Spoilers CODA / Litverse-End unnecessary?

Discussion in 'Trek Literature' started by FreddyE, Dec 1, 2021.

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    You say that like it's a bad thing. :lol:

    srsly, I just think they do it because multiverse crossovers are fun. Yeah, sure, it may well be a cliché, but it's one that WORKS.

    Although if you want to talk clichés, blame DC Comics and their constant universe-altering crises that they do every few years for no readily apparent reason. I mean, Crisis on Infinite Earths was fine, and they had their reasons for doing it, but nowadays they do it so damn often that it's blown all continuity out the window. Hypertime, Zero Hour, Final Crisis, Infinite Crisis, The Artist Formerly Known as Crisis, Flashpoint, Convergence, Flashvergence, Converpoint, 52, New 52...they never fucking stop doing those things. Now THAT is a cliché.
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    But what about the thrilling adventure of Countdown to the Flashpoint of the Zero Hour of the Convergence of the Final Infinite Crises on 52 Doomsday Clock Frontiers?
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    Not to be confused with Marvel's Infinite House of Civil, yet Secret Crisis War Invasions.
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    Pretty sure I novelized that -- a couple of times. :)
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    But did you do it in a timeline that survived?
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    Crucible was purposefully set as a capstone for the original EU books. By that time it was 45 years in-universe since the Star Wars OT.

    I'm not really sure what was expected of the line at that point. It ended. It wasn't 'dropped' like so many seem to think it was.
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    Personally, I’d been looking forward to the announced Sword of the Jedi novels, because Jaina Solo was my gateway into the EU - Dark Journey was my first real story, got me into those novels.

    It’s the difference, I think, of knowing that more was at least in the works of the Legends line before being cancelled because of the Disney buyout and continuity shifting, that Crucible was a story about the OT characters stepping back to let the original characters take center stage... Only for Disney to effectively shove those characters off the stage to create a bunch of new ones. Meanwhile with Coda, we knew that ending was coming for a while, with some actual overlap of the continuities and Coda was written with the intent to BE the grand finale of the novel line. Catalyst was just written to wrap up Luke, Leia, and Han as leads, not conclude the big ongoing threads. It happened to be a standalone after an ongoing series wrapped, but there wasn’t really a chance to feel finality and conclusion for all the characters of the Legends line.
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    As someone returning to Trek novels for the first time since I was a kid in the 90s (think the last books I read were the New Frontier novels and the Captains' Table series), I picked up the first two Coda books without knowing too much about the ongoing continuity, and I have really enjoyed them - many thanks to Dayton Ward and James Swallow. So much so that they've sent me back to the start of the relaunched litverse to work my way back to this point. Though it is very sad that the continuity has ended with the Coda trilogy (the final book isn't available in my country yet but it's clear where things are headed), I hope that the strength of the books and the hype around them brings in more readers like myself to discover the whole continuity. I also wonder if there other areas where a literary continuity with new characters and stories can thrive without conflicting with the TV shows. Plenty more space in the Lost Era - and I would love more stories about the Enterprise C for example
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