Chronicles of Talos IV: Step Into the Unknown

Marie Nomad

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Step Into the Unknown

By Marie Nomad

The sun was slowly rising and a Talosian slowly got up from his pod. Captain Pike and Vina are getting married today. He is a low ranking Talosian, he has no role and was only granted the designation, RO532. He and others who had been observing the two humans were impressed by the strength they had, Captain Pike’s feelings of curiosity and drive just inspired them to do something. RO532 and a few others that had been living in the same area decided to be like Captain Pike and travel to the cabin where the ‘wedding’ will be held.

RO532 struggled to walk through the hallway and met up with another Talosian, RO536 who was stationed next to him. “Greetings, RO532.” RO536 said. She reached up and touched him. “I had never met another in person before.”

“Neither have I. The others are waiting for us upstairs at the entrance to the surface. Let’s go.”


Vina sat in front of the mirror as she was putting on a long wedding dress with her hair being prepared. With the Talosians, she could easily have just had everything ready in the blink of an eye, but she wanted to savor the preparations. Part of the fun of getting married was the preparations for the wedding day, picking out the dress, the decorations, and even the venue. She glanced at the bouquet of flowers and sniffed them. They have white petals with faint blue outlines. The flowers were real, they had been grown in the nursery and started being planted outside. They smelled sweet. Chris had named them the ‘Talosian Roses’ since they look like roses and are grown on Talos.

She smiled at the thought of being Chris’ wife. All those years ago, she was afraid she would never see Chris again. There were a couple of ships that wanted to ‘save’ her, but she had accepted her fate. First, she couldn’t handle living without her illusionary body, she also owed the Talosians her life, they needed her for the sake of stimulation, and the saddest thing of all was that she knew too much about the Talosians. What if Starfleet or the Klingons wanted to take the Talosians and use them? Yes, the Talosians could defend themselves against a ship or two but an entire fleet? Not even they could handle them at once.

It was destiny that enabled her to see Chris again, to help save him after his accident. It could be the Universe rewarding Chris for his sacrifices by giving him a chance for happiness, and giving her a chance to embrace reality again with him.

She stood up looking at her dress again. It was a classic wedding dress with long sleeves with lace and a simple veil. She created the dress using the fabricator. The dress doesn’t have a long train since she remembered Chris’ chair might get caught up in it.

The woman paused her thoughts. Chris will be using his ‘illusion’ body for the wedding. While Vina keeps her illusions going most of the time, Chris refuses to let go of reality. It was one of the things that she admired about him, how he chooses reality rather than illusion. The Talosians have been getting inspired by his drive, his desires for the truth, making them let go and trying to seek out their past, their truth and even started rebuilding more. She doesn’t have his strength, his will. One of the many things that she loved about him.

“I’m ready.” She said as she put on the veil and walked out of the door.


The red sun blazed down on the four Talosians as they walked down the road. The leader, RO532, breathed hard as he kept on walking forward. “Walking is so hard, it’s easier in the illusions.” He muttered.

A Talosian collapsed behind him. “I can’t go on any further!” He screamed. “Leave me behind! Save yourself.”

“We are almost out of the city! Come on! What would Captain Pike do?” RO532 said to RO530 as he walked back and held out his hand to his fallen comrade.

“He… he wouldn’t give up.” RO530 said as he grasped RO532’s hand and let himself be pulled up.


Chris fidgeted as he studied himself in the mirror. He was dressed in the Starfleet dress uniform. The fabricator had created it, but it can’t be seen if he was in his ‘real body’ the one that had him in the life support wheelchair, but he had to make it real.

He couldn’t believe that he was getting married. He didn’t think that it would happen after he discovered his fate in the Temple on Borath. No, even without his fate looming on his head like the Sword of Damocles, he could never fully move on from Vina. He tried to date other women, he even thought that he could be with Captain Batel. But none of the women ever felt ‘right.’

