Christian Bale Loses it on Terminator set

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    Mind if I print and laminate this post? ;) Although I don't wish Bale ill will, I must say I'm somewhat sickened by all this "anal worship" by the fans who would go through great lengths to defend what he said and did. And since somebody doesn't like my rolleyes, I'll use this instead. :eek:
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    The DP should have spat in his face.
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    Print and laminate away, Drone. :cool: How anyone could defend the behavior is beyond me. Like anyone here wouldn't punch a co-worker in the face who unloaded on them like that in front of God and everybody.
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    I've had three experiences like that in my life... The first was quasi-show business related... I say quasi because it was just cable access bullshit that I volunteered for as a teenager. This dickhead would be director was "directing" this... AHEM... action scene where the actors would come charging over a hill, stop, aim and fire a fuckin machine gun... Of course he only had one machine gun so these actors had to come over the hill one at a fuckin time... None of em ever in the same shot together... Stand on the exact same mark the others stood on and then shoot into the exact same spot... I... I can barely call it action but... I was one of those guys... The thing was that the fucker didn't tell me where my mark was... Where my target was... Or how to fire the fucking machine gun... So I charge over the hill... stop suddenly... kind of look around like a goony putz and then fire the gun... Suddenly... "CUT! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NEVER! EVER! LOOK! AT! THE! FUCKIN! CAMERA! YOU FIRED AT THE WRONG PLACE! YOU STOPPED TWO FEET TO THE RIGHT OF YOUR MARK! YOU RUINED THE SHOT! WE HAFT DO IT AGAIN! FUCK! WE'RE GONNA RUN OUT OF FUCKIN BLANKS! FUCK!" And then the fuck told me where I was supposed to stand and look and shoot... Not one fucking apology for that shit. Not one! Got dressed down in front of thirty people... No pay because it was a no budget thing... Wouldn't have been worth it for any money...

    The second time this sort of thing happened was in the work place... I was about twenty, in college, working for a contract security job. Easy enough work. Except... The place where I was working had a another contracting company that managed the building and business within. The security people worked in tandem with the management people but weren't answerable to them. But this one dude... This Ethiopean prick named Hagos (never forget that pricks name... HAGOS) liked to pick on the contract security people. Liked to make shitty comments and give them orders... I was younger and he loved to goad me. Yell at me in front of people... I by and large had a pretty thick skin back then so I ignored him... But he finally grated my cheese one too many times and in the privacy of the office I made it clear that I didn't answer to him and he better back off. I started to walk out the door and he made some comment (I don't remember what it was) and I turned screamed "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY TO ME?" and charged across the room and leaped over the desk and tried to rip his afro right the fuck out of his skull. Luckily one of the management people and one of the security people hauled my ass off of the guy and pulled me out of the office. They cooled me down. Hago walked out of the office a few minutes later and went to the mens room a patch of wet gleaming on the front of his khakis.


    The third time was a couple years back. I asked this supervisor of mine a question that she felt I should know the answer to despite the fuck that I was never trained on it and she screamed at me in front of twenty people. I didn't respond. I just went to the payphone, called in sick the rest of the day and went across town and applied for another job that started the following monday. All I had to do was call in sick the rest of the week until my new jobs started so I'd have a fat paycheck.

    I have to say that being a stupid bitch that day was the best thing that whore coulda done for me.

    Personally... I hope that one day someone gives Bale a nice big pop in the nose. Pay him back for tongue lashing the DP and beating his mother. Brilliant actor but a prick.
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    Bale is a dick, but as an actor who has been on both sides of that situation It doesn't really sound that extraordinary. I had a director keep me behind after a show for a 20 minute tongue-lashing because someone threw a jacket over the top of my mask and I had to go on without it.

    This guy was apparently constantly fiddling with the lights and had been asked multiple times to stop and kept doing it. When you have been working 14 hour days for a week straight, and some douchebag is wiggling a light in your face while you try to perform after several takes where you had already asked him to stop, an outburst like that isn't all that unexpected.

    Still douchey mind you, still a dick move to carry on like that once your point is already made, but most people involved in these productions understand that pressure always runs high on a set and it isn't personal no matter how nasty the shouting gets.

    Bale may be a dick, but he is a sympathetic dick in this case at least. And they apparently made up months ago so this is a complete non-story started by someone who apparently has it out for Bale.

    And he didn't beat his mom, shut the fuck up.
  6. Spaceman Spiff

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    Jun 21, 2001
    Heaven forbid you actually put your money where your mouth is. You and Dorian can enjoy your empty gestures, I guess. "Good to know you guys have made up and everything, but just so you know, THE INTERNET DISAPPROVES!"

    Pat yourselves on the back for wagging a finger at an incident you had no part of, even if everyone involved has mended fences.

    What Venardhi says is correct; this is a non-story cranked out months after the incident was over and forgiven by all involved.
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    I honestly think that this may have come out to get some attention to the film (rumor is we're getting a new trailer in a few weeks). It was leaked by the insurance company for the film after all.
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    Jun 21, 2001
    I wouldn't be surprised one bit.
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    Especially since what I hear is that the word on the street for T4 isn't good.
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    Doesn't make listening to it any less hilarious. There are just so many good quotes!
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    Jun 21, 2001
    Oh yeah, there's no denying that. ;) And the remix is great.
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    Sure, we all have bad days at work now and then — but I guarantee you, folks, that if I or any of you did what Christian Bale did, we'd be fired on the spot and probably subject to a lawsuit or two of our own.

    Bale's actions are highly disappointing. Yeah, we're all human, but some us sure seem hellbent on lowering bar more than necessary.

  13. Dick Whitman

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    Sep 2, 2008
    All of this moral outrage reminds me of this famous line from Casablanca
    Grow up people! You can't really be surprised that this type of behavior goes on on Hollywood sets all the time??? Are you??? Even outside of Hollywood. People do unprofessional stuff all the time and get away with it. Particularly when they are seen as irreplaceable. Whether its government or in the private section. It happens!!! People justify bad behavoir all the time.
  14. SalvorHardin

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    Well, the analogy is not really correct. Bale in this case is more like the boss in your work.
    You could sue the boss if he acted like that but it is unlikely the boss would be fired.

    Or maybe you wouldn't sue because you need the job or maybe the boss would later recognize his mistake and apologize.
  15. Frontier

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    See, this needs to be reported too.

    I mean, if the DP was really being a pain in the ass, was doing something deemed bad form, and doing it during an intense scene, after being warned not to do it? Fuck him!

    But I guess the whole story isn't as entertaining.
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    What's the bet this will be parodied in the next "hilarious" spoof movie ala Disaster Movie, Superhero Movie, Meet the Spartans etc?
  17. Captaindemotion

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    May 26, 2001
    I have to say also, that the 'real story' as posted on AICN removes whatever tiny shreds and tatters of credibility that Harry Knowles may have been able to cling to. For those who haven't read the link, the corpulent one takes the side of the highly paid movie star (with a highly paid PR team on his side) and proceeds to criticise an altogether more poorly paid DP, who has no-one to act as his mouthpiece or put forward his side of the story.

    Harry claims that the DP interrupted poor Anti-Christian during a highly emotional scene, the heart of the movie. Poor little Diddums! Harry, this is a fucking Terminator sequel, a big dumb action movie directed by McBloodyG, not Schindler's List or Raging Bull!

    Having proceeded to dump the contents of his considerable bowels all over the DP, Harry then proceeds to announce that so upset is he by the vitriol being poured onto Mr Bale and by the scurrilous gossip, that he is going to close down the talkback on the issue. Now, bear in mind that this is the website that once compared inviting Fox Studios Tom Rothman to Comic-Con to an invitation to a Nazi war criminal to a Shoah (Holocaust) survivor's convention.

    Yes, that's right folks, making a few movies that fans don't like or sacking Bryan Singer from X3 is comparable to the greatest crime against humanity. This isn't at all a personal attack on Rothman (leaving aside the fact that I suspect from his name that he's Jewish, thus adding to the insult), nor does it show any hyperbole or lack of proportion, right?! Far be it from AICN to indulge in anything like that. And you can be sure if someone like Rothman, Brett Ratner, Uwe Boll, Paul Anderson or anyone else that Harry doesn't like had thrown a hissy fit like Bale, Fat Harry and his bunch of hacks would have had no hesitation in allowing them to be (quite rightly) ripped to shreds by the talkbackers. But because Kwistian pways Da Batman and Kwistian is kewl, we kan't kwiticize him...

    Harry, you and me are through professionally!

    Edit - I forgot initially to point out that Knowles also goes on to make unfounded accusations against Bale's mother and sister, over 'the other' Bale incident, in his London hotel room at TDK premiere. But that's not spreading gossip or rumours, nope, Harry doesn't do that.
  18. Admiral James Kirk

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    I don't think anybody here is surprised by Bale's dickish behaviour. I mean I know quite a bit about etiquette on a film set and the DP's actions were an absolute no-no. I think that everybody who's a bit appalled by Bales actions-including myself and I know better-is just reminded about a real shitty day at work they had and the guy they wish they'd punched in the face. Bales that guy... but pretty. Like a girl. Not that I'd punch a girl. I'm not Bale.
  19. Lindley

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    Can be get some outrage about that whole Persian attack on Marathon, as long as we're griping about ancient history?
  20. Neroon

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    :guffaw: - well and most educatedly played, good sir!

    I finally heard Bale's explosion today during my morning drive to work. I was rather ... shocked ... at the anger vented. Then again I got a kick out of the "you're a nice guy" portion. I kept wondering though... how often did this DP do whatever it was he'd done, because surely it had to have happened multiple times. Then again, it struck me as odd because someone else mentioned this had actually happened awhile ago. That makes me agree that this was leaked to generate some kind of pub for T4.

    I'd always heard Bale was "difficult", but wow.... that was just like an episode of Hell's Kitchen.
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