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Discussion in 'Star Trek Movies: Kelvin Universe' started by M'Sharak, Dec 15, 2015.

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  1. M'Sharak

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    Now that we have one trailer out, with more sure to follow, I need to remind everyone to be careful not to spoil anything for those who wish to remain unspoiled.

    • If you're going to mention or discuss in an open thread any detail or story point which could even possibly be considered a spoiler, you can use the spoiler button [​IMG] and follow the prompts, or manually code your spoilers thus:
      [SPOI LER="non-spoiler label here"]Spoiler content here[/SPOI LER] (omit the spaces in tag labels)
    • If you're posting a new thread which will contain spoilers (or likely will contain them at some future point) mark it clearly in the subject line like this, in brackets and ALL CAPS: [SPOILERS]
    • Some people may choose to avoid this forum in an effort to remain spoiler-free. Please help them by taking care not to place spoiler content in sig line or avatar image, and please employ spoiler tags in case of any off-topic mention of spoilerific material in other forums or in spoiler-free threads.
    That's all for now, I think, but if I've missed an important detail, let me know.

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    Reminder to all posters in the Trek-XI+ forum. As we have people starting to see premieres of ST Beyond around the world (and with the general release coming soon), let's remember to be mindful of not posting spoilers in the thread titles and to make sure to include a spoiler tag in the title for the content of the thread. Thank you.
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