Every Star Wars Saga Movie Has The Wrong Title

Discussion in 'Star Wars' started by JD, Aug 1, 2020.

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    You know, that makes sense to me. Works well with the content of each film when see the nine movies as one continuous story.
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    These changes don't really make any sense to me.
    • The Sith don't get any revenge in Episode II; their revenge comes in Episode III.
    • Attack of the Clones makes more sense with the clones' first appearance in Episode II.
    • The Jedi don't really return in Episode IV (certainly not in the same way as in Episode VI).
    • How is the Force awakening in Episode V? The title comes from Snoke's line "There has been an awakening..."
    • The Empire does not strike back in Episode VII; the First Order is not the Empire, anymore than Russia is the Soviet Union.
    • The Last Jedi comes from Luke's line "I will not be the last Jedi." I don't see why you'd move it.
    The only ones that kind of work are The Phantom Menace and The Rise of Skywalker, but The Phantom Menace sounds more like the beginning of a story than its epic conclusion, and Rise ties in with all the voices of Jedi past calling on Rey to rise.
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    LOL at the idea that the first movie would have/should have been subtitled Return of the Jedi, even in rerelease, sorry, too nerdy too soon. Return of the Jedi actually being used for VI is a bit flat but OK, admitting/celebrating that the good guys will win without spoiling *too* much (while sneakily hinting at specifics).

    Anakin Skywalker is a significant part of Episode I but he isn't really the focus of it, his rise definitely isn't. I love that the title The Phantom Menace is open to interpretation and also a very prequel-y title, a way to say The Prequel without really saying that.

    Similarly, the Jedi and the Force are part of IV and V but not definitely the focus, the Rebels vs. Empire and Luke's and Vader's roles within them are, the actual titles A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back are really good and fitting. Edit: The Rise of Skywalker would be a decent title for IV, Luke is enough of a focus in it and clearly the protagonist, but ANH is better.
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    I would have thought this as a joke because none of these really make sense. How does Revenge of the Sith not work for a movie where the Sith kill nearly all the Jedi and regain power? How is A New Hope not perfect for a movie where a potential new Jedi is discovered and the Rebellion score their first major victory?

    Also, did anyone else assume the Jedi in ROTJ was singular, referring just to Luke?
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