He was ready to die after the accident. Even when Vina visited him, telling him about the plan, he wanted to go so badly but he didn’t want to sacrifice anyone else for him. But she kept on going, she had the strength to keep on going for seven years, trying to build a place for him to recover. She didn’t even tell him the extent of what she did, she just let the Talosians take the credit. All she wanted was for him to want to come to Talos IV and not feel indebted to her.

He couldn’t wait to see her in her wedding dress. It was a tradition for the groom not to see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding.

He couldn’t help that he felt a little lonely right now. All his friends are not here to celebrate with him. He could have had illusions of them taking their place, but it didn’t feel right. “You are lonely.” The Keeper observed as he appeared beside him.

“Yeah, problems with living on a forbidden planet, the guest list is really short.” Chris sighed. “No offense, Keeper.”

“We will attend the wedding as well.” The Keeper said. “There are even a few that are arriving in person.”

“Wait, seriously? I know that the Magistrate will show up to officiate the wedding but there are others?”

“Your curiosity has been motivating. A group of Talosians have started their journey to the cabin.”

Chris’ eyebrows raised. “Will they be, okay? I haven’t seen another Talosian in person besides you and the Magistrate. I know that the city’s limits are only 3 kilometers away.” He was concerned. Most Talosians never go outside of their homes, content in just watching illusions.

“Our bodies are capable of a long trek; they should be fine.” The keeper paused and added. He frowned slightly. “Evidently, they have collapsed.”

“I thought that this wedding will be peaceful but now we lost our guests.” Chris said as he got out his communicator and flipped it open. It was an illusion of the communicator, but it enabled him and Vina to communicate telepathically when they needed to. “Vina, this is Chris, I’m going out on a rescue mission to save some wedding guests. They decided to push themselves a little too hard.”

“Let me get out of my dress and I’ll help.” Vina sighed. “I didn’t think they would come in person. You really did influence the Talosians.”

“I wanted them to get out of their comfort zones not get hurt.”


Chris and Vina walked towards the city where the Talosians live. Most of the Talosian population stay in their homes, never leaving, just content with staying in their illusions and watching Chris and Vina, experiencing life through them. The few that have gone to the surface are the strongest ones, the ones that have the drive to actually go around taking others just for stimulation.

On the one hand, Chris was proud that they are starting to get out, giving the population a chance to break free of their addictions, on the other hand, they should have talked to him first. He felt like he’s taking care of a planet full of toddlers.

They finally reached the edge of the city where a bunch of Talosians were lying on the ground struggling to get back up. “Are you all right?” Chris asked as he saw the medical drones hovering over them.

A Talosian grabbed a long stick and struggled to stand up. “I am fine. We heard about your wedding and thought we can surprise you by showing up in person.”

“What’s your name?” Chris asked.

“My designation is RO532. I had no role and hence no title. Me and my comrades have ventured outward for the first time.”

“Wait, so you haven’t moved in years, and you decided to do that without any planning?” Chris was impressed but nervous. “I’m glad you’re going out on your own but why didn’t you tell anyone? You’re telepaths, you can speak to anyone else on the planet.”

“We wanted to make it into a surprise.” RO532 said sheepishly.

“Let’s get a transport vehicle and get you guys inside. We have a wedding to hold.” Chris chuckled at the four. A hovering transport arrived, and Chris and Vina helped the four onto the transport. “Why didn’t you just use the transports?”

“You two didn’t.” RO532 pouted. He could sense Captain Pike’s disappointment and amusement.

“I don’t really walk; I use a chair.” Chris explained briefly showing his true form.

“I got used to walking over the years.” Vina added.


The transport went for five minutes to the cabin. “I appreciate you coming and going onto the surface but next time, just ask for help.” Chris advised. “Why don’t you rest in the cabin?”

“We will.” RO532 nodded. “I deeply apologize for what happened. We have interrupted your wedding.”

“It’s okay. You didn’t mean to.” Vina comforted, amused at the thought of the Talosians just pushing themselves.

