Do you want Worf in Ops or on the Defiant's Bridge?

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    The whole "Strategic Operations Officer" thing never made sense to me. It was very obviously a BS job just invented to have something to give Worf to do on the station - hell, they even made a joke about how pointless it was in the show.

    What would have made perfect sense to me would be if Worf was promoted and brought to DS9 as the permanent Captain of the Defiant. It's not unusual in the real world for lower ranked officers to command smaller ships - a Lieutenant Commander commanding a Frigate for instance. And the Defiant is perfect for Worf. And hell, he was tactical officer on the flagship for like eight years or more, it's time for promotion!

    The only downside is that the writers obviously wanted to have the Defiant be Sisko's personal pet Starship. It makes no sense that he would keep abandoning his post as station commander for long periods to fly around in the Defiant, but it's what the writers wanted. Hell, it made even less sense that they put Kira in there as second officer - unlike DS9 the Defiant was a purely Starfleet ship, she should never have had anything to do with it.

    So I'd have put Worf in as Defiant and then have Sisko come along sometimes as a mission commander - kind of like how Admiral Jameson commanded the hostage mission but Picard the ship in Too Short a Season.
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    This. Worf even makes a comment in Bar Association that Captain Sisko put him in charge of the Defiant.

    Agreed. It always bothered me that in Nemesis Worf seemingly has left his position as ambassador to go back to his old job on the enterprise. How is firing phasers for Picard a better gig than being Martok’s right hand man on QonoS?
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    "Fish out of water" prevailing, there was some compelling drama in season 4 as he realizes there are other ways security can be maintained. Character development. And a true new lease on life. And is also why he doesn't mutiny in "For the Uniform" where, had Picard attempted the same trick, Worf likely would have.

    Whatever happened to the rumored Worf series? That would be a joy to see.
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    It's always better to turn the Defiant over to Dax. Something about Terry Farrell sitting in the center seat on that bridge just looked so incredibly badass in a way that no one else ever did on that ship. Worf always looked much better on a Klingon ship.

    What's that? We're talking about tactical considerations, not who looks most badass? Eh, screw that. Give the Defiant to Dax. :angel:
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    He complained a lot on the station. He always seemed comfortable on a ship.