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    To boldy re-go! Challenged myself to rewrite my old fan fic episodes in the hopes it might be cathartic. This thread collects my stories from the late 24th century when Daniel and Gotens are in command (which takes place before my other thread "Legends of the Phoenix" where Seifer is in command).

    The originals of these were written in chatfic, so the fun was changing the format to prose and trying to make them make some semblance of sense. In each, I try to maintain the beats of the original, but likely miss the mark of traditional story structure because of this. But these are silly, so it doesn't really matter. They're even more ridiculous than my other threads. Enjoy!

    The Phoenix-series of ships were transwarp-testing vessels destroyed one after the other in a short period of time and the U.S.S. Phoenix-X was the twenty-fifth of those.


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    Author's notes: This takes place in the late 24th century. My cousin and I began this as random RP chats, collecting them as episodes. Through the years they've been tweaked and edited and retconned. My best guess is the original of this was done sometime in 1996. I did another chatfic rewrite of this in 2008, and this specific rewrite incorporates both incarnations. This rewrite was done in December 2020.

    Episode 1A: Commander Night Gotens is ambushed by the Dominion, prompting the support of the U.S.S. Phoenix, US.S. Xena and U.S.S. Ixion.

    Star Trek: Phoenix-X
    The Tiloniam System

    Somewhere, out in the far off cosmos of the unknown, the Class 2 shuttle Lime chugged through the cold out-reaches of space while its two occupants, Gotens and Dan tackled the controls like two inexperienced high school students.

    "So, say if this control panel were a lady, I'd slowly tap her buttons until her inertial dampeners were recalibrated. Then, boom! Warp speed baby," Dan bragged.

    Night Gotens recoiled in disgust. "Ugh! Enough already! I have two hours of fan fiction reading to do. This writer supposedly copies the story and character-types, but the difference is that there's an added fork."

    "That's the worst thing I've ever heard."

    The Commander held up his PADD. "Hey, writers nowadays don't create their own material. They add on to other people's." He sat up. "Now let's get back to work, mapping out this system and so on."

    "I finished an hour ago," the Ensign explained. "You know, if the Federation and the Cardassians would stop increasing their borders, we wouldn't have to map out these new star systems."

    Commander Night Gotens was taken aback. "Did I say you could state your opinion? No! In fact, I specifically said that you were to change your opinions to match my own!"


    Meanwhile, the Nebula-class U.S.S. Phoenix trekked itself upon the vacuum of else-wise-space. Its Commanding officer sat diligently on the Bridge.

    "Sir, are you okay?" Armond, a Human and the Tactical officer asked. "You seem to be squinting a lot."

    Daniel adjusted his posture. "Yes, I'm quite fine, Lieutenant. Thanks for your concern. If you must know, I was merely admiring space itself and the universe as a whole."

    "I completely understand, Admiral. Just the other day I was saying to GoyCho that space was the final frontier, and that these were the voyages of the starship— Well, I don't want to bore you with all the details."

    But before they could go on, Commander Avery stepped off the turbolift. "What's going on here? Are you guys socializing? We have a command structure for a reason!"

    "Oh, lighten up, Avery," Daniel dismissed. "You need a girlfriend or something."


    Back on the shuttle, Gotens and Ensign Dan found themselves slap-fighting for the helm controls.

    "We're not leaving until you admit you had a good time with your old Commander!"

    Ensign Dan struggled mid-combat. "But, I haven't. We serve aboard the U.S.S. Xena and I do all these ship-chores so that I can finally get that promotion, but you never give it to me!"

    "Aww. I can sense the denial in your words," Gotens stopped. "Okay, we can go now."


    As the shuttle Lime warped out of there, the Phoenix suddenly picked them up on sensors.

    "They've just gone to warp," Armond reported.

    Daniel perked. "What? How rude. Hail them!" After a communications beep, he began, "You think you can escape from me? My ship is the fastest in the fleet. If you don't respond, I will have to ask you to lower your shields, and board your little shuttlecraft."


    As the shuttle received the hail, the two officers found a lag in communications before dropping warp and being over-taken by the Nebula-class starship.

    "I recognize that voice," Gotens recalled. "I met him years ago in a previous Trill host. He's really friendly and understanding."

    When the Phoenix loomed over their windows, Daniel appeared on screen. "How come you ignored my hail? We detected no malfunction in communications." And then, "Security, I want your men to be ready to board that shuttle."

