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    Hi all

    You may (or may not) remember my DS9 Season 10 fan-fiction project of a couple of years ago. It was designed to continue some of the story threads that were left dangling from the licensed DS9-R post-finale novels when that series petered out in 2009, following the publication of The Soul Key.

    So many story threads had seemed abandoned, with tantalising hints of where they might go, and so many readers (myself among them) were asking "What happened next?" that I decided to answer the question for myself.

    The project took the form of 22 episode-length screenplays (the stories were done in that format because the project was preceded by me adapting the existing novels into screenplay format as seasons 8 and 9, and I simply wanted to continue in that vein).

    The story picked up right after The Soul Key, and filled in many aspects of the missing DS9 story, including Dax's transfer, what happened to the Dominion, some Section 31 shenanigans and, most importantly, the long-teased Ascendant conflict.

    When I wrote season 10, it was intended to be the be-all-and-end-all. I had no intentions of writing anything else. But inevitably I found myself asking once again, “What happened next?” With later novels returning to the DS9 milieu and dropping more tantalising hints about what had happened in the meantime, I had plenty of story threads to tease out and explore. So was born… DS9 Season 11.

    Another 22 episodes following directly on from what happened in season 10, and filling in even more of the missing time from the DS9 stories. To help you to place it in the Star Trek universe, this season takes place simultaneously with TNG’s A Time to… series, and in the year before the events of the Destiny trilogy.

    In fact there are hints that the official DS9 novels may be returning to the Ascendant storyline themselves in the near future, and rather mercenarily, I wanted to make sure my own stories were out there first.

    I will start uploading the new stories (on screen, and as downloadable pdfs and ebooks) in the next couple of weeks. This post is basically here to serve as an announcement and a "Previously On…”

    All the links to the season 10 stories are below, if you would like to read (or re-read) them. If you want my advice, I would suggest that you re-read the last three episodes (“In the Stars”, “Into the Fire” and “Ascension”), which form a season-ending three-parter, as I will be following up pretty closely on events from all three. Or if you’re pressed for time, just the season finale will do.

    Thanks in advance for your patronage!

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    Previously on Deep Space Nine Season 10:

    10x01 - Emancipation (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    The DS9 crew are debriefed and interrogated by a group of admirals.

    10x02 - Brave New World (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    Sisko's daughter's first birthday party brings tensions to the surface.

    10x03 - Steppin' Out (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    Vic Fontaine visits the crew of DS9 on their home turf.

    10x04 - Easy Come, Easy Go (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    Old friends return to the station just as others get ready to leave.

    10x05 - Deep Down (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    The station's populace falls into paranoia thanks to a rash of bad dreams.

    10x06 - The Dream Box (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    On a post-war Cardassia on the cusp of recovery, Garak makes a remarkable discovery.

    10x07 - Instinct (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    The O'Brien family's return to DS9 brings up new complications among the crew.

    10x08 - Property Values (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    Malic of the Orion Syndicate returns to reclaim Treir from Quark's bar.

    10x09 - Blank Slate (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    Ro has an accident which results in her losing her memory.

    10x10 - In Two Minds (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    The crew is forced to confront Taran'atar's recent problems.

    10x11 - Harmony (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    Kira makes an emotional appeal to the Federation for help against the Ascendants.

    10x12 - Heresy (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    Kira's attempt to contact the Ascendants goes disastrously wrong.

    10x13 - The Case of the Flamping Flurble (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    Nog, Jake, Prynn and friends take a road trip into the Gamma Quadrant.

    10x14 - Against the Odds (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    The return of the Even Odds brings revelations and hard choices.

    10x15 - Inside Out (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    Vaughn reveals the secrets of his long career to his chosen successor.

    10x16 - I Will Survive (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    Gard returns to the station to enlist Dax's help with a Trill mental patient.

    10x17 - Reservoir Ferengi (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    While Grand Nagus Rom visits DS9, Gaila and Brunt make plans together.

    10x18 - The Calling (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    A dangerously depressed Garak goes to desperate measures to find help.

    10x19 - Reset (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    Bashir's secret mission comes to an end, and not everyone will survive.

    10x20 - In the Stars (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    The Even Odds returns with a message for Kira... from Iliana.

    10x21 - Into the Fire (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    The DS9 crew make plans for the upcoming Ascendant assault.

    10x22 - Ascension (AdAstra, pdf, ebook)
    Sacrifices and last-minute changes of heart, as the Ascendants attack.

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    There are times when a person realizes that they have crossed in to the company of professionals. This is one those times. Here I am playing around with my story thinking 'hey this is rolling pretty good.' Only to realize wow, some of these guys are professional authors.

    Somehow I suddenly feel less than adequate. Lol

    I am already checking out season 10.
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    Interesting. I like it. Is it possible to get a look at the previous seasons before ten? Keep up the great work, sir and/or ma'am.
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    It's sir :)

    Seasons 8 and 9 are just adaptations of the existing novels. Season 8 was Avatar to Unity (the parasites arc) and Season 9 was Unjoined to The Soul Key (the WoDS9/Iliana arc). So if you've read those books, then you already know what happens (except for a couple of minor tweaks and some necessary editing).

    I was never comfortable uploading my adaptations freely, because that would basically be giving away those professional authors' works for free, and I don't want to get in trouble for piracy. But I suppose at the same time, if you have already bought those books, then the authors' have already got their money. PM me directly and we can discuss it.

    What I can tell you though is how the seasons lay out. Season 8 came to 26 eps (the ST standard), and Season 9 had 24 (ST:ENT was going shorter towards the end). Seasons 10 and 11 both have 22 (the industry standard for everyone except ST).

