Comprehesive stats on what happens in the films!

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    Argus Skyhawk
    Interesting, but I don't understand some of the stats. For example, one of the stats is simply labeled "Violence" and The Wrath of Khan gets a "1" while Generations gets a "4". How is the violence measured? There is certainly more than one violent scene in TWOK, and more than one onscreen death. If it is just a judgement call, someone thought that Generations was four times as violent as TWOK, than that is more of an opinion than a statistic, and not an opinion I would share.

    Also, what about the stat labeled "Something Impossible"? The first two movies get a "1" each, and the rest receive "0"? Some might argue that there were "impossible" things in just about all the films: Spock's Katra, Time-travel, flying to the middle of the Milky Way in a few hours, the Nexus, more Time-travel, a planet that keeps you eternally young, etc. I'm not saying that I personally think those are all impossible, but one could argue that they are.

    Those stats are fun, but I don't get some of them.