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    Howdy folks! AdmiralChase here, new to the TrekBBS community, but long time fan of all things 'Trek.

    I am going to be writing, filming, and producing a Star Trek Machinima series "The Frozen Waste" soon. Plans are to release one episode every month, or perhaps even every two weeks depending on how smooth things go. Right now, the Voice Acting Crew is myself and my wife, but we are going to need more voices in the future.

    The story will follow the crew of the U.S.S. Resolute, a 25th Century Federation Star Cruiser in a mission of exploration, where they get caught up in a new front of the Temporal Cold War.

    This series is meant to pick up where ENT left off, with the Temporal Cold War just barely avoiding becoming a full-blown conflict due to the involvement of the U.S.S. Enterprise in the 20th Century. When Daniels said it was coming to an end, that gave me the idea to show how it ended. That's the most information I am going to offer up, in case anyone out there is interested in watching it. Don't want to spoil the whole series for you.

    What I am looking for is experienced voice actors who are willing to donate their time and skills to this project. Filming will be done using Star Trek Online and their in-game Machinima tools. Having a copy of Star Trek Online and an active subscription is NOT a requirement, as I will be sending voice actors a DivX video of the scene and allow them to record the dialogue at their own pace. After all, this project has a budget of $0.00, so people who lend their talents will be doing me a huge favor and will be treated accordingly.

    Anyway, here's a brief list of Characters that need voices, and a short quote. If you want to 'audition' for one of these characters, feel free to e-mail me a clip of yourself reading the character's quote. My e-mail address is STFW[at]comcast[dot]net

    Name: Narik
    Species: Suliban
    Gender: Either. Depends on who would fit the attitude.
    Description: Narik is Silik's replacement as leader of the Suliban Cabal. Narik regards Silik as a perpetual failure and is willing to blindly (and fanatically) follow the Cabal's Benefactor, even to the point of trying to keep the war going long after it has become obvious that it is drawing to a close. This, of course, is to keep his/her position of power in the Cabal, because Narik suspects that once the war is over the Cabal will not be needed. He/She has discovered that in the 25th Century, the Suliban Cabal is little more than a historical foot-note in the voyages of the NX-01 and intends to change that.
    Quote: "Silik? Do you think we did not know that he would not come back from the 20th Century? He was sent there as punishment for his failure. He thought he was going there to redeem himself. Ah, if only I could have seen the look on his face when he died."

    Name: Jefferies
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Description: After Daniels was able to stop the TCW from escalating into an all-out conflict, he retired from the Temporal Agency. Jefferies is his replacement, and to the 25th Century to contact Captain Devon Matthews of the U.S.S. Resolute. Instead of using a high-profile person like Daniels did with Archer, Jefferies opted to enlist the aid of a virtually unknown Captain, whose service record is actually very bland and by-the-book. If Matthews fails, and is lost to time, the chances of temporal pollution of the timelines is drastically lower, and therefor a lot less risky. Jefferies does not approve of Daniels methods, as Daniels nearly destroyed their own timeline and future on more than one occasion. Secretly, however, Jefferies admires and idolizes Daniels for being able to take those risks with great success, but fears that he could never 'measure up' and do the same thing. His choosing Matthews is actually an act of fear; fear of failure.
    Quote: "I know it is difficult to understand, Captain, but I need you to trust me. If you don't stop the Suliban in the 22nd Century, you may not be here in the 25th".

    Name: Vimot
    Species: Vulcan
    Gender: Male
    Description: Vimot is a member of the Vulcan Science Directorate, stationed aboard the Resolute to study any species they encounter and collect data for Vulcan. His position aboard the Resolute is often a source of tension between Starfleet and Vulcan due to an agreement that allows Vimot to collect any data he observes even if it is considered 'Classified' by Starfleet Intelligence. This agreement, known as the "Fair Information Accord" was reached as a way to end the hostilities between Vulcan and Starfleet over each others penchant for marking important collected data as 'Classified' to avoid sharing it.
    Quote: "The Fair Information Accord guarantees that I have every right to be here, Commander. If you have a problem with my presence on the bridge during this mission, you may feel free to take it up with Starfleet after it's completion."

    Name: Kartok
    Species: Klingon
    Gender: Male
    Description: Kartok is Commander of the I.K.S. HoS vo' quv, a border patrol vessel. Kartok is a young Klingon Warrior out to prove himself, and gain glory for himself. He does not come from a notable lineage, and the majority of his family have been scientists, farmers, and architects, so he has to work twice as hard if he wishes to have his name go down in Klingon History as a Hero of the Empire.
    Quote: "For the Glory of the Empire, we will seek out our enemies that lurk just beyond our borders. We will keep our territories free from interlopers that would dare try to invade our sovereignty! Qapla'!
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    Anything become of this plan? Is it still in the works?