Build Your Own Publishing Schedule- 2014 Edition

Discussion in 'Trek Literature' started by ryan123450, Apr 22, 2013.

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    Indeed and looking at it, it may be a bit of an over kill.

    Although think of the money, the kudos of being on the New York best sellers list five times in a year and the amount of Jack you'll have to consume for it too work. ;)
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    I realized that Bad Robot had to approve the YA books, I just thought that they might have been less concerned with them since they were set before the movie. I still find it weird that they've let all of those be published, but not the adult books. The only noticeable difference was when they were set, so I thought that might have been the reason they weren't published.
    I had forgotten that Orci and Kurtzman's K/O Paper Products though. Does that mean that any Abamsverse tie-ins after Into Darkness comes out would have to be approved by K/O too, or would it still just be Paramount, CBS, and Bad Robot?
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    I'm not really sure how it works. You'd have to talk to someone who's actually in the loop. Orci comments regularly on, and sometimes does Q&A threads, so maybe you could ask him there.
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    Yep, this. Title's pretty clear in soliciting OUR imagined/fantasy schedules, so we could pretty much throw in any imagined Trek-related novels we want. I wasn't even that creative when I said 24th century, was I? :)
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    What I'd like to see is a lot of variety-- a mix of both TV and original-to-TrekLit novels, along the lines of:

    JAN: TOS
    FEB: DTI by Christopher L. Bennett
    MAR: TNG
    APR: Corps of Engineers (a new hardcopy collection of the next uncollected stories, as well as a return of (at least one) new eBook)
    MAY: JJ-verse
    JUL: DS9
    SEP: VOY by Kirsten Beyer
    OCT: New Frontier by Peter David
    NOV: ENT: Rise of the Federation by Christopher L. Bennett
    DEC: a Special Event title

    I enjoy all the current TrekLit authors, so besides the specific cases I mentioned above I'd be happy with whoever wrote what!

    I rather like the TNG ebooks, as they feel more like episodes since they're shorter, so I'd like to see more of those thrown in as well.
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    I want this! :bolian::bolian:
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    Sure, why not?

    JAN: TOS novel set during the 5-year mission
    FEB: TMP-era TOS novel
    MAR: Captain Pike-era TOS novel
    APR: Lost Era featuring Enterprise-B under Demora Sulu's command
    MAY: Lost Era featuring Enterprise-C
    JUN: Stargazer novel (featuring its first deep space exploration assignment post-Maker)
    JULY: DS9-R novel
    AUG: TNG novel set during the original series
    SEPT: Titan
    OCT: TNG-R / Second Decade ;)
    NOV: VOY-R
    DEC: ENT / Rise of the Federation

    ETA: I'd also launch a new monthly eBook novella series, a la Corps of Engineer, featuring either the Stargazer or another original crew. Hey, it's my dream schedule...
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    I'm reasonably sure you're referring to a novel set during the TNG series run, but now the thought of a TNG novel set during TOS intrigues me... :lol:
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    LOL yes, I meant a TNG novel set during the original run of the series, not during the TOS era. Although hey... :rofl: