original soundtracks for Star Trek: 25th Anniversary and Star Trek: Judgement Rites. Download and do as you will. Please don't credit me I've also attached it to the post, for safety.

    The JR tracks sound much better than the 25th anniversary ones, even where the tracks seem to be the same music.

    Personally, I'd love it if we could put our heads together and figure out the breakdown of adapted TOS tracks versus original music, matching as many files as we can to the big La La Land TOS soundtrack. I'll try to give it a start, but I'm not as familiar as I'd like with all 600-some tracks of TOS music. ;) It looks like most of the original material was composed for 25th, and the additional music in JR is all straight adaptations from the TOS soundtracks.

    25th Anniversary Soundtrack
    00128 "title" — TOS Main Titles
    00129 "danger" — “Fesarius” from “The Corbomite Maneuver”
    00130 "bad1" — Romulan or "Blackship" theme from "Balance of Terror" or "Mirror, Mirror"
    00131 "bad2" — From the show
    00132 "funny" — Riff on Finnegan's theme from "Shore Leave"
    00133 "sta43.v4" — Starts off as "The Sneaky Commodore" from "The Doomsday Machine," then original(?)
    00134 "title 2" — TOS Main Titles
    00135 "Sta44v5" — High-energy riff on the main title
    00136 "sta45.v4" — Starts off as "Goodbye M. Decker" from "The Doomsday Machine," then original(?)
    00137 "sta46v4" — Space battle victory music. May be a main theme riff from the show
    00138 "sta47v4" — Space battle defeat music, original(?)
    00139 "CB_Tag1" — Original(?)
    00140 "cntag2" — Original(?)
    00141 "CN_tag3" — Level score music(?) Original(?)
    00142 "CN_TAG5" — Level score music(?) Original(?)
    00143 "CW_Tag1" — Level score music(?) Riff on Main Title
    00144 "CW_tag2" — Level score music(?) Riff on Main Title
    00145 "CW_Tag3" — Level score music(?) Riff on Main Title
    00146 "tittag2" — Level title music. Riff on Main Title
    00147 "CN_TAG1" — Riff on Main Title
    00148 "CB_Tag2" — Riff on Doomsday Machine theme
    00150 "Big Door" — Sound Effects Loop(?)
    00151 "Crane" — Sound Effects Loop(?)
    00152 "Electric" — Sound Effects Loop(?)
    00153 "Machine" — Sound Effects Loop(?)
    00154 "Thunder" — Sound Effects Loop(?)
    00155 "Main Screen" — Sound Effects Loop(?)

    Judgement Rites Soundtrack
    01000 "SGBatlWl" — High-energy riff on the main title; Improved version of 00135 "Sta44v5"
    01001 "SGBatlNr" — Starts off as "The Sneaky Commodore" from "The Doomsday Machine," then original(?); improved version of 00133 "sta43.v4"
    01002 "SGBatlBd" — Starts off as "Goodbye M. Decker" from "The Doomsday Machine," then original(?); Improved version of 00136 "sta45.v4"
    01003 "SGACTN1" — Riff on Doomsday Machine theme; Improved version of 00148 "CB_Tag2"
    01004 "SGACTN2" — Improved version of 00140 "cntag2"
    01005 "SGACTN3" — Improved version of 00144 "CW_tag2"
    01006 "SGWALK1" — Improved version of 00139 "CB_Tag1"
    01007 "SGWALK2" — Riff on Main Title; Improved version of 00147 "CN_TAG1"(?)
    01008 "SGWALK3" — Tense riff on Main Title; May in included in one of the longer 25th tracks
    01009 "SGFAIL" — Improved version of 00141 "CN_tag3"
    01010 "SGWarpTg" — Riff on Main Title; Improved version of 00143 "CW_Tag1"
    01011 "SGWin1" — Riff on Main Title; Improved version of 00145 "CW_Tag3"
    01012 "SGBrass1" — Riff on Main Title; May be from show
    01013 "SGBrass2" — Original(?)
    01014 "SGClue" — “A Clue” from “Shore Leave” (this is getting easier)
    01015 "SGContr" — “Contrary Order” from “Amok Time”
    01016 "SGJoust" — “Joust” from “Shore Leave”
    01017 "SGOldenG" — “Old English” from “Shore Leave”
    01018 "SGOutOfC" — “Out of Control/Lurch Time/Punchy Kid” from “The Naked Time”
    01019 "SGParty1" — “Party Time” from “The Naked Time”
    01020 "SGParty2" — “Party Time” from “The Naked Time”
    01021 "SGRitul1" — “Ritual” from “Amok Time”
    01022 "SGRitul2" — “Ritual” from “Amok Time”
    01023 "SGRuth" — “2nd Ruth (Ruth)” from “Shore Leave” (the OS X Midi is really unkind to this one)
    01024 "SGRuthL" — “2nd Ruth (Ruth)” from “Shore Leave”
    01025 "SGDangr1" — “Fesarius” from “The Corbomite Maneuver”; Improved version of 00129 "danger"
    01026 "SGBad1" — Romulan or "Blackship" theme from "Balance of Terror" or "Mirror, Mirror"; Improved version of 00130 "bad1"
    01027 "SGBad2" — Still can’t remember which episode this was from, but, you guessed it; Improved version of 00131 "bad2"
    01028 "SGTitle" — TOS Main Title
    01029 "SGTitTg" — Level title music. Riff on main theme; Improved version of 00146 "tittag2"
    01030 "SGFunny1" — Riff on Finnegan's theme from "Shore Leave"; Improved version of 00132 "funny"
    01031 "SGDedEmy" — Space battle victory music. May be a main theme riff from the show. Improved version of 00137 "sta46v4"
    01032 "SGDedYou" — Space battle defeat music, original(?); Improved version of 00138 "sta47v4"
    01033 "SGThelo1" — “Prime Specimen” from “The Cage”
    01034 "SGThelo2" — Talosian theme from “The Cage,” not sure which track
    01035 "SGThelo3" — From the show(?)
    01036 "SGThelo4" — From the show(?)
    01037 "SGThelo5" — From the show (?)
    01038 "SGThel51" — From the show(?); similar to 01037 "SGThelo5"
    01039 "SGThel52" — From the show(?)
    01040 "SGTime" — “Time Reverse” from “The Naked Time”
    01041 "Bridge Bkgnd" — Sound Effects Loop(?)

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    I know "DedYou" is the end of "Goodbye Mr Decker" from Doomsday Machine and "dedEmy" is "In a Pig's Eye" from Amok time. That's 137 and 138 from the 25th soundtrack.

    PIty my midi decoder is pretty shitty, the rips of these shown with the Roland MT-32 sound amazing.

    Of course, i'm also not sure how trashed they go by the PC to MAC conversion but they sound pretty close to the standard SB16 output .

    I know the others off the top of my head, but i'd need to listen to them playback better. I'll let yo uknow once I get MT-32 playback working on my PC to confirm, unless someone else knows em.
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    Oct 16, 2017
    Does anyone here actually own a copy of the Music and Sound Pack? If someone were to actually patch back in the missing cut-scenes and sound effects, getting access to the files contained on those floppy disks would definitely be a good way of getting started. I'd certainly like to at least see it all in motion. ;)