    "Oh. No, wait. The opposite of that."


    Meanwhile, the Galaxy-class U.S.S. Xena drifted listlessly through the empty confines of space. Its Captain paced the Bridge.

    "Where are those two? That Ensign has my favourite travel-mug! You know, the one with the coffee nebula that appears when it heats up?"

    Her Tactical officer, Onegera, tapped at the controls. "They get the Tiloniam system mapping mission, while we get patrol."

    "Sneaking in exploration during this war is like a drug these days, it's risky but, oh does it feel so good," Captain Aeris shuddered. "As long as we don't get any surprises, we'll be good."

    An alert beeping on Onergera's console snapped them out of it. "Captain, I'm receiving a distress signal from the U.S.S. Ixion. A fleet of Jem'Hadar attack cruisers are heading towards the location of the shuttlecraft!"

    "What!? I said no surprises!"


    In the Tiloniam system, several Jem'Hadar attack ships dropped warp and opened fire upon the Phoenix. Daniel quickly beamed Gotens and the Ensign aboard and raised shields.

    "Okay. Let's prepare battle," Daniel gloomed before witnessing the shuttle exploding from fire. "Wow. More rudeness."

    Avery turned to him. "The only coarseness here is yours, Admiral. I've received intel about you in a way that decides I'll be taking command."

    "Now's not the time for one of your posturing dance-sessions, Commander. Remember that waltz for a promotion and you kept stepping on my feet?"

    The Human pointed accusingly. "I mean I intend mutiny! For far too long has the crew been silent about the truth of what you are." And then, "A Changeling!"

    "Well, I never," Daniel clutched his chest, defensively.

    But a crescendo of an experimental torpedo hit and console explosion suddenly knocked Avery to the floor. "Shields down to 10-percent!" Armond reported.

    "Engineering to Bridge. The warp core is experiencing multi-fluctuations all of a sudden. The core is emitting a pink glow."

    The operations officer Kayl shrugged. "I like pink."


    As the Xena and Ixion dropped warp to join the fight, the head Vorta and Jem'Hadar First, aboard the Jem'Hadar lead ship Lyngon-938, checked on the status of everything.

    "The experimental J3 torpedo seems to be launching just fine. Although, it should have destroyed the Phoenix," reported First Mata'Katan.

    The Vorta, Feylou, stepped over. "The Dominion will fix it. Then it will exact vengeance upon the Federation. Oh, how I loathe and despise that white-picket fence organization."

    "Why do we not just annihilate them and be rid of them?"

    Feylou looked at him. "Right??"

    "Listen, Vorta master. There is something I must confess I have been finding myself thinking about lately. They are not thoughts I am proud of. What if we, the Dominion, just learned to get along with the Federation? I'm sure we could, you know, work out some treaties, or perhaps a peace?"

    The shorter alien spat. "You fool! You've been in the Alpha Quadrant too long! Someone shoot him quickly!" He watched as Third Vak'Natak pulled out a polaron compression pistol and blasted a purple energy bolt into the First's chest. "Now you will be the First."

    "But, what about Second Lat'Takteka?"

    Feylou nodded. "I'll be pitting you two to a death match. Then we will complete our suicide mission! Priorities."


    Meanwhile, as several Jem'Hadar attack ships changed course for the sun, the Captain of the U.S.S. Ixion was prompted to set its sights on their actions.

    "It looks like those clone-babies are firing modified torpedoes into the Tiloniam star," Nadine reported from tactical.

    Wasyati turned. "There's only one conceivable result from any firing of any modified anything into any star: Boomy-boom boom!"

    "How are we going to assist the population of the inhabited planet in this system?" Grot asked from the helm. "Assuming we're on that end of the Starfleet spectrum."

    Tekari popped up from Operations. "We could assist those transport ships in its orbit by boosting their transporters!"

    "Punch it!" Wasyati ordered. "That's a new thing I hope catches on."


    As the Ixion warp-jumped within the system, the crew on the Phoenix worked tirelessly to combat who was left while finding a workaround for the J3 torpedoes.

    "Captain. I've been studying the effects of these experimental weapons and I believe they're repellant to nadion particles," Armond explained. "If we can reroute phaser energy into the shields, then any torpedo coming this way would be ricocheted. Fantastically."

    Daniel nodded. "Seeing how that is techno-babble, then you're probably right. Make it so!"

