Dockyard Review SFB B10?

Discussion in 'Trek Gaming' started by ChallengerHK, Feb 4, 2020.

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    Feb 18, 2018
    Even though it's Dockyard Review, it's really an SFB gaming question.
    I found Dockyard Review a long time ago, but I had never really looked at them. Last night I was reading one of them and there's a piece, written from a fictional perspective a la Starship Design, on the B10 Battleship from Star Fleet Battles.

    That in itself is surprising. Since Steve Cole rapidly goes after people who publish anything from the game without his approval, I have to believe that they had said approval. What surprised me even more though, is that they appear to have used Amarillo Design Bureau's cheap lineart. All of the other art in both issues is much more professional in nature. To be fair, they do feature a nice painting of the B10 in the article, and to be doubly fair, ADB's art was never meant to do anything other than show the ship off in a 2x2 inch space in a Captain's Log. Still, I'm surprised they didn't take the time to create a nice blueprint for it.

    Does anybody know how the B10 came to be featured there? And, if so, why they used the crappy art?