“And the wedding isn’t going anywhere.” Chris put his hand on RO532’s shoulder. “I need a ‘Best Man.’ Why don’t you be my best man?”


“Sure, you’re the leader of this exploration group, might as well reward you for it.”

“I am honored.”

Vina looked at the only female Talosian, at least she was sure that it was a woman. “Want to be my Maid of Honor?” She asked. “If Chris gets a Best Man, I need a Maid of Honor. What’s your birth designation?”

“I am designated RO536. I live close to RO532.” The female Talosian stated.

“Okay, we need to give you names. Your designations are just too close together.” Chris was used to calling the different Talosians their titles since they had no names, but it felt weird just calling them by their numbers. Chris pointed to RO532. “Since you’re the leader, I’ll name you Ferdinand. I’m naming you after Ferdinand Magellan, the first human who has traveled around the world. You have that spirit.” Chris looked at RO536. “And you can be ‘Amelia.’ Amelia Earhart was a human who have flown far places back when flying was risky.”

“What about us?” RO530 asked along with his comrade, RO531.

Chris pointed at RO530. “I’m naming you, Robert, there was a man named ‘Robert Falcon Scott’ who went to the literal ends of the Earth.” Then Chris put his hand on RO531’s shoulder. “And you can be George. There was a man who was inspired to go to distant lands with allies, his name was George Bass.”

Vina frowned as she remembered some of the names but kept it to herself.

“I am sensing Captain Pike is amused at our situation.” Ferdinand stated.

“I am feeling uneasy, like I want to hide.” Amelia added.

“It’s called ‘embarrassment’.” Vina noticed.

“I don’t like it.”

“No one does.”


The Magistrate waited at the cabin as he watched the unexpected group arrive. He had made sure to arrive in person for such a feat. He had traveled to many places so he could walk far. The leader had mixed feelings as he saw the four young Talosians getting out of the transport and sitting down on the couches with the help of Captain Pike and Vina. While he was glad that other Talosians are starting to get out into the world of their own will, he didn’t think that they would put themselves in danger so… impulsively.

“I need to put on my dress.” Vina said as she went to her bedroom to get ready.

“Thank you for helping them, Captain Pike.” The Magistrate nodded toward Chris and then glared at the four Talosians. “What were you thinking? How can you be so…”

“Human?” Chris finished amused.

“I suppose that would be the appropriate word.” The Magistrate acknowledged.

“I’m sorry.” Ferdinand lowered his head.

The Magistrate sighed and then put his hand on the young Talosian’s head. “Still, it’s a good sign that you four are going outside on your own. Others are being inspired by you, even you are being reckless. There is proof that our species will survive.”

“I’ll show them how to survive.” Chris promised. “My ‘recklessness’ did cause this. I’m being more of an influence than I thought.”

“And you are being proud while saying that.” The Magistrate paused. “Vina is ready. We will begin the wedding.”

“Great. Finally.”

The room shifted to a wedding chapel while everyone was in their appropriate spots. Chris was used to the changes, but he felt good that they were in the same place physically. He looked down the aisle with his best man, Ferdinand by his side. Music came out of nowhere as Vina walked down the aisle in a long wedding dress with Amelia behind her. Chris gasped at how beautiful she looked. He never thought that he would get married or see anyone in a wedding dress walking towards her. His heart pounded at the sight of her.

“You look wonderful.” He whispered as she stood beside him.

“So do you.” She whispered back.

“This is the first wedding on Talos IV in a thousand years. We are doing it in the style of Earth.” The Magistrate said. “This is a celebration of a union of man and woman, of two people expressing love for one another. It is an honor to officiate this wedding. This couple have prepared their own vows.”

The couple faced each other, and Chris took Vina’s hands. “Vina, ever since I met you all those years ago, I have loved you. After I left Talos, I just couldn’t stop thinking about you, loving you. You’re so strong, so persistent, even alone among all these telepaths, you never lost yourself. Even after we agreed to move on, I just can’t. The one thing I regret is leaving you behind but I’m not doing that again. I am staying with you, in sickness and in health, in illusion and in reality. I’m staying with you until I die.”