    "Engineering to Bridge. The warp core is over-loading. We have to eject??"

    The Admiral sat up. "Of course! The pink warp core is a result of matter/anti-matter infection! Techno-babble!"

    "Yeah, I'm done with pink," Kayl bookended.

    The circular hatch slid open from under the Phoenix, jettisoning its reaction chamber while a veritable onslaught of Starfleet ingenuity by Armond led the ship to begin ricocheting J3 torpedoes left and right, hitting attack ship after attack ship.


    The Xena destroyed a besieging Jem'Hadar attacker and turned its sights on the Phoenix as the Tiloniam star began to bulge and erupt in the background.

    "Is it just me or is it getting really hot in this star system? Also, poor Jem'Hadar. Does no one care about them?" Lieutenant Commander Wing teared up.

    Aeris snapped. "They went to war with us! Never mind. Is that the Phoenix? They look badly damaged." The crew observed as a Jem'Hadar ship exploded near Daniel's ship.

    "Affirmative," Wing scanned. "Their warp core has been deep-sixed and their shields are down from some over-the-top Starfleet-jury-rigged-backwarding."

    The Captain stood. "As we do. Like, every time. Beam everyone over before that star goes explodey bam-bam! Damn. Language gets thin during high-stakes action."


    The last transports around Tiloniam III warped away with the Ixion alike as the star's unnatural, accelerated shockwave moved to envelop everything in the system.

    A monitor in Admiral Vincent Cloud's office aboard Starbase 55 displayed the Xena beaming all crew off the Phoenix and warping out of there. An ominous Admiral Theseus reviewing a PADD was joined by an unobtrusive Cloud and Captain Cid.

    "This is it," Theseus realized. "The first day of a new era."

    Cloud squinted. "What are you talking about? All that top-secret tech-talk from the secret meetings you keep having in here? How does that relate to the crew of the Phoenix? Is this line of questioning some kind of backdoor connection to be realized at a later date?"

    "Guards, by order of Starfleet Command, escort Admiral Cloud to Sickbay."

    Two security officers apprehended the over-bearing Human Admiral in his own office, dragging him away. "What!? No! Let go of me!"

    "To have his memory erased."

    Cid glanced over, unphased. "While the Phoenix has been in service, we've secretly tested and burned at least twenty-four Phoenix-named ships in a short timespan. The latest one has shown the most non-explodey tendencies." He paused. "You're going to deploy the Phoenix-X?"

    "Affirmative. Contact that Admiral Daniel, or should I say, Captain Daniel? I'm not demoting him. Starfleet Command is." Theseus smirked. "You'll think of a reason. Muahahahaha!"


    "Captain's log, Stardate 51599.7: The ship has been damaged horribly! But instead of waiting for repairs I am to take command of the latest in a line of fatal transwarp-project ships coincidentally of the same name. The Starfleet naming guy was out of office."


    With the Xena and the newly-launched Prometheus-class U.S.S. Phoenix-X docked at Deep Space 9, Commander Gotens joined Captain Aeris and an accumulating crew on the Prominade.

    "So, I'm getting transferred to the new ship? But I didn't do anything that whole conflict?" Gotens queried after-the-fact. "I literally got lost and ended up in Shipping and Receiving."

    Aeris shrugged. "They probably concluded your lack of action would free up room to keep an eye on Daniel."

    "Well, I do excel at nothing," Gotens realized. "Except for that one time. What I'm saying is, I'm proud to have been under your slacker-enabling command."

    She smiled before they both turned to see Captain Daniel take his place over a pedestal to address the crew.

    "Remans! Lend me your ears," he started. "Sorry, that's a holodeck thing for later. I mean, greetings. I've just received a message from Starfleet. Apparently, I've been too rash and pushy as an Admiral of late."

    Ensign Dan chimed in. "This isn't the only time Daniel's gone hot. The Federation is upset of him."

    "You're relieved of duty!"

    The Ensign sputtered. "But I'm not on duty?"

    "Then," Daniel calculated. "When you go on duty, you'll be relieved!" He next composed himself. "As I was saying. The Phoenix-X is the accumulation of a classified project collecting and testing new tech, which we are now a part of. Our recent Dominion interaction has made us necessary, and possibly other hidden reasons."

    Kayl raised her hand. "What about the Changeling thing that only a select few of us know about? Is it true you're not being jailed and flogged?"

