Contest: VOTE December 2022 Art Challenge — “Trek Craft Inspired by a Car Manufacturer”

December 2022 Art Challenge

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  • MisterD

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Good Bad Influence
Welcome to the voting thread for the 209th Fan Art Forum Challenge!

December's theme was Trek Craft Inspired by a Car Manufacturer and the task was to create a Star Trek craft belonging to a particular car maker (Dodge, Ford, Chevy, etc). The craft would need to contain visual traits that make it identifiable as a particular brand.

Here are the three vehicles that are racing to be first going over the finish line:







The voting is set to four days, so people should have enough time to log their vote before a winner is declared on the weekend. Thanks for voting! :)
Well done everyone. I've been fighting off a series of colds all December so didn't have time for an entry, but I don't think my idea would've had much chance of competing against those three. :techman:

Who to vote for, though? That's a tough decision.
Tail lights have looked like impulse drives for years now--especially the last few model years of the Firebirds---may they rest in piece...snif'
The old winner is the new winner — congratulations for another very well-deserved win, @MisterD! And thanks for already getting the new contest going. :)

And also: I want to thank the people who voted for my entry. Means a lot, thanks guys! :)