Episode of the week: 2x02 Where Silence Has Lease

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  1. Timo

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    Aug 26, 2003
    Admittedly, Worf is not being his usual self - and one could say the episode puts an emphasis on that very thing, injecting a little "B plot" of Worf having one of his myriad Klingon crises of biology or culture. We know he has been skipping quite a few traditional Klingon rituals; perhaps those are vital for helping him past puberty, and he's now suffering the consequences?

    Would Picard and pals really fear for Riker's safety if they merely let the XO join the Worf they know and love (read: openly despise) on a holodeck adventure? Or is the worry in the teaser actually due to the fact that Worf has started behaving erratically, and Riker has offered to try and help the poor Klingon past the crisis, at great personal risk?

    The writing is rather incoherent and half the episode consists of filler and fluff, so it's difficult to tell whether there was intent behind Worf's odd behavior - or whether it's merely a very convenient and enjoyable random outcome of a haphazard writing process.

    Timo Saloniemi