    "Yeah, Lieutenant," Daniel deadpanned. "It's called tolerance. We don’t discriminate based on species in the future."

    Ensign Dan raised his own hand. "But doesn't the fact you're from our wartime enemy raise a bunch of red flags and cause more questions than—"

    "No! You're relieved!" Daniel snapped.

    As the Ensign stomped off, frustrated, and everyone else returned to talking excitedly amongst themselves about their new assignment, Gotens finally observed a moment of peace from the war. His reverie was quickly dashed when Commander Avery stepped over.

    “So, you’re the pathetic one that took my place?” Avery scoured. “I'll be watching you, Gotens. When I'm done with you, your career in Starfleet will be forgotten."

    Gotens opened his arms as Avery walked away. “Can’t scare a slacker, Avery. Failure is our wheelhouse. If I have any say, the Phoenix-X is going to be synonymous with failure! We’ll be failing all the time! Yeah!”

    “He’s gone,” Daniel walked over. “Want to mash-up your stoner style with an Orwellian marshal law type of command?”

    The Commander shook his hand. “Yes! We’ll switch between them like Good Cop/Lazy Cop. Sir, I think this is going to be the start of a beautiful codependency.”
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    Author's notes: The original of this was done sometime in 1996, as an edited RP chat. The first few episodes used to be short enough each to compile as two-in-ones. This rewrite was done in December 2020.

    Episode 1B: The Phoenix-X must team up with the USS Enterprise-E to fight a Borg back-up cube.

    Star Trek: Phoenix-X
    Jello Cubes

    Way out in the distant vacuum of emptiness and horror, the Sovereign-class U.S.S. Enterprise-E trekked itself blissfully through space. Picard took a seat on the Bridge next to Riker.

    "Well, it surely is a relief to have defeated the Borg's second attempt at assimilating Earth last year. I'm glad they didn't send their backup, backup cube, as per Collective Protocol," the Captain posited.

    Riker adjusted his uniform. "Zombies in space is always an adventure, Captain! But what is this backup, backup cube thing you've just nonchalantly referenced for the first time ever?"

    "Oh. You know how the Borg are just glorified computer systems operating for a master user, the Queen, right? Well, systems need redundancies and double backup protocols," Picard connected before the tactical alert console went off. "Anyway, me mentioning it now surely can’t be relevant."


    Later, the Prometheus-class U.S.S. Phoenix-X sped through transwarp as Captain Daniel entered the Bridge.

    "Alright, guys," he began. "I know I don't have a last name, therefore all Holiday gift cards should include service numbers. Also, we should be meeting up with the Enterprise soon to collect their failed transwarp coils which I think we could use as table legs."

    Soon after, Commander Gotens entered through the turbolift doors. "Captain. Reporting for duty."

    "Great to have you aboard," Daniel enthused.

    Ensign Dan entered from another side. "Captain. Reporting for duty."

    "Great. You're relieved!" Daniel snapped before getting back to his command chair.

    As the grumbling Ensign left, Gotens took a position next to him. "Do I, uh, get a chair? Is this a one-chair Bridge?"

    "No time for that," Daniel dismissed, getting up. "I want you to tell me when we reach that sleek, movie-level assault cruiser. You have the Bridge. NO ONE sits on my tush-cush."

    After he left, Gotens hovered around the chair hesitantly.


    Later, the Phoenix-X dropped transwarp and approached a horrifically damaged Enterprise-E. The screen clicked on for a disheveled Picard and Riker.

    "Phoenix-X to the Enterprise. Are you okay?" Daniel expressed in genuine concern for the legacy ship. “You look smudgey.”

    The bald Captain adjusted his uniform. "We have been attacked by a Borg backup cube. They are on their way to the Sol system, but our systems will be back online any minute."

    "That's a relief," Daniel breathed. "I thought, for a second, you had been assimilated."

    Picard smirked. "Captain, I have! In fact, I should've heard them coming, but their double-backup support-nature facilitates bare-bones transmission and operation. They veered off from us when they recognized me."

    "We'll prepare a fleet and begin an intercept defensive," Daniel established. "What ships do you want to work with? Are you still friends with the Defiant, or are they still miffed at you for that whole leaving-them-adrift thing?"


    Sometime after, the Phoenix-X and Enterprise-E dropped out of light-speeds into normal space, rendezvousing with a task force of Starfleet ships outside the Trunkola system as an intercept on the Borg's way to the Sol system.

