"Captain Nog and Ensign Smugg"

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    Captain Nog was tired. It had been a grueling 5 year mission exploring the distant Han'nor System. The USS King was a tough and sturdy old Reliant class ship, one of only 15 still in service but it was also not the most comfortable ride to be hitched to. Holodecks didn't always work or the sonic showers or just about anything and without steady supplies they learned to sometimes make do with what little they had. It was nice to be "home" even if that was Starbase 533 and he had never in his life ever set foot before on the station. It was still Federation space and a short jump to his private home on RIsa were he had married Arandis after a one particular fun vacation in his youth that ended up turning into something deeper once he got to know her better.

    "Captain , the starbase is hailing us. Captain Collins would like to see you in her office at your convenience." the ensign at the communcation comm stated. Nog gave a big toothy grin. He hadn't seen her in like 7 years. It would be nice to go see a old red squad pal, he told to himself half sarcastically seeing as how his stay in Red Squard was not the most distinguised moment of his career. Having your ship destroyed after being aboard, not even a week is not one for the books. Still seeing her was always a joy. They had managed to stay friends afterwards and even served together for two years aboard the Columbia back when he started to move away form engineering and more towards a command track. "Tell her I will be their in 20 minutes. Ask her if she remembers how I like my tubegrubs chewed" The ensign at the comm made a disgust face which Nog just had to hide a laugh. "Inside Joke, Ensign. She will get it." and Nog started walking towards the turbolift. Almost with a lift in his step. All of sudden he didn't feel so tired."

    Nog entered Collins office. It was pretty much like any office but he did notice that she still had those old Dogs playing Poker and one Surfing and another one with 3 dogs Driving a old human automobile pictures on her walls. Nog didn't quite get old earth 20th century entertainment except for baseball and root beer but she seemed to like it. He did love the Holo- Globe of Earth's Moon which was her home that was projected from a table next to the office's couch. Nog had seen many moon's in his career including the one his Uncle now lived on but he always felt Earth had the pretties of them all. Collins herself was short,not Nog short and was somewhat husky but also with a very relaxed body manor. Long hair with more grey in it then he recalled the last time he saw her. "So Landy, how can I help you. Looking for me to sneak some Romulan ale in like old times" He smiled. Collins smiled back and shook her head and sort of relaxed in her chair. " "Do you ever stop with the jokes. By the way you might want to have your comm ensign report to your ships's counselor. I think he was about the have a nervous breakdown, talking grubtubes with me." She laughed and they both laughed at the sametime. Then she sort of straightened herself up and Nog basically did the same as he sat more straight in the chair in front of her desk. "Nog have you heard about this Ensign Smugg? He was Captain Toog's son who joined Starfleet 5 years ago. He is a nice kid and I have him here on the station and I wonder if you could have a talk with him." Nog new very well who he was. When their are only 5 Ferengi in Starfleet you know.

    End part 1
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    Nog walked into the security station of the Starbase and could not help but feel tense. He had spent more than a few times in Odo's security holding cells in his youth to not have the experience still not haunt him a little bit, even if they were not long-term visits. They tended to smell, many of the people in the other cells were, to be blunt, scary and untrustworthy. Things had gotten better when Starfleet had taken over but in the end a jail is a jail. He looked to the cells on the left. One was filled with some very loud and very crude Klingons who clearly didn't know were the cells toilet were located or simply didn't care. The other cell had a Vulcan and Bajoran Vedek. He would have payed good latinum to know THAT story. The two on the right were filled mostly with aliens who he had never seen before, but their was one young human male in a gold starfleet uniform. Who was brown skinned with something of a rigid composure and not a smile in sight but also he was trying to settle a argument between two of the aliens oviously not wanting the two to create violence. Then their was Smugg, in a ripped gold Starfleet uniform, in the middle cell and was sharing it with a sleeping Andorian. With the Andorian taking up the entire bench area he basically stood and leaned next to the left wall and looked at Nog with a flash of anger and then a flash of guilt.
    Smugg was tall by Ferengi Standards. In the old days he would have proably been made fun of for that but Ferenginar had become something of a different place over time because of his dad. Still a intense love for profit but also less crude and even more civil just as long as it wasn't in the arena of business. "Ensign, I am going to make a guess but I imagine you know who I am." "Of course" Smugg walked closer to the invisible energy field were Nog stood. "Your the hero of Ferenginar. Son of the reformer and Hero of the Explorers." Nog could tell from the tone the young man was angry. He didn't know what to say exactly. He and Arandis never had kids. Their species weren't capable from a genetic level and Nog never wanted to adopt because he himself was never sure if he could balance being a dad and Starfleet Officer at the same time. It had even been a very contentious issue between the two and they even had a short breakup because of that but they did eventually find themselves back to each other, though he was always had the fear that he was forever going to be letting her down because of it. Children were very important in her culture and he knew she had made a huge sacrifice in coming back to him. Still at this time he really wished he had the experience of talking to young people to know what to say to this Smugg. Only thing he knew to do was to talk thorugh his Heart.
    "Release security field" Nog said out loud and the field flickered and shutdown. "Lets go fro a walk Ensign" he looked around "It's kind of hard to think around here and I think we need to get a few things settled." Smugg hesitated but then stepped out 'Yes Sir" and followed Nog out of the security office.
    Nog and Smugg had walked through the quarters making casual small talk. Asking about the best places to play Domjot on the station or the best places to eat. Smugg wondered what the Han'nor system was like. Things that neither was interested in but also too many people in the halls to say anything else. They both reached the holodeck area. Nog talked to he computer "Run Vic Fontaine program, Nog,1237" The doors opened and the Two Ferengi entered and were instantly met by VIc himself. "Hey Palie. Longtime no see. I guess the King's Holodecks are up again?. It's been, what a couple of weeks? Makes me want to go check the kitchen to make sure the sushi is still fresh." Nog smilled. "Actually Vic were not on the King. Were at Starbase..." Vic interupted. "You mean were home or home away form home anyways." Nog "Kind of Awesome isn't it?" "Vic put his dukes up in a fake fighting pose "You know that isn't the lingo here, dude" "Nog patted him on the back "Now who isn't getting the lingo. right!" . VIc instantly went back to be the sauve 60's Rat Pat type he had been for a very long time. "So you gents up in the mood for any particular song. I can do a mean Bobby Darin?" "Actually VIc, not right now. I thought we could just have some food." VIc almost did a double take. "You say the food? Oh buddy ole Pally of mine. DId you loose a bet. Nobody comes for the food?" "Nog looked at Smugg who he could tell must have been more confused than he has ever been before." Actually me and the ensign have alot to talk about. " Vic straightend his tie' Well that's good enough for me. Let me surprise you and if you like it, then that means you will be surprised." Vic stuck his hand out to Smugg. "Nice to meet, you, Ensign. Try and get the Captain to talk about his misspent youth, if you can. I think you might find, much of it to be, funny." Smugg shuck his hand and watched him leave out a back exit to the room.

    End Part 2