Does Anyone know how many TOS Enterprise sets are standing today?

Discussion in 'Fan Productions' started by albion432, May 11, 2014.

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    In the last half of the 60's there was only one Enterprise set in existence. Does anyone know, or can we pool our collective knowledge and see if we can come up with an accurate figure on how many exist today?
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    Full or nearly full sets:
    Upstate New York -Ticonderoga (Phase II)
    Georgia - Farragut/Continues
    Plan to build: Los Angeles, Ca. Axanar
    Plan to build: Michigan, Mirror Mirror

    Bridge with plans to build more
    Oklahoma/Starbase Studios (formerly the Exeter Bridge)

    Long Island, NY (George Kayaian) Multiverse/Antyllus
    Minnesota ST: Eagle
    Possibly in the UK: Partial bridge From Star Trek Spoof (I don't know if it still exists)

    Movie Era: Georgia, Project Potemkin. Has bridge, in the process of building more sets.

    TNG: Rebuilding a bridge from The Star Trek Experience. I think the project is in LA, but I'm not sure. Anyway, here's the website:

    I invite others to add to this list. I have not included virtual bridges or other CGI bridges.
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    A correction to your notes for Potemkin, Barbara:

    Standing sets: Constellation-style bridge set. Transporter Room set. Captain's Ready Room set. Brig set. Plasma Conduit Maintenance Center set (Deck 14 in the Interdorsal). Two right-angle corridors. One curved corridor.

    Stored sets: Klingon bridge (similar to the one in TSfS) with Klingon throne, two standing control stations, three seated control stations, two bat'leth's for decoration, etc. Romulan bridge control post (for use in front of our green screen).

    Under construction for the summer: Two-seater Shuttlecraft. Plans nearly complete; construction to begin when we reach a certain level of donations.
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