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    There are several known star Trek lookalike artists around the world, some, granted, are not actors, but many could and have played their respective roles on screen.

    While I love shows like Hidden Frontier which feature brand new characters, it's always fun every once in a while to catch up with old friends. I have decided to leave out the regular casts of New Voyages/Phase II and Star Trek Continues

    Here are just a few:

    Jeff Trusk as [older] Captain Kirk - - quite well-known, has made a few TV appearances including Jay Len's Tonight Show alongside Shatner himself. Was mooted to appear as Kirk's father in a German film based on Diane Carey's 'Final Frontier, but the project seems to have been abandoned

    'Vulcan Willi' - - German Ninoy lookalike; played Spock in the abandined 'Das Vermachtnis' fanfilm, plus Borgwar3: Atlantis as another Vulcan captain in 1998

    Spock Vegas - - Dunno if he can act but he is very tall and the resemblance is definitely there.

    Carl Sheldon as [older] Scotty - - breaking my rule slightly, Carl will be appearing in Phase II: The Holiest Thing.

    Giles Aston as Jean-Luc Picard - - played the part in Star Trek: Intrepid's upcoming 'The Stone Unturned' and another... 'parody'. He also works with Barron Toller as Sisko

    Clynell Jackson as Ben Sisko - - not a lookalike as such, but he gave a very good portrayal in Star Trek: Odyssey. - this has a few people including Seven of Nine.

    There's bound to be more out there, I've seen cosplayers do good Data and Worf
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    Giles is a really fun, interesting, and likeable guy. And boy, can he party.

    Interestingly, he's a lot nearer Frakes' height than Stewart's, so his Picard is a lot taller than you'd expect.