Dan in Real Life - Steve Carrell possible SPOILERS

Discussion in 'TV & Media' started by Captain Craig, Mar 31, 2008.

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    Its not "now" the Hollywoodiezed depiction that is the problem. I just stated it different. Corporate Hollywood rarely gets family life right outside of their own inner circles. The writer of this screenplay wrote a very cliche version of this family. I imagine if he made them black he would've used equally bad cliches.

    Blood Diamond is a great film because it portrays things in a seemingly realistic state. Dan in Real Life and its characters do not come across as realistic. They come off as carictures of a Norman Rockwell painting. Its not that they are successful and relatively stable its that the presentation does not come off as believable, unlike Blood Diamond.

    I know about "September" but thanks. Why? Because its not funny. I laughed out loud ONCE. The scene where is eldest daughter comes into the bathroom and assumes Marie is taking a shower. His rolling out the window and falling off was the funny moment for me. Everything else got at best a muffled chuckle. Why? It was predictable. I stated I guessed 3 plot points 30 minutes into the film and their resolution
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    While it may have been a very "cliched" version of a big family get together, it reminded me sooooooo much of my big family get togethers that I got misty-eyed. My dad's side of the family gets together every year for a week right after christmas. Everything from assembly-line dinners, kids tables, family games, sports in the yard, skits that everyone participates in, hide-and-go-seek, sleeping in uncomfortable laundry rooms and fold-outs, was absolutely identical to my family get togethers. It's also standard procedure for family members to bring their new significant others to this gathering, and let the whole family meet/judge them. For this one week everybody gets along, even if they may have issues with other family members. But everyone lets those things slide so that we can have one week of guilt-free fun.

    Sure it may have been cliched, but it was very real to me. The only thing that was missing was the adults staying up drinking after all the kids are in bed. :)

    That said, I thought the movie was okay at best. It did a great job of setting up a messy confrontation between Dan/Marie/Dan's brother/Dan's girls, but everything worked out so neat in the end that it felt like an easy cop-out.
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    God, how true. We drove them all to drink! :guffaw: