Captain Worf of the USS ????

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    I think that the only people expecting that writers to take Countdown into account, are the few people that liked Countdown. The impression (and mind you, this is only my impression) is that the writers have NO intent whatsoever to follow Countdown and make the novel universe tie in with that and/or STO.
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    I can't even remember what happened in the thing

    For me at least the only thing I wanted to be taken account of in treklit is that somehow, someway, data returns

    And that's been done. Maybe PAD will give us commodore data at some point again
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    You need to read it.

    And elements all three stories could be true. Journalists and authors of "faction" books use creative license all the time. Is it any worse a situation that Andorians with at least four different antennae styles? Romulans with different foreheads? Trills with different physiology?

    Maybe Data reconnected with Jenna D'Sora and she likes him better this way?