David Rappaport in "The Most Toys"

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    I have not seen this footage but knowing what he was capable of, David surely would provide a menacing little person to reckon with and that his size would be used to show his adviseries that it really didn't matter!
    As for Saul, I have always liked what he did with the part and granted he had so little time to prepare, one must acknowledge what a great contribution his Kivas is to TNG. Saul made Kivas a person who needed the unique stuff and used it to control his world.
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    Trekdom gets more love than actual aerospace history. A lot gets tossed.

    Agreed. He had a certain wistfulness. Rappaport I think would have been better as another character--an associate?

    I wonder if the role itself may have gotten to him. Some actors are not unlike Fajo after all--selfish, a bit greedy.

    A role can spook an actor...get him depressed--get him to start questioning himself. The role itself could even have been destructive. Rappaport was nothing like Fajo however--that's Charlie Sheen, but on downers.
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    There's an interesting remnant from the original casting. The episode makes a big deal that he has the Varon-T disruptor on him at all times as well as others stashed around the ship for him to use, and special note is made on how cruel it is to its victim.

    Since Fajo was written for a little person, they gave him that extremely vicious weapon to compensate for his height and be intimidating. With Saul Rubinek (a man of average height) taking over the role, the reason for him having quite so vicious a weapon is moot.
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    I picked up on that all the same...Saul is tiny compared to Frakes still.

    We saw a lot of that Varon-T prop...
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    I don't know, Fajo is into rareties and exemplars. That he would have the most vicious weapon suits his character whatever his size, I think.