Vina gripped Chris’ hands. “When I first met you, I fell in love. Your courage, your compassion, your willingness to die just for your freedom. I wished I had the courage to face reality like you did the first time so that I can come with you. When I heard about your fate…” Vina paused as she started to cry. “I couldn’t let you suffer alone. I will be there with you in reality and in illusion. In sickness and in health. I will spend whatever life I have left with you and only you.”

“In accordance with my authority of Talos IV, I hereby deem you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” The Magistrate announced. “You may kiss the bride.”

Chris lifted Vina’s veil and kissed her. They briefly shifted to their real forms with Vina kissing Chris passionately. They went back to their illusions.

Everyone in the room applauded. The four Talosian explorers watched in awe. “Why are they biting each other?” Amelia asked.

“I believe it’s called ‘kissing’.” Ferdinand stated.

“I want to try that.”

Chris and Vina saw the male and female Talosian struggling to hug each other. “Whoa! Hold it.” Chris interrupted. “Maybe, you two should take it slow first.” He was eager for the Talosians who started relationships, but he didn’t know what could happen.

“Why?” Ferdinand asked.

“Because…” Chris wasn’t sure how to explain it. When he agreed to live on Talos IV, he didn’t think that he would have to explain physical contact to a bunch of young telepaths. He did want Talos IV to be revived and getting the Talosians to break free from their illusion addictions is a huge part of that. “Just because.”

The young Talosians were staring at him unsure about how Chris was feeling. His feelings of embarrassment were clouding his thoughts.

“Maybe, we should just focus on our wedding and show the young Talosians how to live in reality.” Vina offered.

“Right.” Chris agreed, thankful for his wife’s intervention. “Maybe you can learn how Talosians use to kiss before the wars.” Chris suggested. He looked at the Keeper who was watching. “Keeper, you spend a lot of time watching us mere humans, you help them.”

“Come on, I will take you back to your domiciles, but I need to speak to Captain Pike and Vina first.” The keeper said leading the group away. The Talosian turned around and handed the two a pair of wedding rings. “These are embodiments of a form of connection the two of you can share. The communicators you have were the first step. You have been uncomfortable with the thought of us watching you conduct sexual intercourse. You will be able to have your own personal illusion just the two of you.”

“Really?” Chris was confused.

“Allow me to show you, put on the rings.”

The couple put on the gold rings and found themselves in a room. It was a standard room that looked like it belongs on a starship. The Keeper showed them the bed. “This is a private room where the two of you can have sex without us observing you.” The Talosian knocked on the wall. “If there’s an emergency, you can still ‘call out’ to us and we can help. But we will avoid actively observing you.”

“Thanks.” Chris was relieved. “But don’t you need us to provide constant entertainment? And don’t we need you to maintain our illusions?”

“We thought so too. However, during the time you spent with us, your brain has been changing, adapting. We thought that humans have some small potential for mental abilities, but we didn’t think that you would gain it so fast. As for us needing you, we have started finding ways of entertaining ourselves. There are those of us who have been studying the past, trying to find out more about what our culture used to be. And there are those like our unexpected wedding guests who had tried to go out and explore. Most of us are still afraid of going to the surface but there are changes.”

“We’ve been changing each other.” Chris smiled at Vina. He didn’t even think that he could have mental powers. There were theories that humans can develop telepathy or some sort of mental powers. “Thanks, but we have some… business to take care of.”

“I will leave the two of you alone.” The Keeper walked through the door and disappeared. Chris studied the door and then the room.

“So, we’re alone. I mean, alone.” Vina realized. “I can almost feel them at a distance but it’s like they’re not watching. We’re really alone.” Vina’s heart pounded as she and Chris hugged.


The four Talosians were riding the transport with the Keeper back to the entrance of their underground homes.

“I am glad that you have started exploring but you must let us know ahead of time.” The Keeper stated.

“I want to watch them mate.” Ferdinand said.