    "The Borg's transwarp has been disrupted using the transwarp coils in their direct path," Armond reported from tactical.

    Daniel nodded. "See? Broken things have a use. I want those things prepped as table legs as soon as we're done."

    "Sir! The cube has entered the system and is heading right for us!" Lieutenant Rock reported as said-cube began to loom before the task force. "Also, I'm getting the elated battle chills. The Doctor says they will pass."

    Standing, the Captain began orders, "Right! Raise shields! Return fire! Bring us about, mark 20 by 626!" With red alert blaring, all Starfleet ships began firing phasers and photon torpedoes into the giant machinated square heap. "Literal chills."


    The U.S.S. Enterprise-E dropped warp and began their rotation of quantum torpedo launches.

    "The Valiant's losing life support," Riker reported from his chair console. "But they refuse to respond to anything?"

    Picard turned. "What is going on with those Defiant-class escorts? Bridge to Transporter Room 3, beam the Valiant survivors aboard."

    "They're refusing. Also, the Admiral's ship has been destroyed," Riker added. "Not Admiral Hayes. Admiral Mayes. He was Hayes' brother."

    The French officer with a British accent gritted his teeth. "What is the status of the backup cube?"

    "I am reading fluctuations in their power grid," Data reported from his control panel. "It is pulsating to the beat of the Bee Gees' Stayin' Alive."

    Picard nodded. "That's how you know. Number One, open a channel to the fleet." And then, "This is Captain Picard. I am taking command of the fleet. Target all your weapons onto the following coordinates."

    "Sir," Data checked. "The coordinates you have indicated are for the same non-vital-appearing system you indicated before. In fact, everyone was already firing at it."

    The Captain took a second look. "Oh. Then do these coordinates. I refuse to be command-usurped by past me!"


    The Phoenix-X initiated multi-vector attack mode and split into three with Gotens commanding the Beta section, and Armond, the Gamma section.

    "Keep firing on the spot that shiny-headed Human mentioned," Daniel ordered to the other vectors. "Let me know how those alt-Bridges are too. Are they better than this one?"

    Gotens replied over comms, as his vector rained fire on the Borg. "This one has that new car smell. And all the tags are still plastic-tied to every device."

    "Mine has a homeless Romulan living in it," Armond observed. "I think he has a knife? Should I wake him?"

    Daniel shook his head. "No. That's just Romy. He's cool."


    The Galaxy-class U.S.S. Xena swooped around and took aim at the Borg cube as ordered.

    "This relentless attack on the Federation from the Dominion, the Borg and so on is really getting on my nerves," Aeris gritted. "But we do have that third nacelle Picard described from his alternate future."

    Onegera perked from tactical as she kept fast-tapping the fire button. "It's not like it's doing anything, though. In fact, it takes 0.47 seconds longer to initiate the warp field."

    "All worth it for the double-takes," Aeris affirmed.


    The Phoenix-X reintegrated, mid-battle, to optimize repair, as Gotens and Armond returned to the Main Bridge. The viewscreen displayed the scatter of Starfleet ships swarming the cube.

    "These machine hybrids bring upon the kind of fear death would, only in an eternally-alive way," Gotens observed. "I say, bah!"

    Daniel nodded. "Agreed. We live with never-die mindsets all our lives, never thinking about the end, but here come the Borg to make that a reality in their own twisted way."

    "Still not sure what Riker was thinking when he said he wanted to live forever during his private conversation with Picard after the Enterprise-D crashed," Gotens contemplated. "It's treason of the highest order!"

    The Captain squinted in disagreement. "It was adorable and witty."

    "Sirs, the Borg have stopped firing!" Armond exclaimed milliseconds before the backup cube exploded, smattering a deluge of massive metal hulks and flaming plasma out from its insides.

    The Phoenix-X was rocked violently, throwing several crew from exploding consoles and to the floor with all the debris. Several other ships were caught in the wake and sent spinning in flames.

    "Oh no, BOB!" the Commander exclaimed. "Are you alright?"

    Daniel pulled himself up as several downed people were scattered throughout. "There's a BOB on our ship?"

    "Looks like our Ensign Rob and Lieutenant Wang are dead," BOB looked around trying to help.

    Gotens nodded as he went about. "Lieutenant Rock, too."

    "Yeah, but we have a BOB??" Daniel started. "It really is arbitrary who gets to defeat the annals of death. Never mind. I want medical in action and Engineering on systems. You know the usual. An Enterprise Combo #47."

