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    I started collecting info for a little side project on the actual length of the Reboot E and Vengeance. I know that the desingers said she was supposed to be the same as TOS Enterprise and that Abrams decided to upscale her for whatever reason late during production. I also know that the design itself (like number of decks etc.) would correspond with 300 meters for that same reason. Even if Abrams worked on a 700m basis, I have the strange feeling pretty much everything on screen contradicts him and points towards 300 meters.

    But is there any more on-screen evidence supporting either claim?

    Example: after Vengeance crashed, Cumber-khan jumps out of the bridge window onto the saucer (across that gap in the hull in fron of the bridge). Sulu says "he just jumped 30 meters". If you measure the top view, that would put the Vengeance at more or less 600 meters (and Enterprise at half that length).
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    Your knowledge is incorrect. Ryan Church planned for a ship of SIMILAR size as the TOS ship, but the interior/set designers were working with a completely different set of concept art that would not even slightly fit in a ship that size. It was upscaled relatively early in the design process, almost before its final shape was even settled.

    That is also incorrect, for the same reason. The saucer section's interior core section is about 15 decks thick, and the "cutthrough" of the saucer shows at least four decks in STID and STB. Again, the set designers were working on concepts that would have been enormously oversized for a 360 meter starship, so the ship was finished on a much larger scale. This is one of the reasons the torpedo launchers on the Enterprise (seen up close in STB) are the same size and almost the same TYPE as the torpedo launchers on the TMP version of the ship, but on this ship fit side by side in a single housing that is barely as wide as the neck of the ship.

    Almost all the interior set design points to the larger size. The ONLY datapoint for the smaller size is the unfinished ship at Riverside Shipyards, which was deliberately scaled DOWN to about 450 meters so the ship wouldn't seem so out of proportion behind Chris Pine's head.
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    The bridge window would take up the entire top module if the ship were 366m as originally planned. The plaza in the saucer centre is about 16 decks tall, and would never fit, with the onservation domes at the top and bottom. The shuttlebay and engineering sections, the 72 torpedo launchers etc would never fit.

    Furthermore, Beyond had close-ups of the windows at the saucer rim:

    Here's the official cutaway:
    And here's the classic movie one for comparison:
    The saucer wasn't flat, it crashed at a steep angle. Hence, 30 meters' jump.
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