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    I haven't been around much and a lot has changed in my life but recently I've been working on an alternate universe Enterprise story. These first posts have the temporal historian's note and then the synopsis I've come up with.

    Please let me know your thoughts:

    Temporal Historian's Note: This timeline, (timeline number 38574 in historical records), is one of only five timelines in which the events that humans recorded as the Temporal Cold War did not take place. However, that being said, this timeline is unique in the respect that it's the only one of those five in which the galactic political entity known as the United Federation of Planets came to pass.

    Of the other four, Earth was either destroyed by successive natural disasters in the early twenty-first century (specific dates unknown, see timeline number 38571 for details), assimilated by the Borg in 2063, annexed by the Klingon Empire in 2151, or destroyed by orbital bombardment by the Romulan Star Empire in 2151.

    The Temporal Cold War did not take place because Jamran Harnoth (colloquially known as "Future Guy") was unsuccessful in manipulating the Suliban, Tandarans, and Romulans (among other species) into pursuing temporal research, thereby erasing himself from existence.

    The Klingons became aware of Earth in 2151 but had their own internal troubles until 2161, when Earth defeated the Romulan Star Empire. The Romulans then entered a century of self-imposed isolation.

    The Sphere Builders still created the Delphic Expanse but their attempts to use the Xindi as puppets for their own amusement ended when the five surviving Xindi species formed an alliance and destroyed the sphere network. They forged a regional empire of their own which the nascent Federation would encounter numerous times.

    These files, now sealed under Special Temporal Order 312S-98A-553Z-64, detail Earth history in this aforementioned timeline from 2151 until the multiverse convergence of [REDACTED].


    Timot Danlen
    Director, Federation Temporal Agency

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    Historian's Note:

    This story takes place between April 8 and April 19, 2151.


    April 8 - The ECS Nyungwe Forest is midway between Beta Rigel and Regulus approximately 35 lightyears from Earth) when it is attacked by a swarm of Suliban Cabal cell ships. The ship is towed to the Suliban Helix.

    April 9 - Word reaches Admiral Forrest at Starfleet Command about the disappearance of the Nyungwe Forest and he orders Captain Archer to ready the Enterprise for departure, three weeks ahead of schedule, because the other fast ships (warp 4 capable) are not in a position to assist (one is in Spacedock for repairs and the other two are on the far side of Sol).

    April 10 - Archer goes to Brazil to get his communications officer, Hoshi Sato, who is on leave from Starfleet. He can't decide on a chief medical officer until his friend, Commander Erika Hernandez, suggests picking one of the aliens in the Interspecies Medical Exchange. He is about to ask her to be his first officer when Admiral Forrest calls him to a meeting.

    The Vulcans don't believe Archer should go alone and want to send a Vulcan ship along. Archer disagrees and Admiral Forrest suggests an alternative, a Vulcan can be assigned as first officer. Ambassador Soval agrees, appointing his aide, Subcommander T'Pol, to the post.

    April 11 - Final preparations are underway as the crew rushes to get everything ready. Archer chats one last time with Hernandez and she gives him a bottle of her favorite wine to share when he gets back, a bottle of Chateau Picard.

    April 12 - There is a brief launch ceremony and the Enterprise departs for the last known location of the cargo ship.

    Meanwhile, on the Helix, the captured crew are helpless as their ship is continually searched and ransacked, as though the Suliban are looking for something. The captain is taken for interrogation.

    April 14 - The Enterprise arrives at the Nyungwe Forest's last known location and are pleased to see no debris. The ship and crew are somewhere else. Mayweather tells Archer that the ship was on its way from Rigel X in the Beta Rigel system. Maybe someone there knows what happened.

    The Forest's captain is returned to the crew cell and tells his first officer that the Suliban have taken all of their cargo but are looking for something stolen from them at Rigel X. They have been searching for it for 2 years. The first officer says he has no idea what they could be looking for.

