Dead space 4 canned, Visceral Games and Visceral Montreal closed.

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Haggis and tatties, Mar 5, 2013.

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    DS3 might not have been up their with the first game but it was a good game, i cant help but wonder how much of the blame EA should take in killing both the game and devs house due to their mandatory inclusion of microtransaction into the game.

    Possibly people who pay £40/$60 for a game think they should be getting the whole experience, and to be honust i think they are quite right.
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    Well, I enjoyed the first two Dead Space Games, haven't had a chance to play the third.

    My daughter has though, and states it's just as good as the prior two.

    I think one thing that may have hurt the sales was that some prior games with co-op have been regarded as poor (RE5 for example), and it was assumed that if you were going to play alone, you had to be lumbered with an AI co-op partner, which isn't the case.

    But, if the franchise is at an end, where does this leave survival horror? RE has been criticised for being an action-shooter rather than horror, though all they really did was introduce more realistic mechanics. I don't know many people who if a guy with a chainsaw was coming at them would stand still to reload! Dead Island didn't really live up to it's potential, the premise could have been truly awesome. Hopefully Dead Island 2 will bring something new to the table.