    But here's the TV Guide for 8 and 9:

    8x01 - Avatar 1 - As the station undergoes repairs, rogue Jem'Hadar ships attack.
    8x02 - Avatar 2 - Kira discovers a worrying ancient prophecy on board the station.
    8x03 - Avatar 3
    - A Jem'Hadar tries to destroy the station; Kira solves the prophecy.
    8x04 - Cold Fusion - Nog meets the Starfleet Corps of Engineers at Empok Nor.
    8x05 - Reflections - Ezri recalls the true story of how she was joined to Dax.
    8x06 - Fallout - As Kasidy learns Jake has gone missing, Kira deals with consequences.
    8x07 - Rogue - Section 31 recruit Bashir to go after one of their own agents.
    8x08 - Abyss - Bashir and Dax fight an insane superman in the Badlands.
    8x09 - A Stitch in Time - From the devastated Cardassia, Garak reveals his formative years.
    8x10 - Divided We Fall - Dax's ex-wife is taken hostage, and Dax herself is the price.
    8x11 - Gateways - All of Starfleet reacts to a new galaxy-wide threat.
    8x12 - Demons of Air and Darkness - Kira is lost on a deadly planet while Taran'atar battles for his life.
    8x13 - Horn and Ivory - Kira finds herself reliving her life in Bajor's distant past.
    8x14 - Twilight - Vaughn prepares for the Defiant's new mission to the Gamma Quadrant.
    8x15 - Haunted - Vaughn and Prynn crash-land on a mysteriously dead planet.
    8x16 - Baby Steps - Quark deals with some unexpected news while trying to woo Ro.
    8x17 - Empathy - Shar and Dax clash over how to deal with an alien planet's problems.
    8x18 - This Grey Spirit - Bajor begins difficult peace negotiations with the Cardassians.
    8x19 - Cathedral - Bashir, Dax and Nog are affected by a bizarre space-borne artefact.
    8x20 - Twist of Faith - Surprises keep coming as Bajor prepares to join the Federation.
    8x21 - Lesser Evil - Kira hunts down a new enemy responsible for the attack on the station.
    8x22 - Greater Good - Vaughn and Prynn clash when a Starfleet signal is detected in space.
    8x23 - Rising Son - Jake's incredible adventures on a pirate ship in the Gamma Quadrant.
    8x24 - Unity 1 - Defiant returns to find Deep Space Nine under siege from Cardassians.
    8x25 - Unity 2 - The crew try to contain the parasite threat; Vaughn receives a vision.
    8x26 - Unity 3 - Kira goes to Bajor for a final battle against the parasites.

    9x01 - Unjoined 1 - Dax returns to Trill to deal with fallout from the parasite crisis.
    9x02 - Unjoined 2 - Dax discovers secrets from Trill's ancient past; terrorists attack.
    9x03 - Waiting for the Mist to Clear - Jake goes walkabout on Bajor and meets a troubled young woman.
    9x04 - The Officers' Club - Celebrating with Sisko, Kira relates a harrowing tale from the Occupation.
    9x05 - The Lotus Flower - Vedek Yevir visits Keiko O'Brien's reclamation project on Cardassia.
    9x06 - Miracles - Yevir, O'Brien, Garak and Macet work together to solve a hostage crisis.
    9x07 - Saturn's Children - In the Mirror Universe, Intendant Kira plots her return to power.
    9x08 - No Place Like Home - Shar returns home to attend Thriss's funeral with his bondmates.
    9x09 - Paradigm - Shar must rescue his kidnapped mother in a dangerous Andorian jungle.
    9x10 - Fragments and Omens - An attack on a small Bajoran village brings up disturbing questions.
    9x11 - Sale of the Century - Quark is contacted by Ferengi who want to remove his brother Rom.
    9x12 - Satisfaction Is Not Guaranteed - Quark, Nog and Ro investigate the accusations against Rom.
    9x13 - Malefictorum - A mysterious closed-door murder frustrates Ro's attempts to solve it.
    9x14 - Lost Time - Nog investigates strange signals from the abandoned Empok Nor.
    9x15 - Wounds - Bashir is trapped on an alien planet with his Academy nemesis.
    9x16 - Olympus Descending 1 - Odo looks into the real reason the Hundred were sent out by the Link.
    9x17 - Olympus Descending 2 - A distressed Taran'atar visits the imprisoned Female Founder.
    9x18 - Renegade - Vaughn pursues Taran'atar, who has kidnapped his daughter Prynn.
    9x19 - Warpath - Comatose in sickbay, Kira receives a worrying vision from the Prophets.
    9x20 - Slave - The true mastermind behind Taran'atar's attack and escape is revealed.
    9x21 - Fearful Symmetry - Flashbacks reveal the terrible life-story of Iliana Ghemor.
    9x22 - Back to Life - A distrustful Kira begins to plan her counter-attack against Iliana.
    9x23 - The Soul Key - Kira arrives in the Mirror Universe, where there are more surprises in store.
    9x24 - Ha'mara - Iliana moves towards her final plan, with results no-one will expect.

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    Out of interest do you include characters not associated with DS9 or do you try and avoid crossovers?

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    From seasons 8 and 9, the episodes "Cold Fusion", "Lost Time" and "Wounds" include characters from the Corps of Engineers series, because they are based on stories from that series. I explicitly wrote out the crossover elements of "Divided We Fall" from the original comic book series.

    In seasons 10 and 11, I don't have any major series crossovers, but I do make use of characters that are more general Star Trek 24th century people who don't belong to any one series, for example Admiral Akaar.

    Mostly it's just the established DS9 characters though, from both TV and print.
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    Thank you for the information. This looks awesome.