Episode of the week: Conspiracy

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    The Bugs can’t threaten the Federation again in the same way they threatened it in Conspiracy. Now that everybody knows to be on the lookout for people with blue gills on their napes and no personal memories, they won’t be able to infiltrate again as easily as they did in Conspiracy. It will therefore take some creativity to come up with a premise for a sequel.

    Here’s one idea:
    The Bugs have an enemy whom I’ll call The Enemy. They have the knowledge and the smarts to defeat The Enemy, but they don’t have the necessary “brawn.” The Federation has the brawn, but not the knowledge and smarts. The Bugs make a plan:

    We’ll infiltrate and take over Starfleet. We’ll trick The Enemy into invading the Federation and attacking Earth. They won’t know we’re there and in control, so they’ll think they have easy pickings. When they come we’ll destroy them.

    Everything is going according to plan until Picard, Riker and Doctor Crusher put an end to the infiltration. Unfortunately for the Federation, the trap—the mysterious transmission sent by Remmick—has already been set and The Enemy is coming.

    The Federation’s only hope is to seek out the Bugs and ally with them against The Enemy. Like Eisenhower in WWII, the Bugs say they cannot defeat The Enemy unless they have complete, unfettered, direct command over the fleet. Unlike the Western Allies and Eisenhower, the Federation doesn’t trust the Bugs and fears that putting the bulk of Starfleet under their command may result in a threat as dire as The Enemy …​
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    Was there ever a follow up in any of the Star Trek books?
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    Yes in the mission gamma books they're back