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Please VOTE for TWO!!!

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  1. That Rings A (Jingle) Bell

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  2. Every Problem Has A (Re)Solution

    2 vote(s)
  3. As Prophecy Foretold

    3 vote(s)
  4. Aliens Stole My Reindeer!

    8 vote(s)
  5. Season's Greetings

    5 vote(s)
  6. Christmas Crossover

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  1. Starscape

    Starscape Commodore Fan Art Challenge Winner

    May 22, 2006
    Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
    Whereas November's Weather (Whether) the Storm! theme could have some seasonal content, for December we want to ramp up the Festive Spirit so in a brief change of format we have a one-off selection of Themes to vote on this month all based around the up coming end of year festivities.

    Please feel free to vote whether you intend to create an entry or not, we want to generate as much interest and participation as possible. And let us know how you've voted below and why: what piques your interest about each theme, what you think we might see. You never know, your thoughts could just be the spark that lights someone's imagination and leads to a new piece of Star Trek Art.

    We have Six Seasonal Themes suggested by BBS members for you to choose from and you have until the poll closes on the 1st December to vote for your TWO favourite Themes.

    Details for each Theme are as follows:

    That Rings A (Jingle) Bell
    "Hmmm...I remember this, but I can't quite put my finger on where I've seen it before." Place something that looks uncannily Trek in a place you'd never expect to find it. Bonus replicator credits if it's hiding in a holiday-themed setting.

    Every Problem Has A (Re)Solution
    What New Year's resolutions are your favorite characters making for themselves and each other? Depict your favorite Trek characters facing their fears, learning a new skill, or quitting an old habit.

    As Prophecy Foretold
    Portray a scene from a species's religious texts or show a character taking part in a spiritual activity, visiting a religious site, etc.

    Aliens Stole My Reindeer!
    In Star Trek we often see our human characters puzzled by alien rites and rituals. For this challenge show us how the alien species of the Trekiverse might interpret or misinterpret human seasonal or festive traditions.

    Season's Greetings
    Show us what you imagine our favourite Star Trek characters might send or receive in the way of gifts or greetings cards at the this time of year - a family picture of the Rikers, a Quark's Bar gift voucher, a personalised coffee mug?

    Christmas Crossover
    Taking inspiration from your favourite festive stories, movies, music videos (?) show us how they might manifest if they played out in the Star Trek Universe. Which character would be your choice for Scrooge or what would happen if Wesley was left Home Alone?

    Remember you can choose TWO!!

    Thanks for voting, have fun! :bolian:

    [P.S. We will return to our usual on-going list of Themes next month:
    The Current List of Themes:

    Specific Show -- Prodigy
    Dedicated to art inspired by one specific Star Trek show or era. Each month you have the opportunity to vote for a different era cycling through: TOS/TAS --> TNG --> DS9 --> VOY --> ENT --> MOVIES --> DSC --> PIC --> LDS --> PRO --> SNW --> TOS/TAS --> ...

    Transporter Malfunctions
    Duplicates, amalgamations and transmogrifications. Oh my! Kirkvix! Tendivix! DATAVIX! Tuvix your favorite characters... then draw them running in terror from Janeway!

    The More Things Change

    Time may move at warp speed, but not everything does. Show us how something Trek has changed over the years - landscapes, buildings, ships, people, beliefs.

    The New Next Generation
    What's next for Star Trek? Show us what could follow your favorite incarnation of Star Trek or the future of fandom itself: the Next Generation of Star Trek fans.

    A New Year is here so taking inspiration from that show us some Trek Art related to new Beginnings. It could be inspired by something from the start of your favourite series or show us the beginning of a new mission, the introduction of a new character, ship or family member.

    Tall Tales
    Or, a funny thing happened on the way to Delta Vega. Dedicated to those adventures that are the most bizarre and unbelievable, the ones where if you described them to someone they'd reckon you'd done a little too much LDS - Abraham Lincoln floating in space, holograms taking over the Enterprise, being shrunk to the size of a toy, evolving into a lizard?! Or perhaps you can think of something even weirder than those we've seen on the show.

    Fighting Stance
    Show hand-to-hand combat at its best and worst - honorable surrender, self-sacrifice, using someone as human/alien shields, no mercy, knock down drag out, fancy footwork, anything goes!


    We know our Starfleet crews get themselves into all sorts of temporal scrapes, but how do they (and other galactic citizens) tell the time wherever they are? Apart from stardates, the odd PADD/viewscreen display, Sisko's Saltah'na clock, and a couple of "antique" 20th century watches, what do contemporary timepieces look like in the Star Trek time periods? Especially those from worlds other than Earth? After all, not everywhere has a 24 hour day...

    Not Good Enough
    Art inspired by unpopular episodes.

    Today Is A Good Day to Die-o-rama
    Release your inner child with a diorama demonstrating anything Trek - landscapes, ships, historical moments. Make it or draw it, if you prefer. Mixed media - use any material you want.

    Wrong Episode Posters
    Have you ever read a synopsis for an episode or movie that only vaguely resembles what you eventually watched? Well, your challenge is to badly interpret the plot of a Star Trek episode or movie and create a promotional poster to advertise it. Maybe you could shift the emphasis of the episode/movie to that of a side-plot or have the main protaganist to be the villain or a minor character. Perhaps, you could swap the genre of the episode entirely: Duet as a musical? The Trouble with Tribbles as a horror?

    Thrillin' Villain!
    SNW needs another villain species! Pick an irredeemable cultural feature (just as for the Cardassians it was fascism, or for the Ferengi it was capitalist greed) and design a new enemy race that embodies it!

    A temporal agent is tasked with confiscating artwork, photographs, and objects inspired by accidental (Trek) alien contact with Earth. Design an artifact that might raise a few eyebrows if it was allowed to remain behind. (Think something man of that era might have designed, not the object that inspired it - e.g. a painting of a phaser, not the phaser itself.)

    Back to School
    It's that time of year again! Show us what Trek characters use in the classroom to learn. Design the cover of a textbook. Depict your favorite characters going back to school, or through training, to learn something new.
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  2. Starscape

    Starscape Commodore Fan Art Challenge Winner

    May 22, 2006
    Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
    There's still a day left to vote and help choose our Seasonal Theme! :D
  3. Starscape

    Starscape Commodore Fan Art Challenge Winner

    May 22, 2006
    Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
    I don't want to panic anyone, but December has arrived! :eek: And to take your mind of the impending busyness and hopefully to help everyone get into the festive spirit we a Seasonal Art Challenge for you all to ponder on:

    How do you think our favourite Star Trek alien races would make of our traditions this time of year? What would Klingons make of the food? Ferengi would love the commercialism, but maybe not so much the gifting? With their huge extended families Denobulans must love a get together, right? And would the Cardassians view it all with suspicion? ;)

    Looking foward to seeing your Festive Final Entries.

    Have Fun! :bolian:

    P.S. There's still a few days left to enter November's Weather (Whether) the Storm Challenge.

    P.P.S. January's Theme Suggestion thread is up here:
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