Continuity error in TNG: Q&A ?

Discussion in 'Trek Literature' started by Enterprise1701, Feb 4, 2015.

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    On page 170 of Q&A, Q is bothering Picard and Crusher about their past romantic affiliations, and the final form he assumes is that of Marta Batanides. Afterwards, Crusher asks Picard who the woman was. Picard tells her that Batanides was an Academy classmate of his, but Crusher says she doesn't recall Picard ever telling her about Batanides. But in Section 31: Rogue, Crusher meets Batanides, and on page 51, Crusher herself slyly recalls that Picard and Batanides are old friends.
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    I remember further continuity errors in the TNG relaunch as well regarding Worf and Janeway having ever met in person or not. It struck me, but I resigned myself to ignore it, especially because different authors were involved.
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    That's a pretty minor one, though. Just squint and delete that bit out of Q & A in your head. :bolian:
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    This novel features a lot of parallel universes, amirite? Just chalk this up to one of those. ;)