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    Taking this from the stickied Guidelines thread, as a reminder that we are no longer so early in the production timeline and that with trailer imminent spoilers are already upon us. Let us review:

    2. Spoilers

    <snip> It is important that we be respectful of those wishing to remain spoiler-free by not casually giving away any details. One of the best ways to stay unspoiled, of course, would be to start avoiding this forum, but not everyone is going to want to take so drastic a step, or at least not right away.

    As a general rule, if you post a thread which contains a spoiler—or which might later contain spoilers—be sure to indicate it clearly in the thread title, like so:

    Title of thread about latest movie development [SPOILERS]

    You can also make use of Spoiler tags to mask spoilers contained within a single post, and there are two ways to do this:

    * In the "Reply to Thread" screen, just click the Spoiler button, and you'll be prompted when to input the description and spoiler details.

    * Type the tags manually, using this format:

    This is where you put the actual spoiler info which will be masked

    Additionally, you'll want to be sure—outside of the Trek XI+ Forum—that you don't casually let slip plot details, post images depicting plot details or wear avatars which depict plot details. All of this really amounts to nothing more than having a little common courtesy for your fellow posters; if they want to watch the movie knowing nothing in advance, then they ought to be allowed to do that.

    This is the way it is to be done.

    Learn it. Know it. Live it.

    Thanks. :)
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