emergency transporter armbands

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    More likely when that came out there was only a couple of hundred episode titles and plots to remember compared to the ~700 or so that there is now.
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    "Captain, the thalaron radiation is disrupting our transporters. We MIGHT be able to beam you over there, but there's no way we can beam you back even if all our systems were functioning."

    "What about those fashionably gauche armbands you used to rescue me from the Borg a few years back?"

    "Sure, but it'd take too long to modify them to cut through the radiation."

    "Captain, I have this funky chip in my arm that can be modified in forty-seven point two--"

    "No time for that. Beam me over now."


    "Geordi, help me modify this funky chip in my arm. we'll do it while we casually walk to the front of the saucer."

    *sigh* Hindsight is 20-20, but still you'd think it wouldn't be THAT tough to do something better than "argh, transporters are out".