Christmas 2254 AD

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    Captain's starlog, 904.3
    Enterprise has arrived in orbit of Omega Piscium for a scheduled R&R and much-needed shore leave.

    Pike set down his recording padd and looked out the window of his quarters. The planet, the only planet in the Omega Piscium binary system, lay below, covered in snow and ice, although he had been assured that terraforming efforts had built domed cities of temperate weather.

    Usually, Pike's personal yeoman would be handling the starlog recordings on the bridge, but she had begun her metamorphosis (a byproduct of her half-Arkonian ancestry), and would be out of commission for a few weeks. The other alien hybrid, half-Vulcanian Mr. Spock, had taken some yeoman duties, in addition to his position as assistant to Science Officer Lucero, but Pike felt it was too much for the young officer, and below his paygrade.

    The captain pondered then how he wound up doing the brunt of the work as his own personal assistant, when a familiar whistle sounded. He jumped over the bed, and flipped a switch on the wall communicator. "Pike, here."

    "Captain, we are in position and ready for our first beam downs," said his trusted first officer, Commander Una.

    "On my way. Pike out."

    Pike made his way through the cramped corridors, past some couples in beachwear. "Chris," said Doctor Boyce, his best friend, "I hear O.P. is the foremost vacation spot. Knocks Wrigley's out of the water."

    "It's a snow planet, Phil."

    "Yeah, but they have beach cities. And I hear the local women are more animal than man," said the pervy old man, giving Chris a knowing wink.

    He just smirked. "Well, enjoy yourself. I'm going to be on the ship. I have paperwork to catch up on."

    "Still doing the yeoman's job? Let the computer do it for you. Half the fleet doesn't even use them anymore."

    "I guess I'm set in my old ways."

    "Chris, you're the most decorated Captain in active service. Filling out starlogs and administrative reports is below your call of duty. Flash Gordon never got his elbows dirty with such minutiae." They entered the turboelevator.

    "Maybe he did. They just edited that part out." Pike smiled as he twisted the lever to take them to Deck 1.

    "Captain on the bridge!" shouted Mr. Spock. "At ease," responded Pike. He sighed when he realized no one was there to hand him the deck report, noting additional recordings for his nightly duties.

    "They say Omega Prime is the newest premier destination for space travelers. We've been to Rigel, we've been to Risa. We've been to Wrigley's, and we've been to Casperia. Let's see if it lives up to the reputation. It's been a trying year for us Enterprisers. We deserve this."

    Nods of approval and pride rang out as Pike stood next to his chair and hit the comm switch. "All officers and crew. This is the Captain. By order of Admiral Robert L. Comsol, Commander, Starfleet, you are relieved of duty until 0600 hours, two weeks from today. Enjoy your shore leave. You've earned it."

    The bridge was nearly deserted before Pike finished his communique. A skeleton crew would man it, cycling out after a week, but he would not be among them. Pike planned the two weeks catching up on reports and enjoying the quiet for once.

    "Are you sure you don't want to come down, Chris?" asked Una, dropping her usual formality, as she gripped the Captain's shoulder, "Just for a day or two?"

    "No, I should be up here in case of emergency. Which is why you need to be down there. If something happens to Enterprise, I need my best man available to take charge."

    Una gave him a curious look. "Err, uh, you know what I mean." Pike broke the awkward silence by turning to his Assistant Science Officer.

    "As for you, Mr. Spock, are you ready to formally take command?"

    "Yes, sir!"

    "Not so loud there, Lieutenant. You act like this is the first time. It's only the longest. I'll be in my quarters if anyone needs me."

    "Chris..." began Una, as her CO entered the lift.

    "I'll see you in two weeks, Number One." And with that, Pike left the bridge.

    The halls of Deck Twelve were abandoned, as Pike made his way back to his quarters and more paperwork.

    He fell asleep at his desk before even getting halfway through that afternoon's financial reports. It was midnight, or a little after, when he heard an uncharacteristic knock on his door.

    "Come," he yelled, wondering if it was Spock with an inane question.


    Realizing Spock wouldn't be knocking on his door, Pike arose and stared suspiciously at the door as he approached it. He grabbed a laser as a third knock proceeded.

    Cursing the lack of a peephole, Pike stood to the side as he opened the door.

    Nothing. Pike lowered his weapon and muttered a curse at his impetuousness. He turned back into his quarters and...

    "Jesus Christ!" Pike yelled in shock, coming face to face with a doppleganger of himself, with a beard, long hair, and ancient clothes.

    To be continued...
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    I like the explanation for Colt! :techman:
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    "Who are you?" Pike said, raising his weapon and edging towards his work desk and a button to communicate to the bridge. He added firmness to his voice. "And how did you get in here?"

    The bearded copy merely nodded and replied, "My son, I go where I am needed."

    Pike replied, "Uh-huh. Right now, I'll need you in the brig."

    Commander Orloff and two of his newer assistants, Lieutenant Nhan and Crewman Valdini arrived to help with the intruder.

    "The resemblance is uncanny, Captain," said Nhan, through her breathing mask.

    "Careful, Lieutenant. This is probably an illusion." Orloff and Pike looked at each other and nodded, but no words were spoken.

    The bearded man was led peacefully out of Pike's quarters, to a secure room on Deck 7. Usually used for drunks or hooligans, this was the first time in a long time that they had encountered an intruder of this magnitude. The appearance of the intruder, and its connection to the O.P. shore leave made this a need-to-know investigation.

    "Should we cancel the shore leave? Beam back our crew?"