    April 15 - At Rigel X, the crew look for someone to help them. A Suliban woman tells Archer that one of the crew stole something from the Cabal, a Suliban privateer organization into smuggling drugs, guns, slaves, and anything they can make money from. She is not part of the Cabal any more but knows a lot about them.

    She tells him that she can take them to the Cabal hideout, but the Cabal arrives and start shooting. She is injured during the escape but they make it back to the ship. Archer sets course ro follow the fleeing Cabal ships but they're faster than Enterprise. Sarin regains consciousness long enough to give them a star system a few lightyears away.

    April 16 - Archer and the crew manage to find the Suliban Helix in a gas giant and take a look to get the lay of the land. They're attacked and retreat to an upper layer. They decide to capture a ship to dock at the Helix and rescue the crew but the cell ships only hold 2-3 people. Archer and Trip take the ship and dock with the Helix as close to the human biosigns as possible. After a firefight with a number of Suliban, they free the crew and help them get back to their ship.

    April 17 - When the two ships emerge from the gas giant they find a much larger vessel, almost as big as the upper Helix itself. The Cabal leader, Silik, tells Archer that something was stolen from his quarters on Rigel X 2 years ago and his intelligence says it's aboard the Nyungwe Forest. T'Pol finds a blank section on the ship, a hidden compartment, and Archer suggests they meet Silik on board.

    The first officer reluctantly reveals the hidden compartment. A box of data crystals sits in a box next to a data interface. He's been trying to decrypt them but hasn't been able to. He claims the Suliban are working for someone else. He doesn't have any proof, yet. Before Archer can do anything, Silik kills the man. He asks for the data crystals and the Forest's captain hands them over.

    Silik leaves and tells Archer their next meeting will not go as smoothly. Once Silik leaves, Archer and the captain talk about the first officer's actions. The captain tells Archer that he did it on his orders, he works for Starfleet Intelligence, and it's true. The Cabal is taking orders from someone far more powerful but they don't know who. He tells Archer he made two copies. He'll keep one and gives Archer the second. Maybe Archer will have better luck.

    April 19 - Enterprise is almost back home when Archer receives a message from Admiral Forrest, saying there's no reason why they can't keep going. T'Pol sends a message to Ambassador Soval that she will remain on board to keep an eye on Archer.

    Archer visits Hoshi in a room labeled E-14 that should be crew quarters but has become a secret lab for her to work on decoding the stolen files. She is running decryption algorithms but it has several layers and will take time.

    Lt Reed sees Archer and Hoshi leave the room and then goes to his quarters. He sends a message to a Commander Harris that they have the files and are working on them. Harris congratulates him and asks to be kept informed. Starfleet Intelligence is new and a successful mission of this magnitude is necessary to show they can be successful.

    Meanwhile, on the Helix, Silik speaks with someone on an encrypted channel, but the other person is hidden by shadow. Silik tells him that he has recovered the evidence and destroyed it. The other speaker tells Silik that the humans need to be contained. His people have a plan to use the Vulcans, but Silik has a role to play as well.
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    A few points to note because I know I'll be asked:

    I tried to keep as much of the original as I could because I like the show and I think it can still work this way. YMMV

    In this version, Reed and Harris are part of Starfleet Intelligence. It's a spin off from Starfleet Security, created specifically for intelligence gathering and covert operations. Section 31 doesn't exist.

    Lastly, and I know I'm spoiling it but you're smart and would have figured it out anyway, the hidden figure Silik is taking to at the end is a Romulan.

    The Romulans are behind everything in their plan to take Vulcan, their ancestral homeworld, as their own. Romulan and Vulcan intrigue is at the heart of this version. Everybody else are pawns, except for humanity. We're just a pain in the butt :devil:
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    Quite interesting. I hope you endeavor to write more. :)
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    Interesting premise.
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    I would be interested in you re writing some season 1 and 2 TCW episodes to align with your Romulan version, Maybe the zendi too, would be cool!!
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    By any chance, did you read my story called TIMELINES (link in sig block below)?? :beer:

    Maybe they just want us to think that. :whistle: