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    I've found that 3D movies (when properly done, of course), tend to be awesome for the first half-hour or so, but by the time of the hour mark or more, one either has a headache, the novelty of depth has worn off, or both. So, perhaps the ideal place for 3D would, in many cases, be TV episodes less than an hour long. (So long as they've also been remastered for HD and are presented using a home projector, that is!) This thread, therefore, invites you to select one, and only one (ish), episode of any genre series for a high-quality post-conversion to 3D. Which eps do you choose?

    Here are some of mine...
    TOS - I'm not a TOS expert, but how about "The Squire of Gothos," with all its Q-like trickery?
    TNG - Since "The Best of Both Worlds" is two episodes, might as well be safe and go with "All Good Things..."
    DS9 - Not a DS9 expert either, so I'll have to pick "Trials and Tribble-ations", making a DS9/TOS two-fer!
    VOY - For length and visual variety, how about the two-parter "The Killing Game"?
    ENT - "Dead Stop" is pretty tempting, but I think I might have to go with "Regeneration" for visual variety and excitement.
    DSC - No idea, haven't yet seen it.
    Picard - For its action and visual doo-dads, the S1 finale, I suppose.
    Bonus! Trek films 1-11 - Lots of great possibilities, but I always have a soft spot for Generations.

    And some non-Trek selections...
    The Mandalorian - "Chapter 6: The Prisoner," even though it mainly takes place in hallways, for its great action and suspense.
    Smallville - If not the pilot, then maybe "Lineage," which is a great character piece that hearkens back to it.
    Carnivàle - The pilot, "Milfay," is probably the best bet; otherwise, the cliffhanger finale "New Canaan, CA."
    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - I've always considered "T.R.A.C.K.S." to be the series' most cinematic ep, plus, Stan Lee!
    Arrow - This is a hard one... maybe simply the S2 finale "Unthinkable," the show's high-water mark? They all kind of blend together.
    The Flash - Also a hard one. Maybe "All Star Team Up," because Ray Palmer and Felicity guest-star?
    Legends of Tomorrow - Though it's a bottle show, I vote for the time-loop episode "Here I Go Again."
    The Man in the High Castle - the S2 finale "Fallout," with John Smith speaking at the Berlin Volkshalle.
    Westworld - I've only seen S1 so far, so, I guess the S1 finale "The Bicameral Mind."
    ReBoot - the Mad Max-inspired "Bad Bob," which may have helped inspire Fury Road.
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    TOS: Spectre Of The Gun (without a doubt - I think that would look great in 3D). Possibly Amok Time also.
    ENT: Dead Stop a good choice :techman:
    TNG: Like SoTG I'd go for more obvious studio-based: The Royale and Masks
    DS9: that horrible game episode might have been more fun in 3D
    VOY: ditto the clown-game one (I can't always remember the titles :D)

    I can't immediately think of a non-Trek show, but I imagine there be some episodes of Stargate that would get an extra dimension
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    Babylon 5 -- Severed Dreams
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    My home cinema projector has a feature that can apply a 3D conversion to any 2D material. I tried it once with one of the season finales of Game of Thrones (don't remember which season, just that there was a huge naval fleet and dragons attacking). It looked far better than I expected an on the fly 3D conversion (not as a good as a 3D source, but pretty impressive). However, despite my being impressed, I've not tried it again. I do have a few dozen 3D Blu-rays, so it's not that I don't like 3D (works better at home for me than anything other than IMAX 3D--mostly because of the brightness. Regular cinema 3D presentations are almost all too dim for me to appreciate, and they cause me headaches after a while. But IMAX 3D (much brighter projector than standard) and/or my projector (smaller screen, brighter image) seems to be the cure for the headaches).
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    Even though the CGI has aged a bit, I can't help but wonder how the big fleet battles from DS9's Sacrifice Of Angels would work out in 3D
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    Twin Peaks's "Beyond Life and Death".
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    The first episode that came to mind was Farscape’s Unrealized Reality. I remember that one being very effect heavy.
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    But at least three of your choices are 90 minutes long?
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    What can I say, I'm a complex dude. :p
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    Doctor Who "Flatline"
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