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    We have all the time in the world...

    Pike: We only have one minute left before things get critical what are you doing down there?
    Burnham: Oh come on Captain, Stamets, and Culber are telling each other how much they miss.. each other... You don't want to interrupt that?
    Pike: Ok, Georgiou bought us three more minutes but they're almost gone. What are you guys still doing there?
    Burnham: Well, Tilly and the spore lady are having an emotional moment. You know pinkie swear and all...
    Pike: Pinkie swear?
    Burnham: Long story.
    Pike: But please tell it to me in great detail because I have about twenty seconds before I am turned into a fleshy corkscrew!!!
    Burnham: Captain, is this amount of sarcasm necessary?
    Pike: Not necessary but I like... aaarrrrghhhh!!!
    Burnham: OMG, I've lost another one!
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    The writers definitely didn’t seem to understand what a ticking clock is.
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    Michael: Oh, my catastrophic mistake has resulted in a crippling blow to the Federation, from which it may never recover.
    Faceless Admiral from Finale: It's okay. We'll just erase it from the official record and say it never happened. For that matter, we'll erase you from the official record and say you never existed.
    Sarek: It's true. From this day forward, I never had a daughter.
    Amanda: Just two sons.
    Sarek: No, Amanda. Only one son. (Close up of Sarek doing shifty eyes)
    Kurtzman: And that's how we fix Canon.