“No. They… the humans desire privacy and we will grant it to them.”

“So, what do we do while they mate?”

“Should, we try physical contact?” Amelia reached out her hand and Ferdinand took it. “What if we try mating?”

“How do we mate?”

There was silence. Not even the Keeper knows. “Wait until Captain Pike and Vina are done with their Honeymoon, and you can ask them.” He said.


“Wow. That was… it’s so real.” Chris said as he lay in bed naked with his wife by his side. The freedom was exhalating.

“I love you.” Vina said as she kissed him again.

“I love you too.” Chris kissed back. “What a day.”

“I know.” Vina laughed. “Thank you for the wedding. I never thought we would have a wedding.”

“We can go off on a private trip. I heard of this planet, Risa.”

“Hmmm…” Vina pondered. “You know, those Talosians, their new names, you named them after explorers, right?”

“Exactly.” Chris felt a little nervous.

“They are all explorers who have either died or disappeared in their expeditions. Did you do that on purpose because they collapsed on their trip?

Chris looked away. “I might have been a little accidental in the first two but the rest of them, I just thought, why not and finished it. Besides, we didn’t know they all really died. I heard of theories that Amelia Earhart was kidnapped by aliens.”

“Come on, that’s crazy. Aliens did not abduct her.

“Look, what if they are some super powerful aliens that needed a couple of humans to start their own colony and took Amelia Earhart to restore their civilization?”

Vina frowned at him as she remembered how the Talosians were the same way. “The Talosians didn’t kidnap Amelia Earhart.”

“Or it could be a different alien civilization. I’ve seen some crazy things. Anyway, don’t worry about that group, it’s not like they could change their names now.” Chris said as he hugged her again.

“I suppose so. But I’m naming any kids we’re having.”

“Kids?” Chris pondered. He never really thought of having kids, especially after he found out that he was destined to be crippled for the rest of his life. But now, the idea of kids does sound interesting. “It would be nice, having some human kids running around. Seeing those young Talosians, the way that they were looking around in awe.”

“A son or a daughter.” Vina whispered. “Can we even have a child? I can’t bear children anymore.”

“I’m not in the peak of health myself but we could go and try to find a way. After our honeymoon, we can find ways to have our son or daughter.”

“I’d like that.”

The End
Oh, "Step Into the Unknown" by you, Marie Nomad is like a wild trip through the hearts and minds of Captain Pike and Vina, with a side serving of Talosian adventure that's straight-up captivating. It's not just another run-of-the-mill Star Trek fanfic; it dives deep into what makes these characters tick and throws the Talosians into the mix in a way that's downright fresh.

Nomad's got this knack for pulling you into the story, making you feel like you're right there with Pike and Vina as they tie the knot, while also showing us the Talosians in a whole new light. It's like, we always knew these brainy aliens were interesting, but seeing them step out of their comfort zone and get a taste of the human vibe? That's the good stuff. They're not just watching life pass by anymore; they're in it, stumbling around and trying to figure out human customs, which is hilarious and kind of adorable.

And the wedding? It's the perfect backdrop for all these themes of reality versus illusion that Star Trek loves to mess with. Pike and Vina choosing the real deal over perfect illusions hits right in the feels, showing it's the flawed, messy bits of life that really count. Plus, the influence they have on the Talosians, sparking this curiosity to live more fully, is super touching. It shows how human emotions and ideals can light up the darkest corners of the galaxy.

But let's not forget the laughs, especially with the Talosians trying to wrap their heads around human traditions and their own physical experiences. It's like watching kids learn to walk; it's messy but brings a smile to your face because it's all about discovering new joys in life.

All in all, "Step Into the Unknown" is a killer addition to the Star Trek fanfic world. Nomad totally respects the OG material while taking it to places it's never been before, packing adventure, romance, and some deep thinking into one heck of a story. It's a love letter to Star Trek and a reminder of the endless possibilities out there, wrapped up in a narrative that's as thoughtful as it is entertaining.