Could Data write a poetry essay? and pass his english paper 2?

Discussion in 'General Trek Discussion' started by RocksW, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. RocksW

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    Mar 30, 2011
    Apologies for the spammy thread but I had an english exam yesterday that I failed, and one of the topics was poetry.

    Since Data can rememember every miniscule thing that ever happens could he do the Irish leaving cert (our state exam) and pass his poetry? considering that 40 percent is a pass? You have to know 5 to 6 poems from five poets and answer on one. I did Emily Dickinson. It did not go well.

    What grade would Data get do you reckon? Chap doesnt seem big on interpretations, but then again he passed his Starfleet exams so fair play to him.
  2. Lanny77

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    Feb 9, 2011
    No he couldn't. Our accents would cause him to have a sever meltdown long before he ever had a chance to start writing.

    Slightly more serious, while he could probably remember all the poems of all the poets in perfect detail, his interpretation of their meaning would be limited and would most likely write a very technical answer.

    And I also feel your pain. Come, let us forget our sorrows with Romulan ale
  3. Flying Spaghetti Monster

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    Jul 18, 2006
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    He did compose a poem, one that Geordi called a "tribute to form."

    Ode to Spot
    Felis Cattus, is your taxonomic nomenclature,*
    an endothermic quadruped carnivorous by nature?*
    Your visual, olfactory and auditory senses*
    contribute to your hunting skills, and natural defenses.

    I find myself intrigued by your subvocal oscillations,*
    a singular development of cat communications*
    that obviates your basic hedonistic predilection*
    for a rhythmic stroking of your fur, to demonstrate affection.

    A tail is quite essential for your acrobatic talents;*
    you would not be so agile if you lacked its counterbalance.*
    And when not being utilized to aide in locomotion,*
    it often serves to illustrate the state of your emotion.

    O Spot, the complex levels of behaviour you display*
    connote a fairly well-developed cognitive array.*
    And though you are not sentient, Spot, and do not comprehend,*
    I nonetheless consider you a true and valued friend.
  4. RocksW

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    Mar 30, 2011
    Are you doing the leaving this week too? Hi five :techman:

    @flying spaghetti monster im only on season 5 of TNG, looking forward to seeing it
  5. Cakemixo

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    May 22, 2011
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    I agree, on the technical end of it he would be strong. And I know, from episodes like Interface, that he studies poetry. I think he would pass.
  6. plynch

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    Apr 28, 2007
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    Y'know the Data poem isn't bad. Whimsical and a bit moving at the end. After all the technical (and accurate) Latinate verbiage, it ends with short, Germanic, sincere words, "true and valued friend."

    I think after all that, the android gets it.
  7. CoveTom

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    Jul 17, 2003
    ^ You know, I was thinking the same thing. It's actually not a bad poem at that. :)
  8. Paradon

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    He can write well, but I wouldn't call it a literary work of art. [laugh] :bolian: Listening to him sounds more like listening to a lecture or reading scientific papers and manuals...lacking aesthetic and taste. I'm sure with the emotional chips that he got later on, he could probably write a masterpiece.