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    Sep 2, 2008
    mid-beaming to a different Galaxy
    .1 point now on or into
    2 points makes a line or direction
    3 points not in the same line makes a plane
    4 points in space not of similar planes or lines. Can define a space...or system
    Infinite ♾ Limitless dimensions evolved from and into existence is everything.*
    Systems of symmetry into super symmetry
    Matrices identity number and numbers in groups

    Where are the new games in this? I seek ideas,.. even just a fleeting smirk of meaningful or meaningless words..
    Word game number game ... boards, cards .. dice no rule no toon doesn’t know (yes)

    Anyway this is the “drawing board”. Of a kind of new game...

    I am using glass beads of fish tank type labeled 0 to 9 and A to Z total 36. Fine the 2 boards for the moment are 4 by 8 …= 32 total

    random pieces from the 36-uniques randomly placed in the 4 X 8 intermix left over four in about the center on the second intermix board with seven unique stones and labels about them leaving an opening for the four to move out... is this solitaire or multiplayer or what? the ten worry men are worried about things 000 no worries the rest is left for inspiration for deeper into the game.

    any ideas ? post comments concerns ideas or meaningless/ful words to follow yes this is a game of it. all games start somewhere why not a drawing board and glass beads from the fish tank or the book glass bead game,..

    edit posting cause IF I post two in a row that is just solitaire game play singularity one point with out a point ---- I cheat at solitaire so I need advice

    how do the pieces escape the four block to the right
    how do the pieces all laid out on the left move
    what do I write on each card in the pile of cards
    what about the worried men where do they fit in

    And does Scotty ever get off Jeffry the giraffe and kick pebbles about ...

    62237521_10155988490441650_4972375933131423744_n.jpg IMG_7436.jpg
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    Sep 2, 2008
    mid-beaming to a different Galaxy


    no body? I can play solitaire but you can still Jump in... tell me:

    1. where to move
    2. how to move
    3. what pieces to move?
    4. what to put on the cards
    5. how to use the cards and their labels
    6. If to use clay as a connector or decoration or what
    7. Why Scotty would never ride a giraffe
    8. And what piece of glass should be picked to move where? etc...
    I will may probably with varying levels of timed response times post here again and continue my posts as a solitaire game.. just (i am cheating with solitaire) and the finished results ... the link above is to the larger more detailed image that is above.

    this is the game - you can't win if you don't play .... if you don't play I am lonely and ... will play alone.

    so kick rocks and there is a stick in the can of paint that is just barely floating ... treading water now I give you a new kind of bare bone drawing board for game creation.. gimmy a few days to reply again.. solitaire or not.

    peace out
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    Sep 2, 2008
    mid-beaming to a different Galaxy
    at this point in solitaire I have gotten one suggestion ... I have reacted in the way the suggestion suggested and rotated the board... (90 degrees clockwise) not needing to adjust the worry dolls to the various cards they will form (I can't use worry dolls) in the game but yet cards one thru ten see piles of cards waiting for development on their faces. == should maths be used or not? IDK or Fibonacci sequences of card numbers maybe? this could be implemented at a video game level? IDK as well unless it fizzles out :( ok I am looking to make new developments of no help or of great help either way input might be "interesting" for both of us.. systems go configurations go alignments go developing new type of multilevel go game (possible) I have only labeled one card with the word ONE ok what now? If you don't want to reply and just lurk it is ok just whatever...


    I might have to realign these typings after posting or not with in preview I am.

    the high resolution image link for the sharing...

    to inspire think "new wheel" if you will

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    Sep 2, 2008
    mid-beaming to a different Galaxy
    crazy you might think people might like some of these posts IDK

    but more images of updated game of "solitaire" play

    these are all the images in a folder on google drive.. the High resolution sharing link

    And still direction and growth decisions might be .... difficult with no real end in sight...
    teh four dice are on clay props that elevate the dice...that should be happening to all the other dice on the left here.. I also did two photos left side right side photos for different perspectives...

    so Just don't comment it is ok ... I cheat at solitaire all the time ... I call it making music by myself for myself with myself any way ,,, whatever...

    I am doing parallel posts on fb with less commentary not that it helps or does not help just fb.. that is where my friend said .... for rotating the board I have gone with that and continue on with that direction of the board.. settling this seems how it should be set... no more spin of the board

    I have labels on 6 hex cards and that one rectangle card just numbers see image. the orange cylenders are a questionable interjection maybe go with maybe loose though no fault no mistake advantages ...

    there is occurring the 36 9x4 value of symbols again 26 letters and 10 numeric symbols. as possible card labels but for now this is it.. if you post thank you.

    edit rather then post new....

    I had that waiting the add the clay pedestals to the dice on both sides .. just waiting so I did that and new things happened --- I removed the cards into separate piles on the side pile one and pile two..

    it is shaping up nicely :) I am adding a few more images from the "setting arrangement" as it is now.

    OK? ;)

    66628785_10156009084421650_2871252428412420096_o.jpg 64451879_10156009084516650_7703191044157865984_o.jpg 64657088_10156009084626650_8533485750929326080_o.jpg

    the god's from china stepped back a box and the dice were put on to clay.. as was dice with symbols on them.
    66336093_10156009221996650_6952580156959490048_o.jpg 66757049_10156009222236650_2494895851697078272_o.jpg

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    Sep 2, 2008
    mid-beaming to a different Galaxy
    yeah just and update I had to move that board from the desk as a student was being taught in that spot how to make music and such... :)