Define Vulcan love. Sexual and Paternal.

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    Sarek has always slightly disapproved of Spock's Starfleet career, but the new movie leads us to believe that this is because Spock chose against joining the Vulcan Science Academy. I don't think Sarek ever treated Spock badly, though. I'm not sure where you're getting that. He was always a very loving father, even if Spock's career choice may have initially disappointed him.

    I almost feel like nuSarek might embrace Spock's lifestyle now that Amanda is dead. It will help to keep her spirit alive. As Spock said, "Earth is now the only home I have left."

    As for marriage, why is it illogical for Sarek to marry Amanda? Sarek loved her. She loved him. It also provided a way for him to learn more about humans for his work as Ambassador. I'm not seeing the problem.
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    The new Sarek, you mean? Hmmm, not sure. I can't say he did much for me (he was, for most of the movie, much more of a crusty old guy than Mark Lenard's Sarek ever was), but I would be pretty surprised if nobody found him attractive.

    But the new Spock is a definite yes on the sex symbol thing, of course.

    That's my impression as well - in TOS, TNG and the new movie. Lots of human dads disapprove of some of the choices their children make, but that doesn't mean they don't love them.

    Me, either. If nobody got married until he found a person with whom he would never be in conflict...well, nobody would ever get married.
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    ^^^^ :guffaw:

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