Crazily shaped assignment patches

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    Accidental or not, that this seemingly trivial detail of Dagger of the Mind can be read as symbolizing the neutral neutralizer is both stunning and surprising to me.

    As I see it, there are two main ways to read this, assuming it is deliberate. The first is that the neutralizer is a hidden meaning in the more familiar and expected sun-symbol. The second is much subtler, as a sort of summary of the fact that Dr. Adams perverted his own profession.

    However it was arrived at, this really gives extra depth to the episode. Bravo!

    I assume you mean to say "...of mental illness." ;)
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    "And this bird can never change..." :bolian:
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    Michael Jan Friedman has the middle initial game as a running gag between Kirk and Mitchell throughout the novel trilogy, "My Brother's Keeper". Funny stuff!