Disney's "Tangled" (alias "Rapunzel") - review thread

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by CaptainCanada, Nov 27, 2010.

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    Aug 21, 2002
    SPOILERS BELOW>>>>>>>>

    hmm ok, well i just saw it, to be honest I found it pretty average. It wasnt as bad as I feared, the Shrek-like advertising made it seem much worse than it was, but I dunno, there was nothing that really surprised me. The characters were all pretty much cookie cutter Disney tropes. Im amazed how much love there is for the horse, he reminded me of every other Disney sidekick horse(Pegasus, Kahn, Samson, Phillip, etc...)

    Its funny when Flynn made his surprise move at the end I thought, wow wouldnt it be really sad and heartbreaking if Flynn actually does die for finally doing something unselfish for once in his life, what a life lesson that would be for Rapunzel, it would be such a bittersweet but poignant ending...thinking of that idea, it even choked me up a bit, I got all teary... then I realized, wait this is Disney, its not gonna happen! sure enough he gets saved at the end zzzz. Yeah I know, what did I expect from Disney? but maybe after years of being a Disney animation fan & seeing so many of their, & their competitor's, films, Im just wanting more from an animated film these days. I mean at least Princess & the Frog had the guts to kill off a sidekick & How To Train Your Dragon disabled its hero at the end. I think at some point there should be a real sense of loss that the characters experience so that once you get the happy ending you really feel like it means something.

    Also, I do wish I had seen it in 3d. I think I might have enjoyed it more. Some of the art was really nice(loved all the painted detail on the walls) & really seemed like 3d would have given it even more depth. Unfortunatley my eyes are messed up right now(dry eye syndrome) & I dont think i couldve handled the 3d. :(
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    I saw it tonight, and thought it was fantastic.

    Visually, it is the best looking animated film I've seen. The rich, lush forests and mountains are simply amazing: so rich and lifelike, yet still charmingly cartoony. It seems like a ton of work went into refining this movie; all the environments are intricately detailed and impressive. The character animation kind of stands out in contrast to the environment, which I think puts a lot of focus on the characters. I don't really know how to describe what I mean. I'm not at all saying the character designs are bad, they're just different.

    The story is solid, it stays pretty focused and doesn't introduce a shit ton of main and supporting characters to follow. There's that gang of morons, but you don't really have to get to know them. And the animal sidekicks do not talk and weren't annoying--hallelujah! It's a light story, a fun story throughout.

    And wow, Mother Gothel was hot! I mean.... yeah, hot!

    I knew nothing of the voice casting, and about 20 minutes in to the movie I commented to the person I was watching with that maybe this movie was bucking the established trend of using big name celebrities and their big recognizable voices. . .then I heard Frankenstein from Everybody Loves Raymond, and eventually I identified Mandy Moore, but the others I couldn't pick out. After consulting IMDB, I see I was wrong.

    One thing about this movie I didn't like was the music. The songs were all very dull and forgettable, and some were downright bad. During the first third of the movie, I was worried the entire movie was going to be a musical, but things dialed down.

    But overall, it was a very good movie, I can't wait to watch it again and see what I missed.