DS9 on blu-ray -- What can we do?

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    That's not even close to true.
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    Well let me revise that, CGI was used from the get go in varying amounts. Mid-season 3+ was all pretty much CGI, so we're talking around 4 seasons of all or heavy use of CGI.
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    Some of the Voyager fly bys in Season 7 don't even hold up on DVD let alone blu ray... :p
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    Not sure how true this is but I was once told/read that you can tell if it's the model or CGI version of the Voyager when viewing from the rear. If the lights are on underneath the shuttlebay it's CGI if they are off it's the model. Due to the motors for the nacelles not leaving enough space for lights.
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    Well, I for one couldn't tell you as I've never managed to sit through a VOY episode long enough look.
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    UltraHD / 4K yet needs to prove there is market demand. On a average sized flatscreen you'll hardly notice the difference and the presentations I saw at the IFA 2013 mostly had the HD Screens manipulated to look "bad" next to UltraHD displays.

    But, indeed, future-proofing is necessary.

    However, nobody seems to consider the possibility that DS9 may be the first next-gen Star Trek series that theoretically might be re-formatted into 16:9 (despite the fact it was shot in 4:3 and not "protected" for widescreen extraction until seasons 5 or 6) to appeal to larger audiences.

    Regarding the amount of CGI-"cleanup" I mentioned earlier, reformatting the series into 16:9 could reduce some of that cleanup work and therefore reduce part of the remastering costs.

    The one thing I just can't help wondering is this: ENT on Blu-ray could have been released any time between 2008 (end of Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD Format war) and 2012. Especially given that the VFX were "only" HD ready.
    Why now and why make it compete with purchases of TNG in HD?
    It almost could seem like CBS is using ENT as a means to get us interested in Star Trek in 16:9 widescreen...

    This is just mere speculation. But I wouldn't exclude the possibility that it might be DS9 in 16:9 or no DS9 in HD at all.

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    Oct 10, 2013
    Given what a great job they did with keeping most of the original elements intact for TNG, I can't imagine they didn't do the same for the next two spin-offs. I'd like to think that by the late 90s they had better methods of preserving those original elements than TNG used to (as the Crystal Entity was lost). It's already been confirmed that a lot of it was saved by one of the f/x people, so hopefully the rest is tracked down soon enough for the possibility of a blu-ray release. IMO, DS9 is the best looking show of all the spin-offs photography wise.
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    I would be looking for an interesting PLUS for buying the BDs alreading owning the DVDs, something I did not have on the (European)DVD-set.
    Although I am German, I like (watching) the Brazilian dubbing for TNG and DS9. Unfortunately, on the TNG-BD there was no BR-PT dubbing and the additional Japanese track donesn't do it for me. That's why I wasn't eager to buy them (I got S1 but not even watch all the episodes, only ca. 50% of it).
    I would hope that they do some dubbing variation on the DS9-BDs. With BR-PT it would be an immediate buy for me. Furthermore, I think it's an general error to leave the Brazilian market potential aside.