Charting the Novel-verse's Discontinuities

Discussion in 'Trek Literature' started by Jsplinis, Jun 4, 2013.

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    You're just asking Christopher to go all "Orion's Hounds" on you at this point.
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    Here's an inconsistency that I cannot reconcile and bothers me.

    In Raise The Dawn, the novel written by DRGIII, in the last chapter, Sisko is in command of the Defiant, and has to stop the Romulans from opening a wormhole within the Bajoran wormhole. While he's doing that, Kira steals the Rubicon, enters the wormhole, and stops them instead, thus helping the Defiant get out before the wormhole closes.

    In Revelations and Dust, also by DRGIII, we see what happens from her perspective, yet she claims that Sisko was on the Robinson instead of the Defiant. It's even stated that the ship is a Galaxy class ship. It totally ignores the last book and perhaps could be excused if the two books were by different authors. But this is a discontinuity by the same author, in books that are back to back of each other.

    What happened there?
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    Perhaps DRGIII goofed and no one caught it; or perhaps someone in the editorial process mis-remembered which ship it was and "corrected" it; or perhaps the error was caught and corrected at the editorial stage, but someone in the printing stage messed up and didn't incorporate the correction. Any number of scenarios are possible.

    It's not really all that important which ship it was, though; what matters is that Sisko's ship was unable to prevent the Romulan ship from entering the Tzenkethi wormhole-within-the-wormhole without Kira's intervention.