Dean Spockwell should've been on V'GER.As a hologram. Or a SF admiral.

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    Had Dean Spockwell been on V'GER, I think he would've been great playing a holographic character:)

    The U.S.S. Promethius' EMH2, should've been played by Dean Spockwell, instead of by the ever appropriately named Andy Dick:mad:

    Is Andy's middle name Izza?

    Dean Spockwell would've been extremely appropriate casting as EMH2:cool:

    DS as EMH2 would've complemented playing Al on Quantum Leap beautifully:hugegrin:

    How in the wide,wide world of sports did STPTB&B miss that?:angryrazz:

    DS playing EMH2 is the most obvious holographic V'GER role.:techman:

    But there are other holograms DS could've played on V'GER:) Whether on V'GER's holodeck, from alien civilizations {IE:someone like Leland Orser's hologram character}, or wherever:cool:

    If not playing a hologram, DS alternatively could've played any number of alien &/or human roles.

    One of the '37's, the Caretaker's human appearance, the Equinox's MD, Science or 1st Officer {hopefully a :vulcan:}, a Starfleet Admiral {or Commodore even}?

    If DS played a high-rank SF officer on V'GER {a(ny) rank>captain}, let's say an admiral, his name could've been/maybe:o Admiral Aloyisius Cavaricci:confused:

    Straying an uncomfortably coarse line with aficionadofic in the sentence preceding this one:eek:

    DS's SF admiral/commodore/fleet captain/whatever rank>captain V'GER character could've been apart of Admiral Paris's SFHQ team:bolian:

    Dean Spockwell should`ve been on V'GER:hugegrin:

    Who do YOU think Dean Spockwell should've played on V'GER had he been a Special Guest Star?

    YOUR thoughts>
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    Re: Dean Spockwell should've been on V'GER.As a hologram. Or a SF admi


    But the Bloke is only a little much better than the scripts he is given, if you note how forgettable and bullshit he was on Enterprise. He is very entertaining on BSG. :)
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    Re: Dean Spockwell should've been on V'GER.As a hologram. Or a SF admi

    Right on there GG :techman:

    I was, & I am, still, very disappointed. with Dean Spockwell's ENT visit:mad:

    What horsehockey:scream:

    STPTB&B mucked that one up royally:brickwall:

    DS's ENT role was playing some utterly forgettable uninspired alien baddy general meanie military Herbert dude:wtf:

    That was some seriously disappointing boulderdash:mad:

    Should've played an ole'pal of Archer's & referred to their mutual buddy back on Earth named Ziggy:cool::)