    The Commander saluted before delving into work. "Order up!"


    The Xena stopped itself from spinning and the crew got up off the floor.

    "Ma'am, ships from all over are reporting systems down from the shockwave," Onegera reported from tactical. "Casualties as well."

    Aeris clenched her fist. "The Borg did it again, and they were only a backup of a backup. Can we confirm their second backups don't have tertiary backups?"

    "We can't even confirm if they're just as scary in the Delta Quadrant as they are in the Alpha Quadrant," Kuri explained. "Probably not, though. Like, probably wayyyy not."

    The Captain nodded. "Agreed. Well, as Starfleet has engineered additional medical facilities to our ship, defaulting us the 'healer' of all and every team-up, we must tend to the fleet!"

    "We've collected all our experience points, so we should be good to go," Tekari added.

    Aeris stood. "Engage healing powers, now!"


    With the Xena helping every ship get back on their feet with preparations to rendezvous at Deep Space 9, and the Borg debris burning away, the crew of the Phoenix-X found themselves at a loss for a cohesive story.

    "Well, that's a victory, eh?" Captain Daniel book-ended before taking notice of Ensign Dan. "You again? You're relieved!" Then he took a therapeutic breath. "Oh, that felt good."

    Gotens pondered. "Perhaps some inter-personal conflict, or classic Borg betrayals are on dock for next time?"

    "No, this was a light one," Daniel disputed. "We should appreciate the simplicity as an ease-in, for surely future outings will be an actual something, with thinking and depth and some kind of social justice message."

    The Commander hesitated. "Now that you mention it, this is preferable. No work, right?"

    "Right!" the Captain connected. "In fact, it's making me space-out a little. I think I need to sit down." He then looked to see that he was already sitting. "Way ahead of the game. You guys lucked out with your old Captain."

    Gotens interrupted. "Again, where do I sit?"

    "No, we're getting that worked out," Daniel answered, unconvincingly. "Yeah, the chair installers are on Alpha Centauri. Yeah. That's the ticket. Anyway, on to other stuff!"
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    Author's notes: The original of this was done sometime in 1996, as an edited RP chat. This story is as nonsensical as it gets. This rewrite was done in April 2021.

    Episode 2A: Deep Space 9 becomes trapped in the wormhole, prompting the crews of the Phoenix-X and Xena to work together to get them out.

    Star Trek: Phoenix-X

    Deep Space Not So Much

    The Prometheus-class U.S.S. Phoenix-X dropped transwarp, entered the Denorios belt and approached Deep Space 9. Captain Daniel walked over to the helm where Commander Gotens had taken station.

    "Getting ready to dock," the Trill announced as he worked.

    Daniel stepped over. "Okay. Do what you have to do." But then pausing, switched to, "Actually, let me drive this time. You might hit the station."

    "I want to do it," Gotens countered.

    Daniel nudged him. "No. I will."

    "I really want to do it," Gotens held in-place.

    Shoving, Daniel added, "I said no and that's an order!"

    But Gotens and Daniel struggled against each other in competition, fighting to put their hands on the console when suddenly they accidentally fired a J3 torpedo into Deep Space 9.

    They stopped to witness the torpedo slowly move through space until it hit the station, causing a shockwave-explosion that knocked Deep Space 9 back and into the Bajoran wormhole. Everyone watched the screen and both Daniel and Gotens in complete and utter shock.

    "What the Krudge?" Daniel did a double-take. "Since when do we put the weapons control on the helm console?"

    Gotens shook his head in disappointment. "The Engineers have been crossing lines all week. My sonic shower called a Romulan bird-of-prey, yesterday."

    "Looks like the station was in a highly energized state, testing the nadion repellent shielding we attempted when we were attacked by the Dominion," BOB read from a console.

    Ensign Dan snapped his fingers in realization. "Of course! Didn't the torpedoes get ricocheted back? Our engineers' testing of the J3's must have enabled the same thing."

    "Don't worry," Gotens waved it away before everyone looked back at the screen expecting a hit. "The station got knocked back. Not the torpedo. You trust me, right?"

    "Full thrusters! Get us out of here!" Daniel ordered before they moved the Phoenix-X out of the path of the retuning J3 torpedo.

    Armond stopped his tapping at the tactical console. "Yeah, helm got moved up here for some reason."

