News Bubba, Nash Bridges is returning.

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    In an unexpected announcement, a two-hour pilot film is "coming soon", to serve attempt to revive the series.

    At this time only Don Johnson is announced to return. Even though Carlton cuse created the show and was heavily involved, at this time he is apparently not involved.

    I just submitted it to IMDb (it was missing). I had to add "Snoopy in Space" to IMDb yesterday, too. You'd think people involved with these productions would ad then, but it's apparently up to people like me.

    Good news for me, really enjoyed the series. I'll be sorely disappointed if Eddie Jobson doesn't score it (my favorite composer on the series; hell, I want his theme song back!).

    News article:
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    Wow. That's out of left field! Liked the original series.

    Nash Bridges...

    and the search for his lost AARP card

    and the search for his lost glasses

    and the search for more Depends

    *just kidding* :lol:
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    I've become a big fan of Nash Bridges since I got H&I a few months ago, so I'm really looking forward to this.
    I'm hoping they can get Jeff Perry as Harvey and Jodi Lynn O'Keefe as Cassidy back, but it's not going to ruin it for me if they don't. They're to only two left that I'm really wanting to come back.
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    Yeah, Harvey -- for me -- is the only one yet to be announced that I want back.

    While it would be odd to not have Cassidy there, I felt here character was extremely boring in the last two seasons, so I wouldn't complain if she was absent.

    And for me it would be out-of-place if we didn't hear the "I've Got a Friend" song. And in my personal opinion, the best scoring of the show was done by Eddie Jobson; that's who I hope scores it.