Did Lucas originally intend to film "Flash Gordon"?

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    I'm suspect people have discussed this earlier, but given how the search tools for the forum have degraded since the the last major site update, it has proven impossible for me to find older threads on the subject. So please forgive a possible "repeat". Maybe someone can link the older thread(s) if any exist.

    Right, with preemptive apologies out of the way, here's my question.

    I've heard and read opposing accounts about Lucas' initial development of "Star Wars". One account, inspired by the science fantasy movie serials of the 1930s, primarily "Flash Gordon" and "Buck Rogers", Lucas set out to create his own unique property from the start. The other account, Lucas wanted to make a new adaptation/incarnation of "Flash Gordon" (not something simply "in the spirit"). But Dino De Laurentiis owned the rights in the mid 1970s. Lucas supposedly contacted Dino and tried to negotiate a deal. However, Dino declined. With no chance to create a direct adaptation of the Alex Raymond comic strip, Lucas then started to create his own "unique" universe with unique characters that "paid homage" to those vintage Saturday matinee serials.

    Basically, which is it?
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    This excerpt from J. W Rinzler's pretty definitive 'The Making of Star Wars' seems to cover the basic jist of what went down. (For the sake of context, this was around 1971, before he'd started production on 'American Graffiti')

    So basically, he already had it in mind to make a space opera/adventure movie of some kind and very early on briefly toyed with the idea of adapting 'Flash Gordon', but quickly realised it wasn't the way to go.
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