    "The Bajoran wormhole is experiencing multi-fluxuial disturbances. It's expanding and retracting," BOB observed from a console.

    Armond looked at him. "Aren't you a Ferengi?"

    Daniel pinched his nose. "Okay, we knocked Deep Space 9 into the wormhole. Not our finest moment."

    "Yeah, our bad," Gotens turned to everyone. "The overwhelming excitement of a new mission on top of our adorable back-and-forth banter really compromised your Starfleet graduated Commanding officers."

    The Captain thought for a moment. "Should we just get out of here? I mean, no one else knows what happened?"

    Suddenly, the three-nacelled Galaxy-class U.S.S. Xena approached to find no Cardassian space station.

    "Where's Deep Space 9??" Aeris exasperated.

    Daniel was taken aback. "It wasn't us. We weren't smacking the controls, accidentally knocking them into the wormhole or anything."

    "That sounds like you did do that," Aeris deadpanned.


    Meanwhile, the crew on Deep Space 9 gathered around the table in Ops.

    Dax checked the shared console. "It looks like we're still moving, but thrusters are damaged. It won't be long before we reach the end of the expanded wormhole."

    "And when we crash into it," Nog added, "It will be the end of Deep Space 9."


    "Did anyone else hear that classic musical sting?" O'Brien interjected to a mostly non-responsive station crew.


    "Captain's log. I've relieved Ensign Dan of duty for the sixth time this hour and I still see him on the Bridge. BOB is really starting to get on my nerves. It seems all my crew members are annoying. Meanwhile, Deep Space 9 has been headed for its doom. Hard to say who's at fault, really. But Captain Aeris and I have come up with an idea to use, wait for it, tractor beams!"


    Later, the Phoenix-X and the Xena took flanking positions across the location of the wormhole.

    "Captain," Armond interrupted at the sound of an alert beeping. "Sensors are picking up a Jem'Hadar attack ship!"

    Daniel was taken aback. "Wow. So abrupt and intrusive of them. I'm impressed."

    "Ahhh, scratch that. It's just intact ship debris from a recent battle with Deep Space 9," Armond observed. "Man, they do all the best stuff. Can I transfer?"

    Gotens walked around. "No! Now, do the tractor beam thing and clean up the Messhall after!"

    Everyone watched as the Phoenix-X and Xena launched tractor beams into the wormhole as it opened. The beams suddenly warped into the hole, stretched and twisted until they reached the space station and snatched it to a halt.

    "Exactly as we predicted! The gravimetric strains of the fluxuating wormhole extended the range," Kugo established. "Like stretchy Changeling goo."

    Daniel shot her a deadpan look.

    "Right. Sorry."

    Both ships then dropped their tractor beams as the wormhole closed. Gotens dusted his hands off. "And that is that. We should be able to do it again in half an hour when the fluctuating wormhole opens on its own again."

    "I've got it!" Ensign Dan snapped. "If we use the Jem'Hadar ship for a third tractor beam, we might have enough power to bring them back!"

    Daniel waved him away. "Shush! I'm trying to think! Wait." And then, "If we use the Jem'Hadar ship for a third tractor beam, we might have enough power to bring them back."

    "Excellent idea, Captain," Gotens said with applause.

    Ensign Dan turned. "But I was the one who—"

    "You're relieved!" snapped Daniel.

    Everyone then looked up as a hail from the U.S.S. Xena was patched through. "All that we could do is stop it. Captain, please beam over here so we can work out the next phase of our plan. Aeris out."

    "There is no way I'm going over to that ship," Daniel countered after the screen clicked off. "What does she think? That my ship is inferior to hers? And what kind of name is Xena? Sounds like an out-franchise warrior duchess."


    Deep within the confines of the energized wormhole, a probe was detected near Deep Space 9. Jadzia Dax worked the console to read it.

    "Looks like it has a Cardassian signature," she noted.

    Garak stepped forward. "Ah, yes! I recognize it. It is used in some of the outer colonies to adjust a planet's gravitational pull. This one appears to be malfunctioning."

    "Or malfunctioning on purpose," Sisko surmised.

    Nog added in haste, "We should destroy it! It's clearly the thing causing the wormhole's expanding and detracting."

    "If we destroy it, the wormhole won't expand enough for us to escape. Worf, do you think we can control it?" Sisko turned.

    The Klingon nodded. "I believe so. But this goes against all my aggressive Klingon tendencies."