    "No, Max. We figure out what this is. Make damn sure that we're safe first, before exposing them to danger. Sweep my quarters, lock it down, and figure out how the hell he got in there. Nhan and I will interrogate my twin brother here."

    All he wanted was some wine. They gave him water. And he offered to answer any question. "Who are you?" Pike repeated, for the fifteenth time.

    "I am who I am."

    "I want a straight answer!" he raised his volume a little more, but to no effect.

    Nhan felt uneasy at the rage her Captain, usually a modest, introspective man, felt at seeing a double of himself. "Um, sir," she said, addressing the interloper, "are you here peacefully? Do you have a message to give?"

    He smiled wide and laughed. "But, of course, Nhan of Barzan, I am Peace. Peace is my message."

    "Starfleet is a peaceful organization. We promote peace."

    "That is why you have lasers? Phasers? Photonic torpedoes? That's not the belief of the Klingons, the Tholians, the Sheliak, the Cardassians, the Axanar, the Ware, the Kzi--"

    Pike pushed himself face-to-face: "Listen up, Mister. I'm not here to debate defense strategy and military expeditions. I'm here to talk about you. Are you from Omega Pisculum?"

    "I am..." Pike and Nhan relaxed, as the man continued "from every planet." Then they rolled their eyes.

    The Barzan looked at him straight. "Are you Jesus? Is that the game we're playing?"

    The man leaned forward, mere centimeters from Nhan: "I am what I am. And I'm not playing anything."

    "I just want to talk to Christopher."

    "Well you got me, Mister. Say your piece."

    "When your associate leaves." The man leaned back in his chair.

    "This is a starship. She's not going anywhere, and the computer records everything you say."

    "You will find that the computer hasn't recorded anything from me this evening."

    Pike whispered, "Are you real? A Talosian, perhaps?"

    The man whispered back. "Every. planet."

    "But enough about me - nice glass of water by the way - let's talk about you. You see, I'm here to save you. And you. And Orloff and Spock and Valdini and all the rest. There is a bomb on Omega Prime. It will go off in 47 minutes."

    "Mister Spock, this is the Captain. Inform the OPs that there is a bomb threat on the planet. It's set to go off in... very short order."

    Nhan pulled out her newest model phaser. "Where this bomb? How do we disarm it?"

    "With faith," said the intruder. Pike scoured. It would be a long 47 minutes.

    Down on the planet, Commander Una mobilized her troops. "This isn't a drill, people! We need to secure all the colonists and visitors for emergency transport." She looked at her bicorder. 40 minutes. Some visitors had panicked, transported to their ship and attempted to warp away. Enterprise had three Class-J's in a tractor beam, but one had broken free. They would need to assist in evacuations, as there was no shipyard in this system and no hope of rescue in less than an hour. Hundreds had already beamed over to the Enterprise."

    Pike was now alone with his twin. "There are little less than 3000 people on that planet. Just enough to save in your timeframe, but barely. Is this some sort of test? Are you protesting pleasure planets? Are you one of those Essentialists?"

    "Life is always a test, Christopher."

    "Damn it, Mister!" Pike slammed his fists down. "I don't care what kind of game you're playing. I need to be out there saving lives, not solving riddles! Just tell us where this planet-killing bomb is and how to defuse it."

    "I-" the man stopped when Pike gave him a stern look, and took a sip of his water. "What I mean is... the bomb is in one of the citizens. The most prominent. The one who needs the most salvation."

    "Give me a name." Pike said in frustration.

    "You know his name. And he'll be the next one to come through that door."

    Pike turned in horror to the unopened door into the Deck 7 security office.

    Elsewhere on that same deck, Nhan and a recently transported Boyce were going over bicorder scans. "No doubt about it. Same DNA as Chris, even down to environmental changes and childhood scars."

    "Is he a clone?" asked the junior security officer, working out the threat.

    "No clone can be this perfect, at least not in any technology I'm familiar with. The only thing seperating him from the Captain is his ratty clothes and beatnik look. But, maybe..." Boyce ran several diagnostics on his scanning device before coming across what he was looking for in an experimentally tested quantum-level analysis.

    "Yes... yes... the signature doesn't match. This man is made up of matter not from our universe."

    "That- that's impossible," Nhan knew that multiversal transit had no precedent in any known culture to the Federation, deeming it impossible by the Vulcan and Federation Science Councils.

    "Either that or I drank too much whiskey this morning. C'mon girl, let's report this to Chris."

    Boyce and Nhan rushed down the hallway to the secure area, Nhan feeling restricted by her breathing apparatus and tight uniform pants, something required of Starfleet but never worn on Barzan II.

    They approached the door and Boyce pushed forward to only here a loud "No!" from his best friend before feeling a heat like never before and then nothingness.



    The Void.


    Christopher Robin Pike awoke surrounded by clouds. Or perhaps his vision was cloudy and it was merely white. No, a vapor of some kind. A mist. His hair was disheveled, longer, he had a faint beard.

    He scoured at his mirror image, even more of a mirror than before.

    "You failed, Christopher. You failed the test of life. You are supposed to be the carrier of Christ, and you were to carry me and my children to safety. But your need to question me and fear of illusions has cost you your life, your crew's lives, and the lives of the men of Omega Prime who had sought shelter in your grand starship.

    "I took on this form to be a familiar face, but that was a mistake, as it just made you even more hostile. Your universe is a strange one. Perhaps I will try again in ten, a hundred, a thousand years. I will seek you out at that time, Christopher. In the meantime, let me resurrect."

    And with that, Pike awoke in his quarters, having slept in several more hours and even more behind in his reports.

    The End.