BTVS "Bad Girls" Question

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    Just rewatched the BTVS episode "Bad Girls" from S3 and I have been wondering what the deal is/was with the Deputy Mayor and his unexpected appearance near the battle between Faith, Buffy, and the Vampires that resulted in his untimely and accidental death. Was it ever explained (or did I just miss it) what he was doing there and, moreover, what his role in the Mayor/S3 storyline was? Was he friend or foe or something else? He always seemed really anxious and twitchy around the Mayor but I could never quite understand what the point of his character was other than to be accidentally staked and killed by Faith. Has Joss or any of the writers on BTVS ever explained anything about him? I'm confused.:confused:
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    He was just an intimidated cronie of the mayor.
    He was doing a task for him, don't really remember what exactly he was doing, and the vamps were his guards.
    When they got busted by the slayers, he ended up in the crossfire.
    His death at the hand of a slayer was a big no-go because they are sworn only to kill supernatural monsters, even if the human was evil, too.
    So he was a bit if a plot device: sound board and cronie for the mayor, unfortunate victim for Buddy's ethical dilemma.
    And of course by killing him, Faith opened up the position at the mayor's side for herself later.
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    I'm a Netflix (new) Buffy fan.

    Was the backstory of Faith's relationship with the Mayor ever explained? I am assuming there was a backstory because the intensity of the (platonic) affection he had for her seemed like something that would need time to build.

    Did I miss it?
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    Deputy Mayor Finch was specifically looking for the Slayers to give them information on the Mayor and his plans.

    As for Faith and the Mayor, there was no backstory beyond what is shown in the season. They had not met previously.