    Meanwhile, an armed Away Team from the Phoenix-X beamed over to the Jem'Hadar attack ship.

    "Wow. Can't believe we're at war with these people," Gotens observed.

    Kugo shrugged. "I mean, war is pretty common everywhere. It's a by-product of conflicting philosophies, ego and struggles for power."

    "Still. They should've asked us if we wanted to. Much like asking a date out to Prom," he stood. "It's just good manners."


    Daniel took a seat on the Bridge of the Phoenix-X.

    "Commander. How are things?" he queried with a hint of urgency.

    Gotens replied over comms. "Oh, very nice. Kugo and I were just having a delightful conversation about doctrines and government. And the greater question of: Why?"

    "I mean, about the tractor beam! You're not the one who's going to operate it, are you?"

    A shrug was heard over the air. "Of course."

    "Oh, God. This is my riskiest mission yet. Okay. Everyone, wait to engage on my mark," Captain Daniel ordered with a long pause for dramatic effect. As soon as the wormhole blew open, he launched a directing finger. "Mark!"

    As all three ships birthed their tractor beams, Gotens remarked, "Great. I hope this works, for continuity sakes."

    "It will. Trust me," Daniel replied without thought. "What am I saying? I'm starting to sound like you. Ugh!" Then he turned. "You're relieved, Ensign Dan! Ahh. That felt good."

    BOB tapped at a nearby console. "The station is coming out!"

    "Again. You're not even in Starfleet," Armond argued.

    Captain Aeris called over the comms, next. "It's working! I knew we could solve a Deep Space 9 problem as well as they could. Maybe even better?"


    The entire space station Deep Space 9 shook like crazy as it emerged from the altered Bajoran wormhole.

    "The reprogrammed probe is holding!" Worf announced as he tapped his controls.

    O'Brien furrowed his brow at his own readings. "The station on the other hand will need to cash in its insurance premiums."

    "Are we out?" Sisko clenched.

    Kira looked up in excitement. "We're out!"

    "Good. I had, like, twenty Prophet calls while we were in there," the Captain admitted. "Five of them were complaints about the Ferengi."

    Bashir walked over. "Maybe we should find out where that probe came from? Likely Cardassia, but it's fun to confirm your bias. Also, reports."

    "It seems as if the Phoenix-X has already taken the probe," Worf reported from his control panel.

    Sisko did a double-take. "What? Why?"

    "Greetings. I hope everyone is okay," hailed Daniel from afar. "Look, I know we'll probably never know who knocked you guys into that space sink, but that's neither here nor there."

    The other Captain squinted. "It's completely here and there. Also, why have you taken the probe? We need to investigate it."

    "Huh? What probe?"

    Sisko pointed what he and everyone could clearly see. "That probe, right there. Behind you, on your Bridge!"

    "Nope," Daniel replied, half-looking around, nonchalantly. "No idea. I don't know what you're talking about." He shrugged. "Anyway, it was great seeing you again. Phoenix-X out!"

    Pinching his nose-bridge, Sisko added, "Okay. I'm going to have a raktajino. This job is getting to me."


    Meanwhile, as the crew on Phoenix-X celebrated their latest acquisition, Daniel held up the probe.

    "Huzzah! Our first acquired secret technology!" the Captain exclaimed.

    Gotens interjected over comms from the Jem'Hadar ship. "Did we just do Deep Space 9 dirty? After knocking them in, we now steal their alien-of-the-week probe, for what, competitive science? Aren't they the most beloved crew this side of the wormhole?"

    "They know it's out of love, and that, according to Admiral Cloud, Starfleet facilities trump Cardassian vole mills any day," Daniel established. "Sure, double-wronging them gave me a pause of 0.68 seconds. For an authoritarian Changeling, that is an eternity."

    Armond surmised, "You know, if we hadn't knocked that iconic stationary non-space mover into their rating gimmick, we would have never discovered that threat about to destroy the wormhole."

    Gotens queried. "So, we're heroes?"

    "We're heroes," Daniel confirmed. "Okay, you can release the tractor beam."

    The Commander replied, "Yes, Captain," before fighting with Kugo over the controls and unintentionally whisking and reversing the tractor beam from Deep Space 9 over to the Phoenix-X.


    Everyone shrieked as the Phoenix-X was then knocked spinning in all axes into the wormhole, glinting light as it disappeared into Prophet-oblivion.
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